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...Phew, we finally made it back to the mansion. Dragging your exhausted butt back here was real pain, Reisen.

It's not my fault! Not only did I use a spellcard, I got all beat up!

We may have lost, but I wonder how the Master's doing.

Well, let's fortify our defense. They should still be fighti-

The Palanquin Ship suddenly drops in.


That's the humans' ship! What's going on...?

The doors open, and out steps...!

Thank you for the lift. It been a long time since I rode a flying ship.

...Did we HAVE to take HER too?

When we said we were heading back, she climbed aboard like it was perfectly natural.

Princess! And the humans!

Oh, Inaba. You've gotten all covered with dirt since I last saw you.

Forget that, what are you doing up there?

What happened to the Master?! I thought you two were fighting the humans...

If you're talking about the doctor, we gave her a good thrashing before moving on to beat your princess here.

We haven't seen her since. Now where could she be hiding?

N-no way. This can't be true. How could you have beaten Master...?

(Th-this is bad, Reisen! We've gotta get ourselves out of here!)

(You're right. We'll find the Master then launch a counteratta-)



A foreseeing nyuudou?! So they've got someone like that on their side!

Now now, no need to make such a fuss. It's not like we're going to eat you.

I'm thirsty, so let's have some tea first.

Princess, how can you act so casually after you've lost? These people are trying to take back the moon we hid!

Unfortunately for you, we've gotten her to promise to restore the true moon.


You're going to give them back the moon?!

I suppose it's something like a prize, for fulfilling all of my impossible requests. I need to talk to Eirin, and have her release the spell.

No, you can't do that! If you did, then the lunar emissaries would come after that rabbit!

Oh, that's right, you said something about how she's the cause of all this. That being the case, she's right here, you know.

H-Hey, let go of me~!

Oh, so you're the moon Inaba that Eirin and the others were talking about.

I-Inaba...? But yeah, I'm a rabbit from the moon. I just didn't think this would be such a big deal!

Are you KIDDING me? How thoughtless can you be? We were only so desperate because you told us you were being chased!

Um, well, there may have been a misunderstandi-

What are you all doing there?

...! That voice!

Release the Princess. And those rabbits too.

I knew you'd be all right, Master!

Just how tough IS this lady...?

You may have forced me to retreat, but don't think this is over. As long as dawn breaks, then our plans will-

About that. I promised them I'd return the moon.


Yeah, Master~. She says it's a reward for clearing her requests.

Please say something to her, Master! At this rate, we'll-

Reconsider this, Kaguya. I've had about enough of your selfishness. If the emissaries come chasing after the rabbit, it could very well up end worse than merely being chased out of our nest this time.

But I already gave them my word. You'll just have to come up with another way to deal with the emissaries.

...Um, excuse me, there may be a little misunderstanding...

What? What do you have to say for yourself NOW?

The truth is... I have no idea if there's anyone chasing me or not!


It's hard to admit it, after all this happened, but I may have exaggerated a bit... I was panicked, so I thought that maybe if you felt sorry for me, then...

Wait, so when you said you had many pursuers...

You were just making that all up?!

But it's true that I only did that because I wanted you to help me~!

So why are we doing all this...?

...I give up.

Reisen keels over.

Hey, Reisen fainted!

I feel sorry for her. She was always especially desperate in battle.

But, this doesn't mean they're NOT chasing you, right? It's still possible.

...True, the moon maintains a unit for carrying out missions on the Earth. If they use this incident as an pretext to expand their operations, then-

Nah, I wouldn't worry about that. Ever since the change in leadership, no one's even talking about sending a punishment squad to Earth.

They aren't...?

Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever met a visitor from the moon!

There's no record of any such intruders coming to Gensokyo over the past thousand years.

Clarste posted:

Of course, apparently they missed Reisen and Rabbit, so why does this matter?

...I see. If that's true, then perhaps they've lost all interest in the Earth.

In any case, I doubt they care all that much about that rabbit.

Whatever, you lost so you don't get a veto anyway.

...Let's see, with this new information... Understood. I'll release the spell and return the moon.

All right! Case closed!

But under one condition. I demand that you hand over the rabbit. I need her close at hand, so I can ascertain what she was thinking when she fled to Earth.

Well, that's reasonable enough. We'll leave her in your care.

Want me to go grab her luggage real quick?

Hey, don't I get a say in this?

Give it up. I'll be giving you lots of attention as your elder rabbit.

More Inabas is always a wonderful thing.

Uwah, what am I gonna do from now on...?

I'll definitely come over to play some time, Rabbit...

...Tewi, grab Udonge and take her with us. I want to examine her once I've released the spell, just in case.

Eirin actually does care.

Yeah, yeah. You help out too, newbie.

Y-Yes ma'am...

Eirin, Tewi, and Rabbit leave, taking Reisen with them.

And there she goes... Rabbit's going to be okay, right?

Well, she's being taken care of, sort of. I wouldn't worry about it.

More importantly, with that, we've resolved the incident.

Yes, Gensokyo should get its moon back soon.

Thank goodness. It looks like we've both safely accomplished our goals.

This is a relief for me too, I'd hate to be locked up in that space each and every time there's a full moon.

It feels REALLY weird to have the mastermind celebrate this with us.

Well, at least you seem to be taking my advice. Mind if I get a few more words off my chest?

My, you're being awfully polite.

This is a good chance for you to release the spell of eternity and stop hiding yourself.

Release the what...?

...So you want her to remove the spell over the mansion that rejects change? But if she does that, then the people nearby will become aware of it, unlike before...

Naturally. What are you talking about? I only promised to return the moon. I'll continue to live as I have been, without-

You're just going to stay cooped up in this mansion, same as always?

I've learned from Keine and the rest of the group that even an immortal can share the experience of living, when they interact with others. If you just stay in a mansion like this though, that'll never happen to you.

You're so impatient, Mokou. I've all the time in the wor-

No, if you want to live in Gensokyo from here on out, isn't this a good opportunity?

Yeah. It sounds like you don't have to worry about anyone coming after you from the moon too.


I'm sure you can understand, right Kaguya? Didn't you used to live with people from the Earth?

...That's right, the people who first found me. They were poor, but compassionate humans. Come to think of it, I came to love the Earth while living with them...

I wonder, is the Earth even more stimulating now?

You're still living here, whether you're just watching or not. Why not get out there with the rest of us?

As long as you refrain from any further villainy, we won't refuse you. Of course, that's all up to you.

...I see...

Hey, I can see the sky getting brighter already. This calls for a dawn party!

Yeah~! We'll put on a Rising Sun concert to go with it!

Should we do it at the Hakurei Shrine, same as always?

...Sheesh, after all this I just wanted to go to bed. Fine, whatever. Just bring the sake, okay?