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Doesn't look like we're going to get much drinking done before dawn breaks...

It's fine, don't worry about it. We'll just have to get started now.

So, to celebrate getting back the full moon,

Once again, cheers!

Everybody toasts.

Man, drinking after a victory is just something else!

That's for sure. Should we open another bottle?

As always, the feeling of accomplishment doesn't sink in until you're celebrating with everyone else!

Yeah, we've got more sake here than I expected, so even I'm satisfi- Wait, is it really okay for Murasa to be doing this? I thought Buddhism forbids drinking.

...Yes, it does.

Ichirin and the Captain started drinking while they were sealed in the Underworld...

So, Prismrivers, we're counting on you for some pre-dawn accompaniment.

Yes! Yes! Another encore for the Prisms from me!

...Of course, we intended to keep blasting until sunrise.

And this time, we're throwing in a special last minute guest vocalist~!

The Earth! The Dawn!

Listen to my song~!

The crowd cheers.

...So adding music to an ordinary banquet makes it this much livelier, huh?

Yeah, because we have way more friends now!

I'm so glad you became part of our circle too, Hina.

You don't have to spell it out, Nitori. You're embarrassing me.

So, what made you try joining the investigation team this time, Hatate?

Let's see... Well, I guess the thrill of reporting live really is totally different. And if I can enter this article into next year's newspaper contes-

Aya tried that last year and lost the prize anyways.

Hey, Momiji! She didn't need to know that.

...Good grief. At this rate, I doubt we'll be able to wind things down even after dawn breaks.

Is this too noisy for you, Yuyuko? I know it's always quiet in the Netherworld.

Oh no, not at all. We often have the Prismrivers over. You should pay a visit next time. And bring those darling shikigami of yours.

Who am I to turn down a personal invitation from you, Yuyuko?

You're amazing, Miss Ran! You're still okay after seeing the full moon close up...

That was an exceptional amount of magical power, so why don't you lie down for a bit, Chen?

I'm more surprised that Marisa and the other humans aren't feeling the effects more.

Don't worry about me, I'm used to going crazy.

If I had to say, I think I'm getting more dizzy from worrying about whether the food will be ready in time.

It would've been done by now if Sakuya were here.

...Remi's group said that Flan would be worried, and went home early.

They seemed so excited about it that I think we can forgive a little absence.

If you need a maid, isn't there someone else here with the appropriate experience?

...Not this again. Mima, please don't bring that up.

Still, I must say. I never thought you'd voluntarily take a seat next to us.

...It's nothing special, I just thought I should thank you two for helping out. It was really reassuring to have you on our side.

...Hm, if you think you needed to thank us, then you're far too good natured for your own good. But this is the last time it'll happen. Think of it as a farewell gift.

The last time...?

I've seen what I wanted to see, and it's not my style to stay in one place for long.

Just stick with Marisa and her friends, and keep doing what you're doing.

I was hoping for something a little more encouraging...

I need to go take care of the flowers, so I'll be leaving too, once dawn breaks. It was lovely working with you. Give my regards to Remilia.

Okay, I'll see you later then...

Cut to elsewhere in the party.

*gobble* *gobble*

Mind your table manners, Rumia. At least use chopsticks.

What~?! But if I don't hurry it's all going to go away...

We're really hungry after all that thinking about homework.

Hm, homework...? Oh, that's right, I gave you those Summer Companio-

Keine, this is a party. Turn that frown upside down.

Yeah, if you make a face like that you'll ruin your beauty.

C'mon, why don't you calm down and have a drink?

Cheeky little brats. But maybe I'll let it slide, for today.

Anyway, good thing Gensokyo got its moon back. Looks like us bugs can get back to our normal lives.

Now that the tension's gone, I'm a bit sleepy...

After the grueling pace we kept, it's no wonder you're tired.

If I fall asleep, can you carry me to bed, Mokou?

Why me? Keine's in charge here, ask her.

No, why don't you give it a try? You never know, you might look handsome doing it.

People tell me I'm terrible at giving piggyback rides. Mokou, you can take care of this.

Wait, why am I the next option?

That reminds me, Mokou. When I write about this incident in the Gensokyo Chronicles, how much should I include?

Hm? What do you mean?

The masterminds this time around were Kaguya and Eirin, two opponents with eternal lives. If I include all the details, people might start looking at you with suspicion too.

Whatever. Glossing over the details won't change things for me. More importantly though, given enough time I can always just change MYSELF.

Huh, so that's another way to use an immortal body.

You seem a little different, Mokou.

Really? Wait, no, you might be right. I was thinking it might be nice if I could help Keine out and do whatever I can for the village, but...

I'm sure you'll fit in right away, Mokou. I'll do what I can too.

Let's walk together, one step at a time.

Yeah, I'm counting on you.