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...Good morning.

Morning, Murasa. You're up late.

It's been so peaceful lately, it's hard to feel motivated.

Maybe you have low blood pressure then?

We're here too, so try to show some discipline.

Oh, Nitori and Akyu? What brings you here today?

Shou and the others asked us to inspect the ship.

Akyu's tagging along to assist with the adjustments.

Oh yeah, we WERE kind of rough with it during the incident.

Perfect timing though. We're on break so why don't we prepare lunch? Shou and Unzan are out hunting for birds.

Speaking of Shou...

Right this way, everyone's over here.

Sorry about that, I was looking for the entrance.

Oh, speak of the devil, it's Shou. And... that rabbit from before?!

Don't tell me this is our lunch...?

...? She has business with us, so I brought her here.

You were Tewi, correct? So you say you have business here?

"Yeah. I'm on a little errand for the Princess today. First... here, take this flier.

A flier? What's this "All Creations of the Lunar Capital" thing?

They've gathered Lunar goods for an exhibition at the House of Eternity.

The Princess proposed it. Says she wants to deepen our cultural exchange with the people of Earth. We just lifted the spell of eternity, so we don't really know anyone else yet.

I see, so you're using this exhibition to raise awareness. It's pretty bold of you turn yourselves into a spectacle like that though.

Well, she hasn't said anything but I bet the Master is pretty iffy about the whole thing. Reisen and the other moon bunny have been complaining nonstop though.

...I kind of pity them. I guess they can't go against the princess.

I don't know much about the moon though, so I'm interested. What kinds of things are you putting on display, anyway?

Let's see... I guess the flying oxcart would be the main attraction. Other than that, there's going to be some old historical documents and some obsolete lunar weaponry.



The exhibition starts sometime next week, and will last for a few days. Tell your friends, and bring as many people as you can.

Understood, we'll definitely spread the word.

Thanks, we'll be counting on you.

Tewi leaves.

Wow, those people sure come up with some interesting ideas.

Truly. How long has it been since cultural exchanges between the Earth and the Moon ceased...?

I absolutely need to attend and learn as much as I can!

I'll tell all my kappa buddies too!

Hold your horses, you two. You still haven't finished the inspection.

Hey, we might as well ferry people there on the Palanquin Ship. It really is better suited for peacetime use, after all.

Yes, I agree.


Scarlet Devil Mansion

"All Creations of the Lunar Capital Exhibit"?

Yes, there was a flier stuck in the newspaper.

I saw it too. It seems as though they're displaying Lunar goods at the House of Eternity.

From their perspective, I'm sure they're trying to improve relations with the Earth.

Hmm, so they're not shutting themselves up in the mansion anymore.

Looks like the main event is happening in the evening, so you could attend too, Mistress. It seems the date is set such that the full moon is right in the middle, too.

Hmm, the full moon...


(Normally she'd immediately proclaim that we're attending... but the Mistress looks troubled.)

(She's been looking forward to taking Flan out on the next night of the full moon. But since Flan hasn't said a word about it, she's been having trouble finding the right timing to bring it up.)

(They haven't talked about it...?)

(Now that you mention it, Lady Flan has stopped saying that she wants to go outside. I suppose that's just how much faith she's putting in the Mistress's promise.)

Flandre and Meiling run in.

C'mon, Meling! We're haven't played enough yet!

L-Lady Flan, I really need a little break...

Oh, Meiling. Looks like another fun day for you. I'm sure you're glad that you don't have to stand outside in the rain.

No, this is way more exhausting than guard duty...

So what have you two been up to today?

We were playing a game of Bat Busters, but Meiling got tired right away. She's so lazy.

But anyway, what's that you're all looking at?

This? It's a flier for an event they're holding outside.

It seems the aliens we exterminated the other day are holding a Lunar exhibition.

Hmm, there's all sorts of stuff out there, huh?

Could you be interested in the moon too, Flan?

Now that you mention it, I don't really know much at all about it. Does our library have any books about it?

Yes, enough that you'd eventually get bored of reading them.



What? If it's about the books I borrowed last time, I put them bac-

If you like, we could take you with us.


...The next full moon is going to happen in the middle of the exhibition. So that night, let's all go together.

What? Go outside...? R-Really? I can really go outside...?

...Yeah, didn't I promise you?

Yay! I can finally go outside!

Isn't this great, Lady Flan? It's your first trip outside!

Uh huh! Actually, I really wanted to go see that exhibition!

...But what do I do? I don't have any nice clothes.

If you're going outside to play, it's best to wear what you always do.

Why don't we head to your room and get ready for your night out?

Uh huh, okay!

Exit Flandre and Meiling.

...Good grief, how can she be so cheerful when I'm over here worrying my head off?

No, isn't this wonderful? Lady Flan was so happy.

I see you've finally changed your mind about letting Flan go outside, Remi.

I just don't want to break my promise to her. If we're going to move forward, I'm sure now's the time...