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Hey, doesn't the mood feel a bit different from earlier?

Is something bad happening to Gensokyo...?


(It felt like the spell just got stronger, and the power of the moon even further away... What's happening to Sakuya and Patchy?)

Poor Meiling.

Remi, are you here?

Flan, I told you to stay in your room.

I'm scared...!


Hey, tell me what's going on. The moon just moved. At this rate, our full moon is gonna disappear to who knows where.

So even you can feel the spell getting stronger. But don't worry about it, Patchy is on the case.

No, you're lying!


You can tell when something bad is happening too, right? Unless someone does something, Meiling and Patchouli and the rest are never coming home...

Stop talking nonsense, how would you-


(No, she's right, I've been feeling this strange anxiety from the beginning... But I ignored it and chose to stay here.)

(Flan is so worried about everyone... I've been averting my eyes from believing in this new Flan.)



Flan, can I ask a favor of you? Keep an eye on the house while I'm out investigating.

No! Don't leave me alone here!

You're not alone, there are maids everywhere. Just a for a little while, I need you to protect the house for me.

...Liar. You're just saying that so you can leave me behind. You're gonna go away, and I'm gonna be alone again...

Trust me, Flan. I'll be right back, after I return the moon. Then we can go watch the real moon together, and not just through a window.

We'll watch the moon together...?

...You promise?

Yes, I promise.


Fine, I'll be waiting.

Remilia flies out into the night.

(It's a bit late, but I've finally made my decision... Wait for me, Patchy, Sakuya! I'm on my way!)