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Huh. I guess we should've known that the House of Eternity people would say no.

It's perfectly reasonable of them to not want us to interfere with the moon.

Going back like this would be kinda annoying, so let's go look for the rocket's propulsion.

...The power of a three staged-tube, right? That's what Patchouli said.

I don't think we'll ever understand that, so let's just wait for Youmu to get bac- Huh?

Reisen and Rabbit caught up.

Why are you people still here?

No matter what you try, you'll never get to the moon with Earth technology.

Oh, it's you two, huh? What, did you come here to laugh at us?

No, we're just here to observe you. The Master wanted to think about something too.

What would she be thinking about after we already left?

Hmm, I'm not sure, but she told us to give her some time alone.

Well, it's best to stay away from her in times like these. You don't even want to know what'll happen to you if you interrupt her.

I see. Well, if you say so then we don't mind, but-

Nazrin's pendulumns go off.


What's wrong, Nazrin?

Ah, well, I'm picking up something rare. Not sure what it is, though.

The readings are bouncing all over the place though, so I can't quite pin down its location...

You think whatever's bouncing around might be what we're looking for?

...I'm picking up some wavelengths too, but it seems to be about the size of some kind of animal. It feels different from any of the youkai around there though.

A rare animal, strange wavelengths... You've piqued my curisoity.

Yeah, let's go check it out!


Hey, you stopped the game. Good work today.

While you rest, why not eat some of the cucumbers I harveste-

Wait, before that, let me say something!

Ugh, it's that winter-like fairy!

Yeah, well you're... Um...

What is it, Cirno? Don't tell me you've forgotten my name?

Don't worry, I know everything. Your name is... Eets Potatoh!

What am I, a Gundam character?!