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...The way the night sky turns gray really is a beautiful thing. I can understand the way the old poets must have felt about it.

...So this is where you were, Kaguya.

That took you longer than I expected, Eirin.

Yes, I had to release the Sealed Room spell, then give Udonge an examination. That other rabbit left her rather shaken up, but I haven't found any abnormalities in her brainwaves.

Sheesh, you always make such a big deal out of everything, Eirin. Inaba was just a little shocked.

A little stimulation would probably do Inaba some good anyway.

How can you be so cavalier about this?

But doesn't she seem different from how she was when she was running away back then?

...You know, Eirin. The Earth really is a nice place.

The... Earth?

That fight made me realize that in my thousand years holed up in this mansion, I lost sight of things. Hiding here has made me forget what it means to live on the Earth.

Life outside of the mansion is irrelevant to fugitives such as ourselves.

But Inaba said that there was no sign that pursuers would come.

Eirin, I think I want to release the spell of eternity from the mansion.

...! What are you saying?!

Naturally, once I release it, history will begin to move, and we'll be engulfed in impurity. But it seems that if I don't expose myself to that, I'll never understand the true nature of the Earth.

What do you mean by true nature...?

Whatever it is that you can only understand by standing on the same soil, and becoming a part of a place. By knowing that, and accepting change, I think we can live alongside the people of Earth.

...Princess, don't tell me you've been influenced by the Earthlings? How could we proud Lunarians expose ourselves to such impurity...?

But Eirin, haven't we been sinners ever since we drank the Hourai Elixir?


...We're Former Lunarians. I think that as long as we're stuck on that, we'll belong to neither the Earth nor the Moon.

I want to live as an Earthling and enjoy myself to my heart's content.

The House of Eternity... was supposed to be where we belonged. Princess, are you trying to say that setting up the spell of eternity was a mistake?

A mistake...?

Indeed. I've always considered it a necessary measure for us remain on the Earth without getting caught. But now-

No, far from it. The boredom we shared was fine and dandy, really. For us, the eternal, there's no need to reject anything.

Everything is equally fun, and equally a waste of time.


Ah, I'm sure the Earth is even more full of impurity than it was back then. If we start our journey here, we can add some color to our eternity.


(Personally, I don't see the appeal of the Earth or its people. But if that's what Kaguya wants...)

In come the rabbits.

...Princess, are you busy?

We thought you might be hungry, so we made some dumplings.

Oh, Inabas. How thoughtful of you. Good timing, too. Could you come over here?

Good timing for what, Princess...?

Look, the clouds to the east are getting brighter.

That's what will illuminate our lives from now on. Earth's dawn.