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Jiminy's KH 2 Journal

New Characters


Who is this nerd? This is our protagonist for this game because Sora is currently napping. His backstory is told more in depth in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.
VA: Jesse McCartney


This chumplord is our best friend.
VA: Justin Cowden


This dork is another one of our friends and he is wearing a jersey that is referencing The Bouncer an old Squaresoft (at the time) PS2 title.
VA: Sean Marquette


This chick is the token female friend of the protagonist.
VA: Jessica DiCicco


Finally, we get Squall's equally annoying boyfriend in a game.
VA: Will Friedle (Yep, he's voiced by Batman)


Here we have Seifer's first crony. Don't worry, he is still just as annoying as he was in FF8 if not more so because he now has a voice.
VA: Brandon Adams


Look at that, Seifer's other crony is here too.
VA: Jillian Bowen


The black mage with an existential crisis from FF9 makes his appearance here as well.
VA: Melissa Disney


The gambler with a heart of gold from FF6 is now the reigning Struggle champion.
VA: Crispin Freeman


Xion is an interesting character in that she is a replica (e.g. Repliku) except she is created from the memories of two different people. Her entire story is told in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.
VA: Alyson Stoner (358/2 Days), Hayden Panettiere (Kingdom Hearts 3D)


The used car salesman from Goof Troop returns! Of course, this Pete is more similar to his original incarnation that appeared in Steam Boat Willy.
VA: Jim Cummings

Yen Sid

The original sorcerer from The Sorcerer's Apprentice returns! I imagine he has had a quite a bit of time to forgive Mickey for that incident.
VA: Corey Burton


This is the first of the Good Fairies from Sleeping Beauty.
VA: Barbara Dirickson


This is the second of the Good Fairies from Sleeping Beauty.
VA: Russi Taylor


This is the third of the Good Fairies from Sleeping Beauty.
VA: Tress MacNeille


Diablo is Maleficent's pet raven that seems to be the only reason that Maleficent ever came back in my opinion. If Diablo hadn't shown up at Yen Sid's window with Maleficent's cloak then I doubt the magic that resurrected her would have activated.
VA: None

Scrooge McDuck

This is Donald's uncle and technically the parental guardian for Huey, Dewey and Louie.
VA: Alan Young


This is Ping/Mulan. She is a young woman that took her sick father's place in the Chinese army in a war against the Huns.
VA: Ming-Na


This guy is a quick to anger and loves fighting.
VA: Harvey Fierstein


The man in mustard yellow is a little more laid back than Yao.
VA: Gedde Watanabe

Chien Po

The big guy in blue is a very calm and friendly individual and he loves to eat.
VA: Jerry Tondo

Li Shang

This is the captain of this particular portion Chinese troops.
VA: B.D. Wong


This is the commander of the Hun army that is attacking China.
VA: Corey Burton

The Emperor

The Emperor of China, not much else to say other than that.
VA: Pat Morita (a.k.a Mr. Miyagi)


One of Beast's servants that is under the same spell he is.
VA: Jo Anne Worley


The small clock that is another of Beast's servants.
VA: David Ogden Stiers


The third of Beast's servants that was placed under a spell.
VA: Jeff Bennett

Mrs. Potts

Yet another person that was changed because of the spell that was cast on Beast.
VA: Angela Lansbury


The final servant (at least represented in this game) that was transformed because of the Beast.
VA: None

Chicken Little

This little guy is from the movie Chicken Little that was released in 2005. Thing is, Kingdom Hearts 2 originally came out in Japan before the movie released over there so this was a little bit of a promotion for the movie in Japan.
VA: Zach Braff (a.k.a JD from Scrubs)


This is Herc's love interest from the Disney movie. She plays a small role in how Herc ends up the way he does at the end of this world visit.
VA: Susan Egan


Looks like we are completing the FFX cast list now. We have already seen Tidus and Wakka and now we Auron too. As you would expect he is an incredibly badass party member.
VA: Matt McKenzie


One of Hade's personal lackeys. Along with Panic, he introduces the underworld tournaments when you decide to start competing in them.
VA: None


The other personal lackey of Hades. Along with Pain, he introduces the underworld tournaments when you decided to start competing in them.
VA: None

The Hydra

The multi-headed monstrosity that just won't die.
VA: None


The flying horse that is also willing to lend a helping a hand
VA: None

Demyx, a.k.a Organization Member IX, The Melodious Nocturne

The sitar playing organization member that really doesn't like to fight.
VA: Ryan O'Donohue

Horace Horsecollar

A good-natured fellow that lives in Disney Town.
VA: None

Clarabelle Cow

Another resident of Disney Town who is also very nice.
VA: None

Clara Cluck

Yet another resident of Disney Town.
VA: None

Captain Pete

This is Pete before he went bad and sided with Maleficent.
VA: Jim Cummings

Mickey Mouse

This is the king back in the past before he was crowned as the ruler.
VA: Wayne Allwine; Brett Iwan

Captain Barbossa

The pirate that caused a mutiny aboard The Black Pearl and stole the boat from its previous captain.
VA: Brian George

Bo'sun (a.k.a Undead Pirate A)

Not much to say about this guy other than he is minion of Captain Barbossa.
VA: Beau Billingslea

Twigg (a.k.a Undead Pirate B)

Not much to say about this guy other than he is minion of Captain Barbossa.
VA: Adam Leadbeater

Jacoby (a.k.a Undead Pirate C)

Not much to say about this guy other than he is minion of Captain Barbossa.
VA: John DiMaggio

Elizabeth Swann

The daughter of the governor of the colony that Barbossa's crew attacked.
VA: Eliza Schneider

William Turner

A young apprentice blacksmith in the colony that Barbossa's crew attacked.
VA: Crispin Freeman

Captain Jack Sparrow

The original captain of The Black Pearl.
VA: James Arnold Taylor

The Reindeer

Jack's and Santa's sets of reindeer for their sleighs.
VA: None


Yep, Santa's helpers are represented here.
VA: None

Santa Claus

The jolly 'ole man himself, Father Christmas.
VA: Corey Burton

Saix, a.k.a Organization Member VII, The Luna Diviner

One of the most trusted lieutenants of Organization XIII.
VA: Kirk Thornton


Well, we finally have the final set of FFX series characters. These girls make their debut here and maybe we will see more of them in the future.
VA: Hedy Burress (Yuna), Tara Strong (Rikku), Gwendoline Yeo (Paine)


Experiment 626 joins us as a summon. Let's hope he doesn't destroy everything.
VA: None


Another FF7 alum and Cloud love interest shows up. Now raise your hand if Tifa was your Gold Saucer date during FF7.
VA: Rachael Leigh Cook

Commander Sark

Of course the antagonist of Tron is here.
VA: Corey Burton

Master Control Program

Here is the real antagonist.
VA: Corey Burton

Hostile Program

Virus created by the MCP. Has a reaction command called Freeze which you can activate once you have collected enough clusters.
VA: None

Xemnas, a.k.a Organization Member I, The Superior of the In-Between

So now we can put a face to the head of the Organization XIII. Funny thing, he is also the guy we fought that was known as Unknown way back in Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix.
VA: Paul St. Peter

Luxord, a.k.a Organization Member X, Gambler of Fate

This guy is my favorite Organization XIII member.
VA: Robin Atkin Downes

The Peddler

This guy played a minor role in Kingdom Hearts, but in Kingdom Hearts 2 his role is greatly expanded as he takes the place of Abis Mal in the Return of Jafar storyline.
VA: Corey Burton

The Experiment

You might have noticed this guy on Finklestein's worktable during your first visit. It's a puppet for Lock, Shock and Barrel to order around apparently. During the battle you will notice the reaction command "Kickspring". DON'T FORGET TO USE IT!
VA: None

Cub Simba

This is Simba when he was a cub. He unfortunately doesn't get any new voiced lines which makes sense because Jonathan Taylor Thomas probably doesn't sound anywhere near like he did when The Lion King was first made.
VA: Jonathan Taylor Thomas (via archived audio)


This is Simba's father and the previous king of Pride Rock. He is obviously still the same caring leader he was in the movie.
VA: James Earl Jones (via archived audio)


This is Mufasa's brother who steals the throne from him when he commits regicide and overthrows him. Scar is one evil lion.
VA: James Horan


The wise-cracking meerkat that becomes one of Simba's best friends after he runs away from Pride Rock as a cub.
VA: James Arnold Taylor


The warthog with a heart of gold. This is the other best friend Simba meets in the wildlands.
VA: Ernie Sabella

Lion Sora

This is Sora's appearance as a lion for the Pride Lands. In this form he regrettably does not have access to his drive forms, so your big damage dealing attacks are limited to, well, your limits.
VA: Haley Joel Osment

Bird Donald

This is Donald's form for the Pride Lands. As you may notice he looks suspiciously like Zazu. This is because S-E thought Zazu's role was so minor that instead of creating another character model they decided to just give Donald a very Zazu-looking model for the Pride Lands.
VA: Tony Anselmo

Tortoise Goofy

This is Goofy's appearance for the Pride Lands. He was a turtle in Atlantica, so I suppose making him a tortoise makes some kind of sense.
VA: Bill Farmer


One of the three named hyenas that serve under Scar. He serves as the unofficial leader of their three character group.
VA: Cheech Marin


The second of the three named hyenas. Her personality is the same as in the movie but, alas, she is not voice by Whoopi Goldberg.
VA: Tress MacNeille


The last, but certainly not least, member of the three named hyenas. He laughs just as much as he does in the movie. My personal favorite of the three.
VA: Jim Cummings


Simba's childhood best friend from Pride Rock. She is also his eventual wife and queen and she gives birth to their child Kiara.
VA: Vanessa Marshall


The wise mystic that serves as an advisor to both Simba and his father before him. This baboon is also evidently a master of several martial arts styles.
VA: Robert Guillaume


Kiara isn't actually showcased until the end of the game during the credits. I just wanted to post her here because technically she should have been because S,D,G leave the Pridelands when the ceremony after Kiara was born would actually take place in the movie. Her actual only noteworthy attribute in this game is that she is Simba and Nala's daughter.
VA: None


Xigbar is another Organization XIII member and he is also one of the more funny members of the group. His group of Nobodies are called Snipers.
VA: James Patrick Stuart


Xaldin is another Organization 13 member and he is the one we fought at Beast's castle when he attempted to turn Beast into both a Heartless and a Nobody. He uses his spears and various wind elemental attacks to beat you to death, but no worries this is a fight where King Mickey can save you if you die.
VA: David Dayan Fisher

Prince Eric

Prince Eric is the handsome human that Ariel falls in love with and this really get Triton angry for some reason.
VA: Christopher Daniel Barnes


Andrina is a slim, light-skinned mermaid with a purple tail. She wears a brassiere, made from purple seashells and a large pink flower in her hair. She has blonde hair, blue eyes and red lips.
VA: Unknown


Attina has a red and orange tail and wears a brassiere, made from orange seashells. She has brown hair gathered in a knot, with five red, horn-like decorations in it. She also has blue eyes and red lips.
VA: Uknown


Everyone knows who Gopher is. He is just about the best character in Winnie the Pooh. Funnily enough, he is the only character to not debut in the original books.
VA: Michael Gough


Kanga is the mother Roo and is a very responsible member of the 100 Acre Wood cast. She is also very motherly and gives out advice when needed.
VA: Tress MacNeille

The Lingering Will

If you have played Birth by Sleep, then you know exactly who this is and why he is here. If you haven't, well lucky for you Birth by Sleep is the next game in the series.

Modified Returning Heartless
These Heartless are from the previous games and have had Reaction Commands added to them.

Air Pirate

Defeat 'em with an air combo or use their Reaction Command against them.
Reaction Command: Air Twister - Sora grabs an Air Pirate and swings it around.

Creeper Plant

Use magic, get up in its face or use its Reaction Command.
Reaction Command: Root Ravager - Sora uproots a Creeper Plant, creating a shockwave that damages surrounding enemies.


Combo it as per usual.
Reaction Command: Heal Stomp - Sora stomps a Crescendo, healing the party. (power = Sora's magic x30)

Fat Bandit

Attack it from behind like normal. Reaction Command is another strategy.
Reaction Command: Full Swing - Sora hits a descending Large Body or Fat Bandit with a powerful attack. This is activated when a Large Body or Fat Bandit attempts to use Body Slam, after a combo finisher hits, or after Kickback.

Large Body

Attack it from behind like normal. Reaction Commands are the other way.
Reaction Command(s): 1. Guard - Sora blocks a Large Body's toboggan attack. 2. Kickback - After Guard, Sora hits a Large Body six times. 3. Full Swing - Sora hits a descending Large Body or Fat Bandit with a powerful attack. This is activated when a Large Body or Fat Bandit attempts to use Body Slam, after a combo finisher hits, or after Kickback.


Combo it or use the Reaction Command. Your choice.
Reaction Command: Wind Dance - Sora leaps into the air and attacks a Neoshadow.


You can defeat this guy just as easily as before or you can use the reaction command that was added to him.
Reaction Command: Cyclone - Sora executes an aerial diving attack against a Soldier.

Tornado Step

Combo it or use the Reaction Command. Either one will work.
Reaction Command: Tornado Ride - Sora rides a Tornado Step; the player can use the analog stick to have him spin around and damage enemies.

New Heartless


This is basically the Kingdom Hearts version of the jiang shi, or Chinese vampire/zombie from Chinese mythology. One you might know better would Hsien-Ko from Capcom's Darkstalkers or Marvel vs Capcom games.
Reaction Command: None

Assault Rider

Centaurs that attack with lances and are generally irritating.
Reaction Command: None

Bolt Tower

An annoying enemy that can headbutt you and fire electricity.
Reaction Command: Bolt Reversal - If the Bolt Tower uses its Catch Laser attack you can reverse it with this reaction command to deal damage to the tower and other surrounding heartless.

Rapid Thruster, a.k.a Fish Copter

Another annoying enemy that doesn't really do much damage unless you are attacked by a group of them.
Reaction Command: Aero Blade - Sora will jump in the air and spin in a circle with his keyblade(s) held out doing damage to any enemy in the vicinity.

Hook Bat

Similar to the Rapid Thruster, this enemy isn't really dangerous unless it is in groups.
Reaction Command: Bat Cry - Sora grabs the Hook Bat by its hook and swings it around damaging enemies.

Gargoyle Statue

This is a statue that has come to life through the power of Darkness. Block or parry enough of its attacks and you can one-shot it with the Release reaction command.
Reaction Command: Release - After blocking or parrying enough attacks Sora can use this and he will pull the darkness out of the statue and kill with a single blow.


This is one half of the boss during the fight in the Undercroft of Beast's Castle. Smack this guy around enough and you can use the Release reaction command to pull the Possessor out which is the real boss.
Reaction Command: Release - This works a little different from the Gargoyle Statues in that you just have to do enough damage to the Thresholder to get the reaction command to pop up. It also doesn't do a one-shot kill to the boss, of course. Otherwise, it works exactly the same.


This is the second half of the boss for the Undercroft fight. Just smack him around and he will eventually repossess the Thresholder and force you to start the process over again. You should have to do the process twice to defeat this fight.
Reaction Command: N/A

Lance Soldier

This guy just runs around with his lance stabbing things.
Reaction Command: Lance Tug - The Lance Soldier will go crazy and start flying around. Use the reaction command to grab on and zip around doing damage to enemies and the Lance Soldier.

Shadow Stalker

This is the first half of the Ballroom boss fight in Beast's Castle. The Shadow Stalker fight is very similar to the Thresholder/Possessor boss fight. Shadow Stalker will possess various things around the room which you will have to damage enough to use the Release reaction command and then you can lay the smack down on the Shadow Stalker itself.
Reaction Command: Release - See Thresholder for more information.

Dark Thorn

Does this guy look familiar? He should because he is basically FFX Ifrit's Heartless. Nomura apparently wanted him to look like that. In this second half of the Ballroom boss fight all you have to is just beat the ever-loving crap out of this guy, if you can see him.
Reaction Command(s): 1. Step Vault - Use the Dark Thorn's back to leap onto the chandelier. 2. Catch - Following Step Vault Sora will drop the chandelier onto the Dark Thorn. 3. Pendulum Round - After Catch, Sora will swing the chandelier around and knock the Dark Thorn away. This will also make the Dark Thorn visible if he is currently invisible. 4. Slingshot - If the Dark Thorn manages to throw Sora toward a pillar then he will grab the pillar and slingshot himself back toward the Dark Thorn.

Rabid Dog

An annoying Heartless to be sure, but nothing we can't handle.
Reaction Command: None

Trick Ghost

A ghost Heartless that is really just annoying.
Reaction Command: None

Minute Bomb

An annoying Heartless that will detonate if you let the timer that appears above its head countdown to zero.
Reaction Command: Dodge Roll - Sora dodges out of the way as the Minute Bomb self destructs.

Hammer Frame

This enemy will slam the ground creating shockwaves that you can't block.
Reaction Command: None

Hot Rod

This enemy will typically just try to punch you until you get it to low enough health and then it will just drive around the map constantly smacking you and your party around.
Reaction Command: None


This enemy will fly around firing its machine guns at you. Not much of a threat, really.
Reaction Command: None

Cannon Gun

A simple Heartless that just shoots cannon balls into the air at a targeted point.
Reaction Command: None


This Heartless doesn't attack at, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a threat. This Heartless is a threat because it will absorb all of the light in the room and make it impossible to attack the boss.
Reaction Command: None

Driller Mole

Just a simple mole Heartless with wheels.
Reaction Command: None

Toy Soldier

A jack-in-the-box come to life.
Reaction Command: None

Emerald Blues

Just a simple variation on the music themed Heartless we have been seeing throughout the series.
Reaction Command: None

Prison Keeper

This guy uses powers summoned from the held Locke, Shock and Barrel to attack.
Reaction Commmand: Inside Combo - Sora jumps inside the Prison Keeper to smack it around.


This Heartless will try to slap with his book or it could conjure a spell to fling at you.
Reaction Command: None

Armored Knight

This is a just a simple slashing attack Heartless.
Reaction Command: Rising Sun - Sora will rise into the air, then soar through the Knight. This move can be used five times consecutively without touching the ground, and it can be used against other enemies once it has been started.

Morning Star

This Heartless will basically either spin attack you or jump into the air and slam down on top of you.
Reaction Command: 1. Bump - Sora knocks a Morning Star into the air. 2. Meteor Strike - After Bump, Sora slams a Morning Star into the ground repeatedly until its HP is fully depleted.

Surveillance Robot

Laser spewing Heartless reporting for duty.
Reaction Command(s): 1. Snag: This Reaction Command has Sora grab the Surveillance Robot and shake it. 2. Sparkle Ray: After Snag a large, powerful ray of light larger than the Robot itself will erupt from it, and Sora can point it at other enemies before throwing it back into the air. This Reaction Command does not damage the Surveillance Robot itself. It is also worth noting that although this is seemingly the Surveillance Robot's most powerful attack, it cannot use it against Sora.

Magnum Loader

Simple unicycle Heartless that attacks at great speed. The pallete swaps are only found in the Lightcycle minigame.
Reaction Command: Quick Blade - Sora dashes and attacks a Magnum Loader.


Moves slow but has homing ability and can hit hard. Thunder magic heals them.
Reaction Command: None


Has two forms. A tank-like ground form for sniping and an aerial form for up-close fights. Both forms hit pretty hard.
Reaction Command: None

Grim Reaper

This Heartless serves as the boss for our second visit to Port Royal. During the fight he will switch between his cursed and uncursed forms depending on whether he is holding medallions or not.
Reaction Command: 1. Hinder - Sora stops the Grim Reaper from collecting medallions. 2. Loot Launch - After Hinder, Sora launches the Grim Reaper skyward to collect medallions. 3. Return - Sora returns the cursed medallions to their chest during the second Grim Reaper battle.

Luna Bandit

This Heartless is somewhat difficult due to his quick attacking nature, but even so he isn't anything you should really be worried about.
Reaction Command: None

Silver Rock

The silver variety of the music themed Heartless. Very easy to defeat especially if you use its reaction command.
Reaction Command: Shift Shot - Sora grabs and tosses a Silver Rock while it is concealed in a ball of light.

Icy Cube

Nothing really remarkable about this guy. His only attack has him ram into you and fling ice shards.
Reaction Command: None


This is an interesting Heartless. It can shoot ice crystals, swing its crystal ball in a figure-eight pattern and seal someone in ice after a countdown from 3. The ice seal can be reflected with a reaction command.
Reaction Command: Clear Shot - Sora reflects an ice blast back at a Fortuneteller when the timer on the ice hits 1.

Fiery Globe

Very similar to the Icy Cube. The only difference is that it flings flames instead of ice when it hits you.
Reaction Command: None

Crimson Jazz

So here we have one of the largest of music themed Heartless. Its abilities include kicking by swinging its body, releasing stored energy as shockwaves, creating small fire mines around a target and creating large fire mines that track you.
Reaction Command: None

Blizzard Lord

The first of the pair of bosses for your first visit to Agrabah. This Heartless has four different attacks. Staff attack where it attacks with its staff, Ice Breath where it blows ice at you, Combo Ice where it throws ice at you and Freeze which does exactly what it sounds like to the opponent.
Reaction Command: Blizzagun - Sora grabs the nose of the Blizzard Lord and throws it into the Volcanic Lord.

Volcanic Lord

The second of the pair of bosses in your first trip to Agrabah. This Heartless changes three of the attacks from Blizzard Lord and keeps the staff attack. Fire Press is where it leaps around leaving lava spots on the ground, Combo Fireball has it shoot 6 fireballs and Ignite lights enemies on fire.
Reaction Command: Firagun - Sora stabs his Keyblade into the Volcanic Lord and throws it into the Blizzard Lord.

Bulky Vendor

These bubblegum ball machines, otherwise known as gachapons by some people, are very unique Heartless. They don't do any damage and as soon they appear (which will happen as soon as you destroy a destructible in the area) their health immediately begins draining. The point of these Heartless is their Reaction Command.
Reaction Command: 1. Capsule Prize - Sora cranks a prize out of a Bulky Vendor. (works with 100-75% enemy HP left). 2. Rare Capsule - Sora cranks a normal item out of a Bulky Vendor. (works with 74-50% enemy HP left). 3. Limited Capsule - Sora cranks a rare item out of a Bulky Vendor. (works with 49-25% enemy HP left). 4. Prime Capsule - Sora cranks out a very rare item out of a Bulky Vendor. (works with 24-1% enemy HP left).

Living Bone

This Heartless can be somewhat dangerous on its own and it just becomes even more so when a Shaman is riding on its back. Using its two reaction commands against it quickly negates that danger though. Keep in mind that you can only use those two reaction commands in the Pride Lands, though.
Reaction Commands: 1. Rodeo - Sora rides on a Living Bone's back, creating shock waves. 2. Grand Cross - After Rodeo, Sora flips the Living Bone he is riding and rams it into the ground, headfirst, smashing its head.


This Heartless is only really a pain if it is riding on the back of a Living Bone otherwise it's more annoying than dangerous. It has also has a reaction command that can make encounters with them trivial. Keep in mind that you can only use this reaction command in the Pride Lands.
Reaction Command: Dispel - The command appears when a series of blue flames attack and encircle Sora. Dispel allows Sora to use them against his enemies.

Aerial Knocker

This Heartless is very much a pushover. It has next to no HP and even has a reaction command to make him even easier to deal with.
Reaction Command: Rapid Blow - Sora rushes in and attacks multiple times.


This Heartless is basically just an oversized Shaman riding an oversized Living Bone, granted you will need new tactics to defeat them. Specifically because you are only allowed to have Simba as a party member and Groundshaker has some interesting reaction commands.
Reaction Commands: 1. Fend - Sora prevents the Groundshaker's massive foot from crushing him. Also, this reaction command tends to end with the Groundshaker laying on the ground stunned sometimes. Use this opportunity to bust out the Wildcat limit. 2. Jump - Sora leaps onto the Groundshaker's back. After getting on the Groundshaker's back you will want to use that opportunity to bust out another Wildcat.

Storm Rider

Storm Rider is the boss for this visit to Land of Dragons and he is honestly just as much of a joke of a boss here as he was in the vanilla version of Kingdom Hearts 2. Using his reaction commands correctly just takes away any challenge this boss poses.
Reaction Commands: 1. Slide - When the Storm Rider dives in towards the party, Sora slides underneath it to dodge the attack. 2. Vertigo Toss - After Sora has successfully performed the Slide Reaction Command, he strikes the Storm Rider with his Keyblade to toss it high into the sky and fall to the ground, rendering it temporarily unconscious and vulnerable to attacks. 3. Hang On - Immediately at the start of the battle, and anytime Sora is on top of the Storm Rider, he can cling onto one of the spikes protruding from its back to avoid falling to the ground. 4. Get Off - After using the Hang On reaction command, the Storm Rider may either twist around again or execute a lightning attack. "Get Off" is used to avoid the lightning attack.

Mushroom XIII

These guys are very interesting. There are 13 of them and each one of them represents one member of Organization XIII. You can find them in various worlds and completing their minigames gives some really good prizes.
Reaction Command: Too Many To List

Aerial Champ

The Aerial Champ's main attack is punching. They tend to appear in packs, and have many vicious punch combos. They tend to dodge until they attack with multiple jabs.
Reaction Command: Rapid Blow - A speedy attacking charge similar to the Aerial Knocker's own attacks.

Aerial Viking

This is a simple variation on the Air Pirate Heartless and is only found in the Cavern of Remembrance.
Reaction Command: Air Twister - Sora grabs an Aerial Viking and swings it around.


This is a simple variation on the Hook Bat Heartless and is only found in the Cavern of Remembrance.
Reaction Command: Bat Cry - Sora latches the Keyblade onto a Beffudler's hook. Sora then spins through the air, hitting airborne enemies with the help of the captured Beffudler.

Camo Cannon

This is a simple variation on the Cannon Gun Heartless and is only found in the Cavern of Remembrance.
Reaction Command: None

Iron Hammer

This is a simple variation on the Hammer Frame Heartless and is only found in the Cavern of Remembrance.
Reaction Command: None

Lance Warrior

This is a simple variation on the Lance Soldier Heartless and is only found in the Cavern of Remembrance.
Reaction Command: Lance Tug - Sora grabs onto the lance of a Lance Warrior and flies around with the berserk lance, hitting multiple enemies.

Mad Ride

This is a simple variation on the Hot Rod Heartless and is only found in the Cavern of Remembrance.
Reaction Command: None

Magic Phantom

This is a simple variation on the Trick Ghost Heartless and is only found in the Cavern of Remembrance.
Reaction Command: None


This is a simple variation on the Shaman Heartless and only appears in the Cavern of Remembrance. It has the possibilty of dropping the Shaman's Relic+ staff for Donald.
Reaction Command: None


This is a simple variation on the Devastator Heartless and is only found in the Cavern of Remembrance.
Reaction Command: None

Rune Master

This is a simple variation on the Bookmaster Heartless and is only found in the Cavern of Remembrance. It has the possibility of dropping the Akashic Record+ shield for Goofy.
Reaction Command: None

Spring Metal

This is a simple variation on the Emerald Blues Heartless and is only found in the Cavern of Remembrance.
Reaction Command: None



The lowest form of our new enemies for this game.
Reaction Commmand: Reversal. Stuns the Dusk by swerving behind it real quick.


The lower form Nobody controlled by Axel.
Reaction Command: Fail Safe - Hard to pull off, in my opinion but then again I just probably suck at pulling it off. Sora/Roxas grabs the Assassin prior to the self destruct and slams it on the ground which causes it to explode and not harm Sora/Roxas. If Fail Safe is used then you still get the experience and drops whereas if the Assassin self destructs on its own then you don't.


Another lower form Nobody that is controlled by all of the Organization XIII members.
Reaction Command: None (Though it is affected by Reversal if it is in the vicinity when you do it to a Dusk.)


Lower form Nobodies that dual wield katannas (feel free to correct me if that isn't the correct sword type). These the Nobodies that Roxas controlled when he was in Organization XIII.
Reaction Command: Duel Stance - Select the "O (circle)" in the command list before time runs out and you will do massive damage to the Samurai.


This is another enemy themed after a classic Final Fantasy job class, much like the Samurai Nobody.
Reaction: 1. Berserk - Sora grabs a Berserker's weapon and floats above the ground as he holds it; his head shines with a red and black aura, indicating a berserk state. Nearby enemies are pulled in towards the weapon. 2. Magna Storm - Follows the Berserk Reaction Command. Sora executes a combo that starts on the ground and concludes in the air, hitting all enemies in range. This command is also used to neutralize Saïx's berserk state.


The Dancer is an annoying Nobody that can easily do massive damage with its "dance" attack where it grabs Sora and throws him around. This attack can cost up to 30% of your HP.
Reaction Command: None


These are higher level Nobodies under the command of Luxord. They are annoying because when fighting them Sora can be transformed and your options for fighting back become extremely limited.
Reaction Command: Stop Dice - Begins a game where player has to hit X at the right time. If the player fails, Sora is turned into a die by the Gambler.


The Sniper Nobody is easily the least difficult Nobody to defeat, as long as you are paying attention that is. It's reaction command, Warp Snipe, will either one shot the Sniper or at the very least do considerable damage to it.
Reaction Command: Warp Snipe - Sora warps in front of an arrowgun bullet and deflects it back at the shooter. Can be used multiple times in succession.


The Dragoon Nobody definitely lives up to its namesake. It will pretty much constantly do the "Jump" attack that you would be very familiar with if you have played Final Fantasy IV. Its reaction command is called "Learn" and it does the exact same thing here that you would expect it would if you have ever played with a Blue Mage in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. After using Learn your attack command changes to "Jump" and you can save up multiple Jumps if you feel the need to.
Reaction Command: Learn - Sora snatches an attack from a Dragoon, leaps into the air, and strikes the enemy from above. Learn can be executed up to nine times; it replaces the Attack command. Magic can still be used freely.


These are the lower form Nobodies under the direct control of Xemnas. Their attacks consist of psychically manipulating several transparent, pink cubes to bash Sora and company around.
Reaction Command: None

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KH2 Puzzles
These are the completed puzzles that come from the puzzle pieces you find hanging around the worlds in Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix.







The Many Mechanics of Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix HD
(Special thanks to Prythian for his continued hard work on these!)

Fire, Blizzard, and Valor Form
Mulan's Limit
Cure and Chicken Little
Beast and Auron's Limits
Thunder and Trinity Limit
Reflect, Donald's First Limit, and Wisdom Form
Jack Sparrow's Limit
Goofy's First Limit
Magnet, Limit and Master Form, Jack Skellington and Tron's Limits, Stitch and Peter Pan
Aladdin's Limit, Donald's Second Limit, Genie
Let's Get Physicals
Goofy's Second Limit, Simba's Limit, Lion Form
Riku's Limit and Final Form