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Meiling, Sakuya, over here!

Lady Flan, if you run so much you might trip.

But this is the first time I've been outside! Or to an exhibition!

So what's that big cow pulling the wagon over there?

That's an oxcart, it's a tool for carrying people.

Then, what about those rabbits eating grass over there?

Ah ha ha, those are just ordinary wild rabbits. They live in the area. Outside the mansion, animals like that just roam freely.

Ooh, I never read about that in any of my books.


I suppose you're worried after all.

You bet I am. You know all about Flan's ability too, Patchy. What if, by some mistake, Flan gets too excited, and-

Well, I can understand why you're nervous. This is the first time we've done this.

There are a lot of human villagers here too.

I'm still surprised that you're really letting Flandre outside. I'd heard that she was originally locked up because of her mental instability...

If you're letting her out in public, does that mean she's settled down?

She's been behaving herself in the mansion for all this time. That's why we're experimenting with all of us chaperoning her together tonight.

Letting her get used to it a little at a time is the right choice. It'll be good for your nerves too.

Flandre runs back from further ahead.

Oh, you aren't going to play with us, Remi? Patchouli?

...I'll take a look around later, you can play with Sakuya and Meiling.

Hmm, you looked bored, Remi, so I'm gonna give you this.

...? Is this cotton candy?

Looks yummy, doesn't it? Meiling bought it for me. There's so much though, so I'm splitting it with everyone.

Festival food comes in bigger servings than I expected.

And they even threw in a map of what the Earth looks like from the moon.

A map...?

Yeah, now that I've got this, I can go anywhere I want.

Like, to Marisa's house, or the shrine... I could even go by myself!

...! By yourself...?!

Yeah, now that you're finally letting me go outside. I wonder if tomorrow will be okay? And what should I do after I get ther-

No, you're not going anywhere by yourself.


You can't just decide on your own that you're going to go play by yourself. We have to properly decide on a date, and make preparations to chaperone you.

...But why? Didn't you let me go outside today? But you still keep telling me no...

N-Now now, can't we can talk about this later? We should be enjoying the festival while we're here...

I understand your feelings, Flan, but today was just special. I'm still considering what comes next.

...And just when is "next"?

Later. I'll think about it once we get home.


Don't feel bad, Lady Flan...

Yes, I'm sure your next chance will come soon.

...No, I get it already. Remi never really wanted to let me go outside.


Lady Flan, why would you think that...?!

But I'm right, aren't I?! You're always telling me no! I bet you really just think I'm in the way!

N-No! I just-

Just stop. I don't wanna listen to your excuses...

I'll just go out on my own, like this!