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Phew, I finally made it back to the mansion.

...But I'm sure they're right on my heels. I need to make my report ASAP.

Tewi pops up.

Whew, that was rough. I'm exhausted.

Ah, Tewi! Where have you been?

Where? Patrolling the forest. What about you, Reisen? Slacking off while your master's away?

Don't be ridiculous. I've been following the strategy she gav-

I see you're both unharmed.

Oh, Master, that's where you were.

Perfect timing. I've got something to repor- Whoa! What happened to your stomach?!

That Fujiwara girl showed up, so I chased her away. She put all her strength into gouging out my abdomen, so it was a bit troublesome.

What are you talking about?! We need to get you medical attention, now!

Eirin will be fine. She's got a difficult task ahead of her, after all.

...! You were here too, Princess?

A tough job, huh? Did something go wrong?

The Sealed Room spell suffered some damage, so I'm here to repair it.

Wait, you mean the spell that's hiding the real moon? Are we going to be okay...?

As insurance, we'll have the Princess use her own spell to put an end to this frozen night.

A cheap, imitation eternity like that is nothing.

That's our Princess. Then all we need to do is stall for time until morning arrives.

...More importantly, you said you had something to report?

Oh, yes! As we planned, I went to disrupt the humans' formation by attacking the shrine maiden... but at the last second, they pushed me back.

We found the moon rabbit on my end.


Excellent work. Where is she now?

We managed to grab her, but then some weird humans showed up and stole her back. Sounded like they were looking into the incident too.

They may have been part of the crew of that flying ship Udonge fought. If they got away, then they could be headed this wa-

A rabbit runs in.

Bad news! We're in trouble!

A flying ship showed up right in front of the mansion!

! Looks like they sniffed us out right away!

This was within expectations. That's why I had the front entrance fortified.

But it looks like they're coming from above!


The house suddenly shakes.


This shaking... Did they just crash into the roof?!

Well, this is interesting. We've had all sorts of guests here, but these are the first to come by ship.

Is this really the time for that?! What should we do, Master? At this rate, the mansion will-

We ignore it. The princess's spell of eternity is in effect inside the House of Eternity. It would be impossible to damage it with any sort of physical assault.

I see, so if we just find some place to bunker down, then-

Oh, but I wouldn't mind letting them through to meet me.

What are you talking about, Princess?!

We haven't had many intruders other than Mokou. It couldn't hurt to read them a poem or two. Eirin?

I'm sorry, but this isn't the time for that. We'll be their opponents, so please stay inside, Princess.

Ah, yet another unromantic evening of waiting in vain.

Just... try to sit still, okay?

This time we'll drive them off!

Everyone but Kaguya leaves.

...Heheheh, so I take it these are the ones who stopped the night? They've done well, but I doubt they'll break through Eirin's spell.

What a pity. I wanted to at least talk to them a little.