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Phew, we finally made it back to the mansion.

I wonder if Lady Flan watched the house properly.

Let's show our faces first, so she can stop worrying.


Mistress, aren't you going to go looking for Lady Flan?

Of course I am. She's the first person I'll visit.

But, I've been thinking about that Eirin lady.

You mean the doctor?

She really went overboard back there, but that's just because of how much she cares about her princess.

Yes, that's why she feared change and shut them both away out of sight. Just like you two used to be, Remi.

Only Eirin actually let Kaguya do whatever instead of locking her in a basement but you know, details.

...Yeah. But not anymore. I've decided that I'm going to try really facing Flan.

Lady Remilia, that's-

Flandre approaches.


Oh, you were there, Lady Flan?

...You're still up, huh? You must be getting sleepy. But I took back our full moon, just like I told you I would.

...Welcome back.


...Sakuya told me that that's what you're supposed to say when you're done watching the house.

Remi... You came home right away, just like you promised.

...Yeah, and it looks like you did a good job watching the house too. I suppose I'll have to fulfill my end of the promise.


Um, Flan?

Ah, it looks like she fell asleep while standing! I'll carry her to bed.

R-Right! We're counting on you!

Meiling rushes Flandre to bed.

...Not only did she stay indoors, but she even waited for you like that. Isn't this a good thing?

Yes, I know.

But what was that promise you mentioned, Mistress?

I made two promises. First, to take back the moon and come home right away. And second, that I'd show her the real moon once the incident was over.

Huh?! You mean you'll...!

I'm sure I'll get my chance next full moon. I hope I can pull this off though...