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Whoa, Mima, what did you just say?

I told her to cast away her Hakkero and come back to me.

Do that, and I'll drill the basics of magic into you from the ground up.

Wait a minute! This is all so sudden...

Hey, hold up, what's the matter here?

Are we about to have a drama bomb?

Good grief, no, I wasn't trying to start anything like that.

You can't possibly expect us to let that go unchallenged. Why would you offer to drill the basics of magic into her?

I'll retrain my unworthy pupil and make her worthy myself. A little time on the road with me, and she'll get good whether she likes it or not.

Where would you be traveling, exactly?

Maybe the depths of the earth. Maybe the ends of the world. At the very least, wherever I go, it won't be Gensokyo.

S-so you're saying we wouldn't be able to hang out with Marisa like we do now?!

Think about what's best for her. She should make the most of what life she has left.

I'll give her back one day... after she becomes a full-fledged magician.

Aww, come on...


Marisa, you wouldn't turn around and vanish on us, would you?!

The thought never even crossed my mind.

But why would you ask that, Lady Mima? And why would I have to give up my Hakkero for any of that?

You don't get it? I want you to cast away the person you've been.

You want me to throw myself away...?

All this time, I've been looking forward to meeting you again when you've grown. But all you care about is how I see you. You've lost conviction in your magic.

You should stop embarrassing yourself, leave it all behind, and follow me instead.


"Embarrassing yourself"? That was uncalled for.

...Why, Lady Mima? Why would you say that? You've been watching over me all this time, haven't you? And now you're telling me to throw it all away?

Silly girl. How am I supposed to know what you've been doing while I've been away?


That's the entire reason I want to know about your magic. Where is it? What have you done with it? What do you want to do with it?

If your magic is nothing but flashy combat, then it's a hollow magic indeed.

My... My magic is...


Marisa bolts,

Hey! Marisa! Wait!

She should know it's dangerous to wander around by herself.

We certainly can't leave her to her own devices.

Yes, let's go after her before we lose track of her.

and the main group from FMW2 follows.

Dear me. So much for a happy reunion.

Not to mention how disruptive it is of our investigation. Was it really necessary to bring that up right now?

I knew it'd be better to leave it unsaid. But seeing her act like that was too much for me.


I'm all about practicality, so I can kind of sympathize. You came down hard on Marisa because you were worried about her, right?

...I know I'm being egotistical. But I'm the one who taught her magic when she left her home. So I want to be certain her magic is taking a suitable direction.

And I want to know what feelings she puts into it.