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Yeesh, we finally get a breather.

What a mess that was. I never thought they'd eat strange food to power themselves up.

But you still beat them up and sent them packing. You people are amazing!

Says the rabbit that didn't even do anything.

But it's too bad we beat them up so badly. We don't have anybody left to question.

At least we got an idea of where their hideout is, going by where those reinforcements were coming from.

I guess that means the bait operation was a success. Barely.


Nothing, never mind her. Little injoke of ours.

Off to the main characters of this chapter.

Ah. So they were trying to take me hostage.

That's right! They wanted to trade you for the rabbit.

But I don't care what their reasons were. We weren't gonna let them have you.

Don't push yourself too hard. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if you got taken out.

Well, at least now you've drawn out the Hakkero's full performance. How is it? You don't seem to be having any problems.

Yeah, it's strange how familiar it feels to me now.

It looks a lot prettier, but... it's still the same old Mini-Hakkero that's been with me all along.

If you're confident enough to declare that, then I have nothing to worry about.

Yes, this is much more like the Marisa I know.

I just hope this wraps up that whole argument with Mima...

Speak of the devil, and she shall come.

What? That was the idea, yes.

Lady Mima...!

You fought a splendid battle back there. It's like your last one never happened.

Now I've been able to ascertain your will.

...Yeah, I think this was a good growing experience for me.

So, are you taking back what you said, Mima? You know, trying to get Marisa to throw away her hakkero and come with you?

Let's hear your answer one last time.

Sure. I've made up my mind.

I can't cast everything away and follow you.


And I don't think my feelings on that will ever change. I just don't have it in me to throw things away.

...Hmph. Big talk, coming from an amateur.

Very well. I have nothing more to say about your magic.


Dissatisfied? I thought you said you were fine with that.

...Yeah. I am. We're gonna walk different paths from now on, and I don't care if you don't watch me.

I'm just gonna do my own thing.


Mima floats away. I almost wrote "walks", but you know. No legs.

Are you sure you want to talk to her like that, Marisa?

It's fine. It's what I decided. And we're gonna follow through. Me and my Hakkero, together.

Cut to Mima.


(Hmph. I never thought I'd see the day you'd take that tone with me. So your magic is never throwing anything away...)

(If that's what it is, then I'll have faith in that. You'd better stick with it.)

(Both with your magic, and your way of life...)