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Tag! You're It now, Luna.

H-Hey! No fair, why are you only going after me?! There's no way I could ever catch someone like Wriggle or Chen...

Who cares, a game's a game.

Maybe we should play kick the can or hide and seek instead?

I'm tired of all these normal games though~.

...*sigh*, The weather's gotten chilly, but they're still as energetic as ever.

Aren't children supposed to be like that? I'd be more worried if they weren't.

How about we follow their lead and go do something? It's the height of autumn, so let's go watch the leaves on Youkai Mountain.

That sounds nice. I could show you a nice spot, too.

You know, we'd never have been able to all meet like this last fall.

Did I ever leave the Netherworld back then?

Now that you mention it, it must've been a while since you've had the chance to relax like this, Youmu.

Yes, I don't normally get many opportunities to in the Netherworld. I had to go shopping in the village today, so I stopped by to pay a visit.

In that case, how about we go see some of the others later? The people at the House of Eternity must be pretty bored now that the exhibition's over.

Good idea. I don't have any plans for this afternoon.

By the way, how have Remilia and Flandre been doing since then?

I caught a glimpse of them taking a walk together, near the mansion. It looks like Remilia kept her promise to take her outside.

Before you know it, they'll be coming to the shrine and pestering you for tea.

Come on, it's broad dayligh-

Vampires these days are active during the daylight too, you know.

It's a bit old-fashioned for them to only wake up at night.

Ugh, that'll teach us to speak of the devil.

Isn't that...?

Oh, it's not just Marisa and her friends, the fairies are here too.

Ooh, Flandre?!

Are you okay going out in the middle of the day, Flan?

Uh-huh, they said I can go out in the day since I'm getting used to it. I bet you're jealous of our matching parasols.

Don't play around too much, Lady Flan. You might get hit by sunlight.

Even a little stumble would make Remi worry.

It seems Remilia and Flandre have been getting along since then.

Indeed. Lately they've been doing everything together. Seeing them sleep together in the matching clothes... It's all very, VERY adorable.

You really didn't need to emphasize it that much.

So, what brings you here today? It better not be a party at my place.

I did consider that, but that's not why we're here.

How would you people like to visit the moon?

Huh? The moon...?!

The moon we just got back~?

Correct. Telling Flan about the incident piqued her curiosity. Remi's thoroughly transfixed by the idea herself, so we're looking for a method of traveling to the moon.

A trip to the moon? You keep coming up with these crazy ideas.

You know what they say: smoke and something love high places.

She's talking about hot air.

Oh, shut up. If the Lunarians can come and go from the moon, then I can too.

But if we can really go, that sounds super fun! We could pick up moon rocks, or prank the bunnies doing their mochi pounding, or all sorts of things!

Pranks have gotten so passée lately. We could really mix it up with this!

Yeah, exactly! You girls get it! More than Reimu anyway. If you help out our investigation, I don't mind taking you along.

Really? Awesome!

If that's all, we gotta go get ready!

H-Hold on here! Is it really that easy to get to the moon? Even in the outside world, you'd need the latest technology and facilitie-

Clarste posted:

Not true, Sanae. The 60's were a long time ago, tech-wise.

Naturally, I've calculated what we'll need from various reference books. First a rocket engine, and that'll need liquid fuel.

And what was after that...? Armstrong?

Yes, strong arms. I'm sure we can find some of those lying around.

...I'm not sure how serious you're being right now.

Sounds interesting, but I think we'd need a bit more information.

It's kinda crazy, but isn't going to the moon like something out of a dream? This could be fun. I'm in.

Really, Marisa?!

This goes without saying, but we'll help out too!

So first we just have to find all that amazing stuff?

I should be able to gather information with my bugs!

Then I'll go ask the cats!

...Hm, they don't seem very reliable, but we can fit a few more people.

Alright then. Flan and I will design the interior of the vessel, and we'll leave the investigation to you.

It's your idea, and you're not even helping out?

It's midday, so the Mistresses shouldn't push themselves.

In exchange, you can rely on our resident intellectual.

Now that we have so many people, why don't we divide the labor and start investigating?

Sounds good. We'll head over to Kourin's and look for outside world books or something. Since you're already outside, why don't you come with us, Patchouli?

Understood. Then could you please take your group to Akyu's house, Reimu?

Reimu, we may have been dragged into this but-

Okay, okay. Sheesh, not like I have a choice.

I have to take back my stuff, but I'll look into it once I get back to the Netherworld.

Very well then, let's regroup at the base of Youkai Mountain right after noon.