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Our route is all clear. We can continue our advance.

This reminds of when I marched on Kamigata.

Miss Ran, the room's spinning~.

I'm getting a bit of a headache too.

Lady Yukari, it seems the power of the moon is returning. In fact, it's far stronger than it is when viewed from the surface.

This is the true power possessed by the moon. In all likelihood, we've reached the interior of the Sealed Room spell.

So we're inside the inside of Eirin Yagokoro's hidden pocket dimension, huh? That means that both that princess of hers and the real moon are waiting for us.

So this dome will be the site of our final battle with the Lunarians?

...But apparently she really did hide the full moon in order to escape the moon.

And all that happened because YOU fled to Earth.

H-How was I supposed to know?! I didn't know Lady Yagokoro's circumstances. And because of that, she won't even hide me.

I'd call that getting your just deserts. We're suffering just as much as you, you know.

Resolving this incident comes first, so just keep quiet and behave yourself. We can take our time and think about what to do with you later.

Wah, what am I gonna do...?

I'm sure it's all going to work out, Rabbit.

Scarlet Team steps in.

...Hm, there's a bunch of people I don't recognize.

That one's a moon rabbit. She seems down for some reason, though.

With Remilia and Sakuya, we're all present now.

I had intended to hurry, but I suppose we were late.

We don't mind, I'm sure you had a few things you needed to do.

Speaking of things we need to do, we have to check our morale before charging in.

It goes without saying, but none of us are going to let our guards down, right?

Duh! We finally got all the way here.

In that closed space, the moon princess is waiting for us.

We'll catch the bad guys, and stop the incident.

No matter what happens, we can't let them have the moon.

Gensokyo is a place where an abundance of life resides.

...We're coming up on the final battle. Let's combine our strengths.

Yes, if Lady Kanako and Lady Suwako are with me, then-

Not just us, the whole party's here too.

Let's get going already! We need to pay them back for everything they've done.

Palanquin Ship, full speed ahead! Set our course through the center door!

We're settling this night incident, here and now!