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...Whew, that was serious.

Seriously, I can't believe we had to fight Flandre again...

I'm glad it turned out well though. Remilia and Flandre were able make up, and no one got hurt.

I feel like we just got dragged into a sibling quarrel.

So I guess we pooled our strengths and helped mediate their argument?

It sounds kinda heartwarming when you put it like that.

Looks like even the people fighting are getting along now.

We're ba- Ow ow ow.

Are you okay, Remi? It hurts, right?

Don't worry about it. I'm the queen of the night, you know. I have my pride.

Great work, Remilia. You were awesome back there.

You made me work when there isn't even an incident. You'd better appreciate it.

I'm really in your debt for this, all of you.

I heard no one got hurt, but is it really all right?

We double-checked: no casualties. Pretty much all that happened was some pots getting smashed.

Yuuka and Yuyuko worked with the House of Eternity people to protect everyone.

Well that's a relief.

I'm glad myself. I'd hate to have to write such a grim article. If there HAD been any victims, I couldn't exactly write about how you two made up.

Thank you very much for your consideration, Lady Yuuka.

I just happened to be on the scene. If you want to thank someone, thank everyone else.

Anyway Remilia, do you have anything to say to Flandre now that she's calmed down?

Yeah, let's see...


...Flan, I'm sorry for never listening to you earlier. When I told you I didn't want you to go out and play, it wasn't because I was trying to lock you up. I was just worried about you suddenly going off on your own.

Uh huh...

...Plus, they have all these annoying rules outside the mansion. So I wanted to accompany you at first, so you can learn them little by little.

Ah... That explains it.

I'll have Meiling and the others teach me for next time.

Okay, as long as you understand.


You seem surprised at how obedient she is.

A-A little. Don't laugh at me, Patchy.

Oh yes, Mistress, why don't you give Flan her present?

Oh, right. I completely forgot about it during the confusion. Hand it over, Sakuya.

Right, here you are.

...Is this a parasol?!

It was a special order from the curiosity shop in the forest, made to match Lady Remilia's.

We kept it a secret from you, but we prepared it in advance. This will let you go outdoors even in the most inclement sunny weather.

So you were planning to let me go out and play from the very beginning...

Didn't I tell you? I was just worried about you going out by yourself.

Of course, we still need to decide the dates in advanc-


Flandre hugs Remilia.

Wait, Flan?!

So you really, really meant it when you said I was precious to you!

I'll wait. Because we're going to go out again!

I-If you get it, then let go of me. I think I broke a rib...

...Should we head home then? You can send us the bill for any broken items later.

I told you not to worry about it. More importantly, please come over again some time.

The SDM crew leaves.

There they go... Seeing those two sisters walking side by side is quite a touching scene.

But Princess, is it really okay not to ask them for repayment? Some of those vases were pretty expensive...

I was already prepared for that when we were planning this exhibition. Anything with form will someday break. That's just proof that we've abandoned eternity.

...Good grief. You find every last little thing about the Earth so endlessly fascinating.

You know, if we're gonna live here we at least need some money.

Regardless, with only this level of damage, the exhibition can continue tomorrow. Allow me to thank you for lending your aid in defending our mansion.

Oh, that? Don't mention it. You're the ones throwing the nice festival and all. Besides, I feel a little better now that I've seen your feelings for myself.

Our feelings...?

That's right, everyone the House of Eternity was trying to protect the people in the exhibition hall. Through your attitude and your actions, we can tell how friendly you are.

...I hate to disappoint you, but I didn't take action for the Earthlings' sake. I merely wanted to protect Kaguya's wishes.

I think that's lovely in its own way. It shows that you can put forth an effort to change for someone else's benefit.

You believe that?

That's right, it's the same thing Remilia did.

In the past, Remilia loved Flandre so much that she locked her in a basement. But afterward, they made steps forward and chose a different path together.

This is kind of a crude way to look at it, but doesn't it just make you want to root for 'em?


But if they've really made up, then I guess Flan can finally say goodbye to the basement.

Yes, I'm sure she won't be left alone ever again.

In the end, Remilia had to be the one to bring her out of tha- Hey, wait a minute.

What's wrong, Marisa?

It's just, Flan said something like that the first time we fought.

In some famous nursery rhyme, the characters die one by one. And then Flan told us how the last person ended up.

How did it end...?

...She got married, and then there were none...

This line is already in english.

Music: Flanhelp Op.1-496 - Segment IV


And Then, There Were None