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Phew, I never knew a whole morning could go by so fast when you're working hard!

So did any of you find anything?

Yeah, I picked up some rocks that look kinda like the moon. Does that help?

My friends told me that no bug has ever flown to the moon.

What were we looking for again~♪?

Good grief, you're all as aimless as usual.

Sorry for making you come here for this, Nazrin...

I don't mind. We should make some progress once we know exactly what we're looking for.

Reimu and the others should be here soon, so if we just wait for them-

Another group walks over.

Hello there!

Wow, you've got the Buddhists in on this? Smart move.

It's Marisa and everyone from the Scarlet Devil Mansion. And over there is...

Reimu's group shows up too.

Oh, looks like we got here at the same time, Marisa.

I see, so this is the group that wants to visit the moon?

Ooh, everyone's showing up at once. Other than Youmu anywa- Wait, you're helping us too, Keine?!

I've had my doubts about this ever since they first told me, but none of you would listen to me anyway. And in that case, I can't very well leave you alone. Keeping an eye on you girls is the duty of an adult.

How like you. Well, I was thinking the same thing.

So anyway, we didn't find much on our end, but how did it go for everyone else?

Well, the Human Village didn't know much about it.

We could visit my place if you like, but we don't have any technical books like that.

What about Marisa's group, then?

Yeah, we went to Kourin's and got a pretty big haul there. We borrowed some outside world books, a model rocket and some space food.

Oh~, now we're getting closer.

In particular, the books contained an important hint. It seems we need to find a three-staged cylinder.

A what?

Apparently, the outside world calls it a three-staged rocket. In order to reach the moon, we need the propulsion of a three-staged tube.

I'm pretty sure the propulsion comes from the engine though...

Nah. It may be a rocket, but if WE'RE building it then it's a Gensokyo rocket. So we can supplement the propulsion with the power of fantasy.

I see, so that way of thinking works too.

That said, we've got no idea what kinda force this tube is supposed to have. Though if we're in a hurry, we could always just ask the folks at the House of Eternity.

But would it really be appropriate to consult with them about the moon? They're on the run from the moon, so I'm sure they'd be against this.

Well, it's not like we have anything to lose if they say no, right? Do we have any other clues?

That's true too. We might as well try.


House of Eternity

...I see, so you're asking to borrow our wisdom.

Yes. Although whether we can implement it or not depends on what you say.

Even if you ask, we can't tell you how to get to the moon.

If you provoke the Lunarians, their emissaries might really come next time.

Huh. I guess that makes sense.

But couldn't we just make a quick visit and head right back home? If we don't stick around, wouldn't they just let it go?

You don't know that!

We wouldn't be able to help you anyway. My Lunar Veil broke when I landed on Earth.

Your Lunar Veil?

Yes, it's a tool used to travel between the Earth and the Moon. Hers got torn when she arrived, and now it couldn't lift up even a single person.

Then why not let us have a look at it, for reference?

N-No way! You might actually fix it!


Regardless, we can understand your objections to this trip. However, since this is the Mistress's wish, we won't give up that easily.

Considering your situation, I suppose this was inevitable.

Well that's that. I hate to cut and run, but we'll be going now.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

The player characters leave.

...The humans looked so let down. Couldn't we have been nicer to them?

We don't have a choice. If the emissaries learned of our existence, it wouldn't end well.

Yes, it's unfortunate but our only option is to make them give up on this. We can't afford even the slightest chance of them discovering our whereabouts.

Right, even if Lady Watatsuki has never sent a punishment squad, that doesn't mean she won't...

Right, even if Lady Watatsuki-


Are you saying that the current leader of the emissaries is a Watatsuki...?!

Ah, yeah. Both Lady Toyohime and Lady Yorihime are in charge. They were appointed relatively recently though...

Whoa. The Watatsukis are the leaders of the emissaries now?

This possibility never even crossed my mind.

Hm? So I guess you know them then?

...Indeed. Both Toyohime and Yorihime were my students when I lived on the Moon. Before I left, I'd had my eye on them as candidates to be my successors.

Whaaat?! That's the first us rabbits have heard about this!

No kidding. When I was there, all I heard was ugly gossip.

Of course they wouldn't go public with their connection to a major criminal.

I see, so that's why...

But, it really is surprising that those two grew up to be leaders. After what happened to me, that couldn't have been an easy path.

...I still don't know all the details, but I think I get it now. Maybe that's why they've been intentionally not sending any punishment squads.

You think it's intentional?

Yeah. Lady Yagokoro's their teacher, right? In that case, I'm sure they're protecting her.

Impossible, why would they...


...Um, Lady Yagokoro?

...I'll need to take some time to rethink matters. I'd like to be alone, so go keep an eye on the humans.

Huh? You want to be alone?

I'll explain later, so please follow my instructions.

U-Understood! I'll begin tailing and monitoring them.

Wait, don't leave me behind!

The rabbits leave.


(If my current guess is correct, then the lack of emissaries is a favor from the Watatsuki sisters. After all, with their powers, they'd certainly be able to find us whenever they wanted...)

(...It might even be possible to communicate with them. As for the method of contact...)