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Sunflora's Oh My Gosh Diary
Entry 9: Back Home!
00 Month XX Day, Sunny

We just got back from our expedition now! Oh my gosh! Am I exhausted!

Ooh! This expedition left a big impression on me in every way! Especially the sight of Fogbound Lake... Oh my gosh, it moved me in ways I can't express! Oh! But if I write any more details, Uxie would be so upset. And that wouldn't be good! Eek!

This was the best of all the expeditions I've attended! Ooh, I hope I can go with everyone again sometime!


Bidoof's Yup Yup Journal
Entry 9: Awesome Expedition
00 Month XX Day, Sunny

We're back home! Back from our expedition at last! Yup yup! It was my first expedition. So, yup yup, I was scared something awful. But here I am, back home at the guild, yup yup.

The expedition sure was inspiring. We got to see pretty Fogbound Lake and other stuff! But what sticks most in my mind, by golly, was reaching base camp with Michael's team. Yup yup. It was the first expedition for all three of us. So it wasn't easy, no sirree. I ended up causing a lot of trouble for Team America, but... We helped each other the best we could, by golly. And we finally made it to base camp. I swear, that had to be one of the happiest times in my life, by golly.

Oof... If it wasn't for Team America, this expedition wouldn't have been quite so fun... I surely have to thank Michael and Babar!