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(Hm, everything around here is just so old fashioned.)

(When I first saw it, I thought this ship might've been from the moon. But after seeing it up close, there's no way.)

Hey, you! Don't wander around too much or they'll get mad.

They're really merciless, you know. One wrong step and you're roast meat.

Huh? They're really that uncivilized here?!

It's just a joke. Even Reimu wouldn't-

Wait, what about Marisa though?


H-Hey! You're not gonna deny that?! You're freaking me out here!

But I'm really glad we ran into Sunny and Lily and the rest. It was getting lonely without the whole fairy gang.

It's just not nearly noisy enough without us fairies around, right?

I think Wriggle and the Prismrivers have that covered.

With all these bugs around, the price of food must be going up~.

Actually, adult fireflies live entirely off of water.

Wait, why were you working with Marisa anyway, Wriggle?

The humans just suddenly barged in on our home. And then we lost, and then... well... some stuff happened.

...That story sounds kinda familiar.

The same thing happened to Rumia...

Wait, so you all have a grudge against them too? We should form a youkai alliance! It's our chance to get back at 'em!

Ooh, I've been waiting for something like this to happen!

So... you want us to pool our strengths together?

I'm not a youkai, but can I join too? I can be a special member!

Dai, and Sunny's gang, and... that rabbit too! That's ten!

Huh? Um, no. Why are you already counting me as one of you?

Aren't you friends with Lily? A friend of a friend is a friend!

Oh, this is great, Rabbit!

Friends, eh? That doesn't sound too bad~.

By the way, what exactly does "getting back at them" mean here?

Maybe we should try asking for help from the Prismrivers? Lyrica might know somethin-

Some people walk in.

Wow, so there really is a place like this on the ship?

It's perfect, right? We were surprised too.

Well, speak of the phantom.

Are you taking a tour of the ship too, Lunasa?

They told us we could do whatever we want, so we're doing just that.

We figured we might as well check out the stage for our next concert!

Wow, I can't wait!

Right? Yuuka and the others are gonna love it!

...Hey, how about we think about how to make people happy instead of just playing pranks?

Y-You're right. I don't even wanna know what awful things they'd do to us if we got caught.

Ah man, I guess adding more people to the group just gave us more stuff to argue about.

Hey, you're good at singing, right Mystia? How about you sing with the sisters?

Why would I want to do that? The thought of making humans happy makes me sick. Though I might think about if you let me blind them while we're at it~.

Sure, why not?

Wait, really?!

If it helps us put on a concert that'll move their hearts, a little blindness won't hurt. Actually, since we're putting on a show for gods and greater youkai, we'll have to do at least that much.

...That's crazy. You're crazy. Is that really gonna be okay?

For sis, music has always been something blind anyway.

Then we're doing this! The Youkai Blindness Happy Concert! Tickets when?!


(They're all so carefree. But I suppose that's what it means to be strong? I hope I can find Lady Yagokoro while under their protection.)

What's wrong, Rabbit?

Ah, it's nothing. Aren't you going to join them, Miss Fairy?

Well, I really like it when people are being lively like this, since it reminds me of spring, but... Anyway, my name's not Fairy, it's Lily White.

Hmm, I see... Wait, isn't everyone gone?

Ahh! We have to catch up!


Palanquin Ship - Dining Room

Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

...And that should do it.

Ooh, impressive...

It looks great. I wish I could cook like that.

Cut to the dining table.

Oh my~. It smells wonderful.

I can't quite place that smell... Is this foreign cuisine?

Minoriko brought some wine she'd been saving for a special occasion, so we thought we'd serve something to complement it.

Relaxing is part of the job too. C'mon, don't be shy, have a seat.

This place isn't bad at all. The tatami mats are really quite relaxing.

It's so great to be able to just lie back and have the boat move all on its own~.

You're pretty lazy for a ferrywoman...

Sakuya walks over with the food and everyone digs in.

No one requested anything but western food, but is everyone satisfied?

Absolutely. This stuff is great.

Isn't this wine better than the stuff Sakuya ages on-the-fly though?

Of course it is, it's filled with all my tender loving care.

Using divine power is cheating, you know.

I see this group is hard to please.

Isn't Remilia the same? She doesn't seem like the type to offer praise lightly.

Oh my, is this your way of indirectly fishing for compliments?

N-No! That's not what I meant at all...!

Now that you mention it, why isn't Remilia with you? When I saw you two here, I was sure she'd be here too.

...Obviously, Remi knows how important this incident is. However, she decided to stay home and keep an eye on Flan.

Is taking care of Flandre really so important that she can afford to ignore an incident like this?

Actually, it's the other way around. It's because of this incident that it's so important to her. The moon incident is making Lady Flan unstable...

...Oh, I see. Vampires have a deep connection to the moon, and the younger sister is already unstable enough as it is.

I can totally understand that kind of sisterly love, but shouldn't she be more worried about the incident? Sakuya and Patchouli might not make it back unscathed after all...

In that case, you have to make sure to stay safe and try not to worry her.

Carrying out orders takes precedence over coming back safely. That's why she dispatched us to investigate.

That's a pretty harsh way of looking at things.


(We've got plenty of allies joining our side, and our fighting strength is greater than it's ever been. But on the other hand, that just proves how dangerous the person we're up against is.)

(I hope nothing bad happens while Remi's not here...)


Palanquin Ship - Bridge

Music: What's the Strategy?

Hmm, so you've officially joined the investigation team too, Akyuu?

Well, I hope I can put my intellect to good use here anyway.

I don't think I'll get used to seeing you here anytime soon...

It'll happen before you know it. It was amazing how fast she finished her training as a crew member.

She can memorize even the most complicated tasks in an instant. It's like she was born to be an operator. Once the Palanquin Ship is fully repaired, we might even be able to let her take command in battle.

What, this thing can fly without its crew?

Once we've gathered the fragments of the Flying Silo, we should be able to set it on autopilot. Of course, that may be easier said than done...

Sounds like something happened while we were separated.

Well, we ran into an old friend, and she's a bit of a troublemaker. I'll tell you all about it sometime.

Mima, Yuuka, and Kurumi walk in.

We didn't get much time to explore, but that was pretty interesting.

Personally, I thought it was a bit lacking in color.

Oh, it's you two. Finished with your tour?

Everyone seems to just be doing as they please. It would be bad form to spoil their fun.

Look, I brought some of the dessert Sakuya made!

Oh, that looks great. Could you give me a piece?

But, since when have you all been so friendly and open with each other? You didn't used to be this close, back in the day.

...There are a lot of things from back then that I'd rather not be reminded of.

The five of you are acting like it's some kind of class reunion or something.

Yeah, I've known these guys for as long as I can remember. Even if I wish I didn't.

I've known Reimu from back when she would hide her armpits.

She puts on a pretty good front nowadays, but Alice used to be quite the crybaby when she was little.

She even had a maid back then. Good times.

I just told you not to bring that stuff up!

So what brings you to Gensokyo this time? Sorry if I'm being rude, but you don't seem like the incident investigating type.

I can see why you'd ask. You do have me listed as the lowest Human Friendship and the highest Threat Level, after all.

Ugh, so I guess you've read the Gensokyo Chronicles? But that's determined from a mix of impartial interviews and Yukari's careful review...

I don't mind. She's the one trying to guide humans and youkai into coexistence, right? Yukari Yakumo, always the courageously oppressive bother.

You sound like you know her personally.

We're just two youkai who'll never see eye to eye.

If that's the case, then why are you cooperating with us?

Heh, no particular reason. If I had to give one, maybe I wanted to mock the investigation team for having trouble with this?

You need a better hobby.

You're just now noticing?

...So, you both came here to laugh at us then?

Ye gods, don't put me on her level.

I came to Gensokyo because I wanted to see this Palanquin Ship.

Really? You wanted to see our ship?

I heard through one of my connections that it was buried in the Underworld. That piqued my curiosity. And now, here it is, floating in the sky.

I'm surprised that there's still anyone left out there who knows about this ship.

I've seen and heard a lot of things in my travels. You're the captain of this vessel, right? What's your next step? You must have a goal.

Hmm? To improve myself, I guess? Or to fight?

In the long run, the plan is to rescue Hijiri from her seal in Makai and revive her.

Oh? And you are?

Shou Toramaru, someone who owes a debt to Byakuren Hijiri and is working to repay it. Right now I'm working with my fellow disciple Murasa to find a way to revive her.

Hm, I see.

But we've still got a long ways to go before that happens. If you hear anything that might help, please let us know.

...Sure, got it. I'm a bit interested myself.

By the way, I've been wondering where Keine is. She's not with you? I was sure she got to the shrine before I did and joined your party.

Mokou isn't here either, so maybe they're together?

Well, I doubt Keine's the type to take this whole situation lying down.

Anyway, let's just keep going. The sooner we resolve this incident, the sooner everything's okay again.

You got that right!