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Good grief, how long has it been since I've had people stand up to me like that?

We're fighting for our lives over here, and she's just enjoying herself...

The dialogue changes depending on if I beat everyone or not. If I did on Marisa's route:

They even went out of their way to beat every last one of us.

There. Now do you get how awesome I am?

Oh please. Don't act like you did all that by yourself. Or are you saying you're ready to take on the hundred-man challenge?

O-Okay, fine, we all did it together. Happy?

and if I did on Reimu's route:

And you even went after every last one of us. Are you insane?

I don't care what you think, I'm just doing my duty as the Hakurei shrine maiden. If I see a youkai, I crush it. No matter how many there are. Haven't you realized that by now?

And since I didn't, on both routes I just get:

But maybe a little fighting now and then helps us understand each other better.

The dialogue then slightly branches off depending on whose route it is. First, Marisa.

Now that we've fought like this, I can tell you're quite something, Reimu. Is that the power of the new tools Yukari was preparing for you?

Probably. But I didn't think they'd be ready by now... Last I heard, Yukari was still working on them.

Huh? But isn't Reimu's already using them like it's second nature?

Her old gear got all smashed up, so she had to figure it out in a hurry.

Just what I'd expect from Reimu, mastering them on the spot like that.

Yeah that's right, keep the praise coming.

You totally just lost to me though.


Well, isn't it better this way? It'd suck if I could never win against you, ever.

I just let my guard down! If I'd been taking that seriously, you wouldn't have stood a chance.

C'mon, even a fairy can beat you one percent of the time.

Yeah, because I only let my guard down one percent of the time! That means I hardly ever lose.

And here's Reimu's version.

It was fun for us too. It was nice to get a chance to fight Marisa with danmaku.

Was it just me, or was your Master Spark stronger than before?

Hehehe, really? Maybe it's cause I'm bursting with renewed spirit.

What are you talking about...?

Before we got here, there was this thing with Mima. She invited Marisa to leave Gensokyo with her and redo her training from scratch.

What?! You're leaving Gensokyo?!

Wait, don't tell me you actually took her up on that?

Course I didn't. I wouldn't even be here if I did. I'm gonna keep doing things my way, and make her acknowledge me by keeping up this investigation.

Hmph, big talk. But I guess you are pretty fired up.

That said, you still lost to Reimu immediately.

Ugh, that hit below the belt...

Ah ha ha, who cares? I had a lot of fun too. And weren't you trying harder than usual?

Don't get cocky just because you won...

Pft, talk big while you still can. Before you know it, I'll have figured out all the tricks behind that new gear of yours.

Even a fairy can beat her one percent of the time!

And when exactly are you going to show me that one percent miracle?

Thankfully, the routes now merge into one.

...They never get tired of all this one-upmanship, do they?

I wonder if they even remember what we came here for?

Actually, could you explain what's going on with the moon and the night again?

Of course. But first, could I ask you about that rabbit you have with you?

If you'd like, you can ask her yourself. I'll take you to her.

No, no, it would be much simpler to have this conversation without her. So, I believe you said she was being attacked by the other rabbits? And you saved her?

Indeed. There was a particularly crafty rabbit involved too, I believe she called herself Tewi Inaba. I don't know why, but she seemed to be targeting the rabbit we saved.

Hmm~. I wonder why she was being attacked?

We haven't really grilled her about it. If she gets suspicious of us, then our precious bait might get away.

Eh? What do you mean by "bait"?

By using her as bait, we're aiming to force the enemy to make contact with us. As for the rabbit herself, as long as she's within our grasp we can take our time with the questions.

...I see. It's a bit crude, but I can follow the logic.

I'm not so sure about keeping her aboard the Palanquin Ship though. Who knows what mischief she'll get up to when we're not looking?

...Good point. It does make it harder for her to slip away though.

Then it's settled~. We'll just have our cute little Ran keep an eye on her.

Hm, but wouldn't her tails make her stand out?

A little while ago, Ran even snuck her way even onto Youkai Mountain. Stealth won't be a problem.

For now, I'll have her tail the rabbit.

Clarste posted:

This is a pun and I have pointed it out. Laugh, mortal.

I'll keep an eye on the door locks too.

...That's reassuring. Well then, I'll be off.

You're really into all this observation and investigation stuff, aren't you?

What are you talking about? Giving a simple order to Ran hardly even counts as making an effort.

Besides, have you ever heard of the rabbits fighting amongst themselves before?

Huh, you're right... Didn't they all just take orders from the one who's been around the longest?

I got the feeling that the rabbit we met earlier wasn't from around here either.

So you fought a youkai rabbit too?

Maybe she was just like your rabbit~.

Anyway, are you ready to tell us the details now? I believe you said that Yukari's the one who stopped the night...?

Well, by tweaking the border of day and night, I'm holding the dawn at bay. However, this is absolutely necessary for resolving the moon incident.

Wait, so you're saying that the fake moon and the long night incidents are totally separate?

But why? Why would you want to stack incidents on top of each other?

My conclusion would be that... you're trying to prevent the moon from escaping.

Oh my~. Bingo!

So there were two different people behind this all along. I guess that makes sense.

Wait, what? What do you mean?

The moon up there right now is a fake, something switched in by someone else for some reason. They probably need to keep their spell going all the way till sunrise, so...

...I see, so by stopping the night you're stitching the moon to the sky. This prevents the culprit from finishing their task, slipping away, and never being seen again.

Precisely. That's the true shape of this incident.

Countering an incident with an incident. What a bold move. You do realize that extending the night brings its own share of dangers, right?

Well, yeah. We already said all this to Reimu and the others, but it's a double-edged sword. We have to catch the culprit while the night's been stopped, no matter what.

Will we catch them, or will they get away? It's like a game of cops and robbers.

At least we finally understand what's going on. Now that we've narrowed down our objective, there's only one way to proceed.

...So if that's settled, how about we take a little break? We've got some new folks on the ship, so a quick tour might be nice.