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..., Marisa....

...! I know this feeling...

Music: Untitled Song

Can you hear me, Marisa?

Oh, it's you. So this is a dream then.

We haven't chatted like this in a while, huh? The last time was... the snow incident?

...That's right. I try not to meddle needlessly.

Good work spearheading the resolution of the moon incident.

No need to thank me, we're the ones who were in trouble. But you know, I thought you ditched me for Sanae.

What do you mean by that?

Well, didn't you help out the investigation last time by going into HER dreams?

I did. But that was simply because she was the only one sleeping then and there.

I guess you really are keeping an eye on things from nearby.

Hey, this actually works out. I wanna ask you somethi-

I need to tell you something first. It's not too late. Stop the plan to go to the moon.


You should already realize that those who live on the moon have an abnormal culture and set of values. We must prevent such things from spilling over into this land.

Abnormal? Sheesh, you make everything sound so harsh. I mean, the moon crew seem pretty interesting, so what's the problem?

That carelessness of yours is going to invite unwanted chaos. Haven't you fought against numerous abnormalities? You should understand what I mean.

Yeah that's not exactly convincing me to cancel the moon trip.

Anyway, I got a question for you too. What ARE you?


I wasn't worried about it before, since you weren't hurting anyone, but it came up when I was chatting with Reimu and the others. We were talking about how Shiro's showing us all these dreams, and then Yuuka was talking like she knew you too.

I believe I should only tell you what's necessary. I hope you'll forgive my selfishness.

...But Yuuka Kazami. How could she just decide to talk about me...?

Huh, so you two know each other?

I owe her a favor, but neither our thoughts nor actions align. Fundamentally, my goal is to preserve the peace of this paradise.

Oh yeah, you helped out back in the mist incident, when Yuuka was against us.

Marisa starts waking up, causing the screen to partially whiten.


Welp, looks like I'm waking up soon. I had a few more things I wanted to ask, but I'll save 'em for when I get back to Earth.

Marisa, I'm repeating myself, but you mustn't go the moo-

Sorry, not happening. Why don't you just pray for a safe voyage?

...I suppose I have no choice then.