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Yeesh, we're finally back on track.

After being in that closed space, I'm not so sure about this plan.

...You mean charging straight in with the Palanquin Ship?

Even if we say we're ready, you can't help but be a little nervous.

The top dogs are in the middle of some serious meeting, and the Nitori and the others are below deck doing repairs.

And the rest of us are just killing time in this giant room.

C'mon, at least try to prepare yourself for this, mentally!

Anyway, Sakuya's going to be okay, right? Koakuma took her to the medical bay, but...

It seems Remilia gave that order just to be safe. Humans break easily, so you can't be too careful.

That last opponent was no joke either.

Patchouli and Remilia walk in.

...And this is the lounge, a place to, for example, drink tea while reading a book.

Oh, you even got them to put chairs out. Well done.

Clarste posted:

Traditional Japanese buildings use seat cushions instead of chairs, this is Remilia reminding us that she's foreign.

Oh, Remilia! How do you do?

Yuuka, hm? Sorry, I forgot to say hello earlier.

You're so mean. It's been so long since you last saw each other. I get that you were real mad about Sakuya getting bullied though...

Well of course. I don't care if she's a Lunarian, who did she think she was? Even Princess Kaguya was pulled out of a bamboo shoot, you know.

Heh, you're as amusing as always.

More importantly though, how's your sister been doing? I'd heard you were taking care of her because of her unstable moods.

That's right, I thought you said you were going to stay home with Lady Flan?

...Well, I decided to try believing in her.


She's MY sister after all. It'd be a scandal if she couldn't even look after the house.

...I'm sure she's worried though.

Even so, you chose to entrust that task to her.

Flan said that she's waiting for me to come back. That's why I have to keep my promise too. I'm definitely taking back the moon and heading home.

...I see. We'll keep you company then.

In comes Sakuya.

It's gotten late. I need to prepare the mistress' tea-

Sakuya, if you try to do kitchen work, you'll ruin your bandages.

Oh, looks like you survived your medical treatment.

Don't tell me you broke a bone or something?!

Don't make such a fuss, they're just scratches.

Well, thank goodness it wasn't that serious. I dashed over here because I though I'd made a terrible mistake, and sure enough...

I'm in your debt.

But mistress, that spellcaster was special. Not only was she unfazed by the time stopping, she was immortal.

Oh, she wasn't surprised by Sakuya's ability? The more I hear, the cheekier she gets.

But Sakuya didn't budge an inch either.

That's the least I can do to fulfill your orders. If I'd failed, there'd be no meaning in living on.

Is THAT why you're so reckless...?

Cue the intercom.

Attention ship, we have discovered the entrance to the inner space. We'll need to confirm our actions from here on out, so please report to the bridge.

...Oh dear, I suppose playtime is over.

We're approaching the final battle, so we may as well keep moving forward, for now.

Most of the crew leaves.

I'll guide you to the bridge, mistress.

Hold on, Sakuya. I need to talk to you.


I already said this, but you're not allowed to die without permission. If you fall, who will entertain me?

Most of Remilia's interpersonal problems come down to her just being a huge jerk.

When that happens, please make someone else your toy.

You don't get it. I'd never find anyone with a fate as checkered as yours. Any other human wouldn't even be a good way to kill time.

I'm honored to hear you say that.

...I've got an idea, would you like to try becoming immortal?

That way, we could be together forever.

Me...? Immortal?

Yeah, you'd be tough enough to do this stuff without breaking.

...Such generous words might go straight to my head. However, I am a mortal. I'm afraid I can't meet your expectations.

...I see, that's a shame.

Don't worry, I will stay with you for as long as I live.

Given eternal life, I'm sure you'd get bored of me eventually. Please, let me die as your toy.

...! Well, if you say so, Sakuya...