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...Hmm, this is a problem.

You said it. What should we do?

Oh, what are you all up to? Making dinner?

Yes. Suika made a request though. Apparently she wants to eat something western, to go along with what we're drinking.

Really? That's odd.

I brought some of my specially made wine so we could all drink it together when this was over. I was just showing it off, but then Suika said she wanted to try it.

Well I hope you've learned your lesson. Pride comes before a fall.

The thing is, we don't have anyone who can cook western food. Lady Yuyuko always demands Japanese food, so I'd be pretty confident in that, but...

And you never have western food at the Moriya Shrine either?

Well, I wouldn't say never, but Lady Suwako's the type who wants white rice with every meal. And of course they have mostly Japanese ingredients when I go shopping in the village.

Well, that's just what they eat there.

But I guess that means you're getting used to coming down the mountain?

Then again the fact that you're even here investigating at all shows that too. Kanako and Suwako must have felt comfortable enough to send you off, right?

Actually, I rushed out without even telling them...

For all we know, Lady Kanako's tearing her hair out in worry right about now.

Really? I've always heard that she was quite composed.

You'd think, but she's really such a worrywort sometimes. Anyway, we're all here with you, so all we need to worry about is how we're going to deliver the good news.

You're right! I'm sure they'll both be overjoyed when I come home, having resolved the incident.

...Sure, but what do we do about dinner?

Hmmm, how about la patate douce bien cuite?

Giving roast sweet potatoes a fancy name doesn't make it foreign cuisine...


Palanquin Ship - Bridge

Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

No abnormalities on our route, nor any sign of the enemy.

That's what we thought last time too. We need to be extra, extra careful.

Maybe we should try sticking an image of Unzan on the bow and glare any enemies into submission?


...You've got a point. That ugly mug would probably keep the fairies away.

He may look scary, he's really quite an honest and dutiful man. He's always stayed by my side and protected me, without a word.

Huh, I guess he's got his manly side.

As stubborn as a rock, eh? Okay, you've got me interested! Come on over and have a drink with me!


I suppose Suika wouldn't be the type to be intimidated by his appearance.

Course I'm not! Foreseeing nyuudou don't have a monopoly on getting huge, you know.

C'mon, I'll pour you a drink, so have a seat.


Unzan looks so happy right now.

He's a pretty shy guy, so I bet he gets along with people who pull him out of his shell.

Yukari gaps in.

Oh my, we're still waiting on dinner, but you're already pouring the drinks?

Were you planning on leaving us out? How cruel~.

I see you two are together as always.

I had planned to go bother Ran, but apparently it's time for Chen's studies. Even I can't get in the way of that.

Youmu got mad at me for trying to sneak into the kitchen while they're cooking~.

Well, there goes my dignified image of you two...

You seem pretty relaxed about it, but how's the spell to stop the night holding up?

See for yourself. The moon hasn't budged an inch. To think, merely stopping the night puts even someone capable of stealing the full moon at my mercy.

It sounds like your plan is proceeding smoothly.

However, we mustn't forget that everyone in the village is still frightened. We have to focus on resolving this as soon as possible.

We don't have that magician or the others with us either.

Eh, I'm sure they're off fighting somewhere. Even if we fail, at least one of our groups will find the mastermi-

Show some spine. We don't need her. As long as I'm here, nothing's going wrong. As soon as we get to where the culprit is-

And where would that be? We still haven't the slightest idea where we're going. That's just a fact.

Grr... I'm sure they're just really good at hiding.

Hahaha, it seems like whenever Yukari's around our fierce tiger becomes a cute kitten.

I finally get Keine off my back, and now I have to deal with this...

Whatever. We keep going, straight into the thicket!