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What's got you two so panicked? Huh? There's a giant bird flying around out there? Don't worry about that, I'm here for you.

Hey! What are you mumbling to yourself about?

Oh, sorry. Everyone's in a tizzy so I'm trying to calm them down.

Well, whatever. We're just here to share the loot.

Lyrica's giving out candy to all the kids.

Wow, I've never really eaten something like that before...

They're yummy because they're sweet. Don't bugs love sugar?

It tastes... uncivilized, but it's not as bad as I was expecting.

I guess I might as well try one.

Oh, this is the first time we've talked, Wriggle. I heard you can control bugs however you like?

Yup. I can also talk to 'em.

This just gets better and better! That'd be perfect for pulling pranks.

No way! If I did something like that, I'd just get swatted.

Really? Seems like a waste of your power to me.

Plenty of people are freaked out by normal bugs already, so a youkai like me has to think really carefully about how other people will react.

Ooh, that sounded kinda respectable. I guess you're a real youkai after all.

So, should we be thinking about other people a bit more too?

Eh, we're already being useful as their living radar.

Cut to the adults.

...For heaven's sake, those fairies sure are taking their time.

Well, when you've got this many people gathered together, it's inevitable that some of them are going to walk at different paces.

It'd be easier to move as a group during daytime, though.

That, or if we had something we could all ride on. I wish we had Shou's flying boat.

You mean the Palanquin Ship? Wouldn't it just get damaged in the danmaku battles?

Don't worry about that. It's not some flimsy airship: it's a fully fledged battleship. The kappa and I made sure of that: we modified it to our own custom specifications.

Oh, a full battleship? Well, I just have to see it now.

I've heard that before... So does this mean Yuuka's gonna go play around again, and make another big hole in another library or something?

And then we get dragged around all over the place and get forced to help out...

You reap what you sow.

Eek! ...I mean, yeah, but...

Kurumi, you're a devil too, aren't you? Show some dignity. All you need to do is defeat Patchouli and Remilia, and take over the mansion for yourself.

That's our Yuuka! Only One Can Stand In Heaven! Peace Through Conquest!

I have no idea what you're talking about, but I think you'd be pretty good on drums with a sense of timing like that.

I guess we've got nothing important to talk about... I can't blame 'em though. There's been nothing but bamboo for ages now. It's enough to make my head spin.

And the moon's stuck in the sky like that too. It's like we're stuck in a bad dream.

The humans of the village must be feeling that terror even worse. If the youkai decide to take advantage of the darkness and go on a rampage...

...People won't gather. That would put a dent in concert attendance.

Both the stopped night and the fake moon... Whoever's behind all this must be up to something.

Messing with the moon's going pretty far though, so I'm guessing that's the key to this whole thing.

Well, whatever's going on, we'll just have to catch the culprit and beat the answer out of them.

And I'm sure you'll just let Reimu beat you to the punch, right Marisa?

Like you need to ask.

...Sanae should be out investigating too. I hope she's with Reimu. I'm a bit worried...

Ah, here it comes. The whole overprotective mom routine.

I don't think there's any cause for concern. She has Aya and Momiji with her after all. More importantly, let's try to keep in mind that we're getting close to the mastermind.

...Hmm, yes. Take heart, troops!

I'm in a pretty good mood after blasting all those bunnies. There's only one thing left to do: catch the culprit and finish this!