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...I see, so you haven't seen Orin or Okuu either.

It's rare for those two to miss teatime...


...Right, you haven't seen hide nor hair of Koishi either.

Sadly, that isn't rare. But if we leave something for her out on the table, I'm sure she'll eat it when she gets back.


Orin and Okuu drop in nearby.

Uh, are you sure skipping teatime is a good idea?

Idiot, you've got more important things to think about than teatime! If we go out there carelessly, she's just gonna read our minds.

Oh yeah, it's supposed to be a secret that we went to the surface... But if the surface people snitch on us, she'll just find out anyway.

Yeah, I guess. All that trouble, and we didn't even find Miss Koishi. If we could just figure out where she is, it'd make Miss Satori feel a little better.

Even Miss Satori can't read Miss Koishi's mind, so she's always so worried about her. Maybe next time I'll try my best and ask her where's she been and what shes doing...

Asking her, huh? I've never thought of that. Talking to Miss Koishi makes me a different kind of nervous than Miss Satori does...

Welcome home, you two.


M-Miss Koishi! You're back in the Palace of Earth Spirits.

Oh, really? Oh yeah, I can't see the sun from here.

So did you go somewhere today? You missed teatime.

Nah, we didn't go anywhere. We were just... hanging around. I mean, we were feeling full, so we figured we'd hold off on the snacks.

Hmm, that's shame. Satori even made pudding. So you ate something on the surface then?


How did you read our minds, Miss Koishi...?!

I can't read minds~. But you both smell like the surface.

Th-That's funny, huh? Maybe we touched something weird...

And you didn't take a bath? Hygiene is important, you know. Satori and I will have to wash you two later.

No, no, we can do it ourselves!

Actually though, there's something I wanna ask you, Miss Koishi.

Hm? What is it?

...Where do you usually go?

If you tell us ahead of time, we can go togethe-

Hmmm.... Where, huh? Dunno.


No matter where I am, it kinda feels like I'm nowhere? I'm probably somewhere, but I can't remember if I went anywhere...

But even if I'm somewhere, it's not like anyone's telling me where I am.

You don't even remember where you've been?

...Miss Koishi, don't tell me you've forgotten about the Palace of Earth Spirits too?

No, if I remember anything, it's the time we spend together.


I'm hungry, so I'm gonna go grab some teatime snacks. I won't tell sis that you went to the surface, okay?

Koishi wanders off.

...Orin, I think we should tell Miss Satori about this. We have to tell her that Koishi doesn't even know where she's goin-

Let's not. I'm sure Miss Satori already knows everything.

For now, let's just pray that Miss Satori doesn't find out about what we did today.

Yeah, you're right... But I'm still kinda frustrated.

What, are you talking about losing to the surface dwellers? Different people have different strengths. There's no use fretting over it.

No, that's not the only reason... Eh, never mind.


(...After seeing that huge sky up there, I'm a bit jealous. If they were in a place like that, I wonder if both Miss Satori and Miss Koishi could have fun together...)

(...The surface...)