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...And that's how Mima and Marisa got into a spat.

Sounds like I missed a real mess.


It's not like you to act so weak. How about talking with us, if you don't know what to do?

Yeah, maybe I should...

Being upset is perfectly understandable. This was all very sudden.

It's never pleasant getting an earful from someone you look up to.

But Mima's talking like that because she sees herself as your teacher. If you went with her, she could look after you forever.

Even so, her little tirade went too far. You should have given her a retort, Marisa.

A retort? What could I possibly say to Lady Mima?

You know, like, "You can't have my Hakkero!" Or, "No, you give me your staff!"

You always talk like that with us!

Maybe, but this is Lady Mima we're talking about.

I never thought you cared who you were talking to.

Meanwhile, off to the side.

Boy, talk about a heavy atmosphere...

Are we okay? We're not gonna splinter up or anything, right?

I doubt it, but everyone seems so unhappy.

Maybe we could put on some music to cheer people up.

I think your music would only lower their spirits even more, Lunasa...

Then they can listen to my music, and forget all their troubles!

Don't you know anything about reading the mood?! This isn't the time!

Sakuya strolls over.

Oh, you're still talking over here?

Did you come to check up on us, Sakuya?

I have to keep an eye out. We're still in that rabbit's turf. And the group's a mess with that whole Hakkero affair.

What does Mima care about the Hakkero, anyway? Can't she see it's your most reliable weapon?

...It's something that Kourin gave me when I first left home. It's been by my side for all my training. You could call it my partner.

A partner, huh...

I was a total scrub at first. All I could do was copy Lady Mima. But over time, I started working out my own magic with my Hakkero.

So your Hakkero is where all your magic begins. And Mima says you should throw it away...

That's probably why she said that, because it's so important to Marisa. Mima wants Marisa to have a true fresh start, by burying her entire past.

Marisa, have you ever thought about what you want to do in the future?

I've got no idea. I still can't believe Lady Mima said that to me.

All this time, I've been working on my magic, figuring she was watching over me from somewhere. But my magic was never even worth watching over, to her.


There's no need to rush to any conclusions. Mima barely understands your magic. In which case, you still have plenty to show her as we move forward.

Plenty to show her, huh?

Yeah, that's right! If you show her your real magi-

If I do, then what? I don't know.

What is my magic, anyway?

Suddenly, an explosion.


What's that noise?!

Music: Descent - A Crisis Draws Near

Heh, heh, heh. Found you, humans!

You're like a bunch of tortoises, dragging your feet!

Uh-oh, did those youkai rabbits catch up with us?!

And one's randomly talking about turtles!

Wh-what do we do? Is this a surprise attack?!

Chill out, relax. We're ready for a fight.

They must be after you, Rabbit. Hide behind us!

Uh, on it!

What a bunch of jerks. I'm trying to think over here!

Enough complaining, Marisa. Get ready for a danmaku battle!

Of course, I was born ready-


Something wrong, Marisa?

(Is it just me, or is the Hakkero reacting more slowly than usual...? I hope it's just me.)

(Heh, heh, heh. This is as chaotic as I could've hoped for!)

(Time to get Tewi's operation moving!)