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All right people~, the end of the line is over here~.

Stay in two lines, and no pushing! Come on, hop to it!

Wow~, I'd heard about it, but this is one huge crowd.

Dai, hold my hand so we don't get separated.

Okay, Cirno!

Cut to the protagonists.

I thought there'd be nothing but dull exhibits here, but they've even got food carts and stuff. For now, I'm gonna go get some fried corn with syrup and-

Hey, it looks like Mystia's set up shop here too. Let's get some grilled lamprey.

Actually, it looks like most of the people know are here. Even the mountain youkai came to see it. The only people I haven't seen yet are-

Yukari, Ran, and Suika, right? Other than them, Lady Kanako and Lady Suwako also said they had things to do, and stayed behind.

What could those two be up to...?

Now that you mention it, I haven't seen them. I figured they'd love festivals though.

Eh, it'd be a pain to have them around constantly.

Looks like the Netherworld crew aren't here today eith-

Oh, but I'm right behind you.

Woah! I think that shaved a year off my life.

Oh, hey Yuyuko. The way you popped up there, it's like you were haunting us.

How rude. You talk like I'm some kind of ghost or something.

But I have more pressing concerns. I spaced out for a moment and got separated from Youmu. You wouldn't happen to have seen her?

What...? Neither of you are children, you know.

Knowing Youmu, I'm sure that she'll find you soon.

I certainly hope so, but that child gets lost so easily~.

I'm pretty sure you're the one who's getting lost...

More familiar faces approach.

If you're lost, there's a map of the grounds up ahead.

I'm sure that if you tell the head office, they'll make a lost child announcement too.

Oh, it's you two. And Akyu!

Yes, I had Keine and Mokou bring me along.

Akyu's no surprise, but I never expected you to be here, Mokou. I could swear you didn't get along with the moon crew...

You got that right. If Keine hadn't asked me to help guide humans from the village, then-

What are you saying? Weren't you the one who asked me if you could help with the village?

Shou's group has been helping out with the Palanquin Ship too, and the people are delighted.

Good work then. I'm sure everyone appreciates it.

...Well, yeah. Being thanked isn't such a bad feeli-

Yes, I have to hand it to you.

Gah, Kaguya.

Thanks to you, this is even livelier than I anticipated.

We weren't planning on asking for help from Earthlings, though.

And here's the aliens. I wasn't expecting you ladies to actually fit in.

For all that time you spent holed up, you sure know how people have fun here on Earth.

Watch your tongue, you stand before the Princ-

I don't mind. There's no need for formality.

But thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity. I never imagined that the people of the Moon and the people of Earth would be brushing shoulders like this.

Well, now that I've lifted the spell of eternity, I wanted to try something new. Today, the Inaba of the Moon is putting on a full-blown mochi pounding show.

I see you're getting your money's worth out of her!

But wouldn't it have been more prudent to keep your especially valuable artifacts under lock and key?

Well, that was certainly an option, but-

If we just left them in storage, it would be no different from when they were changeless. We're exposing everything inside the House of Eternity to Earth's atmosphere. That's what this exhibition is all about.

Says the person who's been a shut-in for the last thousand years... Proudly, even.

But the exhibits here are really quite fascinating. How about we turn this into an impromptu social studies field trip, Reimu? Marisa?

What?! But I was going to take a tour of the food carts...

Oh, come on. Try learning something other than danmaku for once in your life.

...Fine, but once we're done I'm making a beeline for the food.

Reimu, Sanae, Marisa, and Alice leave.

Well, I think I'll take another walk around as quickly as I can.

Surely that would just bore you. Why not relax here with me? I wouldn't mind talking about the history of the moon. The parts you won't see in the exhibits.

What? History?!

And firsthand from Kaguya?!

Don't let her tempt you, you two. She just wants someone to talk to.

But now that the opportunity presents itself, I wouldn't mind hearing more about the moon~. And what about you? Would you be willing to tell us anything?

Are you referring to me? I'll pass. You're probably just keeping an eye on me for that suspicious woman, or something of the sort.

Suspicious...? Oh, if you mean Yukari, I haven't seen her around in a while. Maybe she's so tired from all that investigating, she's sleeping in?

Sleeping in? That's hard to imagine, from the sage of Earth.

Well, it doesn't really matter, does it? Why don't I begin the story?

A long time ago, back when someone named Tsukuyomi alighted upon the Earth...

Oh, great. Looks like we're gonna be here forever.

Music: Secret Mission!

Come one, come all~! Watch the rarely-seen Moon Rabbits Pounding Mochi~! It's got that authentic moon flavor~! They'll be pounding any moment now!~

H-Hey, hold on! Give us a little time to rest!

I came all the way to Earth, so why am I still pounding mochi...?

Stop complaining. Didn't you say you were going to give these out to everyone attending?

We only provided our freshly harvested rice to you because we admired that generous spirit!

It's not like we asked you to... and wouldn't that make it Earth mochi?!

Our missing half-ghost makes her appearance.

...Phew, we finally made it to the front of the line.

Oh, so there really are moon rabbits pounding mochi.

Woah, it's just one familiar face after another.

My sisters said they wanted to come to the festival, so I tagged along. I thought it might be dangerous for just the two of them, you se-

Yeesh, just admit that you wanted to come too.

That reminds me, that white fairy isn't with you?

If you're talking about Lily, she went back to the mountain after the incident. She's supposed to be a fairy of spring, so it's probably tough for her to come out.

Oh, really? Sounds like she's pretty sickly.

How about you, Reisen? Are you feeling well? You fainted so dramatically once the incident ended.

H-Hey! Don't remind me, that was embarrassing.

...Anyway, you want the mochi, right? We'll get started on pounding, so just wait there.

Oh, yes. Lady Yuyuko was looking forward to this too.

Well, that's how it is, ladies. C'mon, give the customers what they want!

Why does it even matter who pounds this stuff...!?

Back to the main characters.

...Whew, we're finally done going through all the displays.

That was fascinating! It all felt very academic.

Not only that, it seems their technological level can't even be compared to Gensokyo's.


What's up, Shiro? You've been restless for a while now. Wait, maybe you want some of that mochi?

Or maybe it's interested in the Lunar civilization?


You're here too, Yuuka?

Indeed. Elly and Kurumi begged me to take them. I gave them some pocket money, so they must be scooping goldfish somewhere around there by now.

Aloof as ever, I see.

So anyway, you think Shiro might be into all the moon stuff?

It seems to be an unusual fuzzball, so I just thought it might have a bit of intelligence to it. Hasn't it been showing you humans some odd dreams?


Wait, did we ever tell you about that?

We discussed it during the night incident. While Shiro was on the Palanquin Ship, I saw a strange dream too...

You too, Sanae?

Yeah, I hear some weird person showed and helped out the investigation.

Which means Shiro's definitely the one showing us the dreams. You know anything, Yuuka?

Who can say? Why don't you ask the person in the dream instead?

I see you have no interest in discussing this seriously, as always.

Hah, if you understand, then stop asking and enjoy the exhibition like a good girl. In fact, there's another rare sight here that isn't part of the exhibits.

What are you talking about?

I hear Remilia brought Flandre to the exhibition.

Wait, Flan left the house...?!