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*Yawn*. That was... not a good night's sleep.

I just wanted to get some nice shut-eye. I'm sick of all these unwanted dream guests.


...So you really were there while I was having that dream.

Well I'll be leaving you here for the trip, so at least you'll stop nagging m-

That's a piddly little familiar you've got there. What's the harm in bringing it?

That voice...!

Your room is as messy as ever, I see. No wait, is it getting worse?

L-Lady Mima?! When did you get here?

I knocked, but there was no response so I let myself in.

To think you'd sleep with all of this junk scattered about. You're certainly zealous about your research, aren't you?

Well, yeah, there's this magic I really want to have ready by today... But anyway, what'd you suddenly show up for?

What, do I need a special reason to check in on my student?

That not it, it's just that after the incident I heard from Alice that you were going on a journey. So I thought you were already gone.

I had planned to, but I thought I might as well stick around to match my departure to your trip to the moon.

...! So you've already heard about the moon, huh?

Well, where are you off to then?

I have some business to take care of in Makai, so I going to head there for a while. It's regrettable, but I'll have to bid farewell to the air of this world.

Oh yeah, I HAVE heard rumors that Makai's the best place to study magic...

You heard right. When I told you I'd drill you in magic from the basics again, I was planning to take you to Makai. You were awfully quick to refuse me though.

...Yeah, you said I'd have to abandon everything to go with you. But as you can see, I've got stuff I could never give up.

I understand. That's why we'll be walking different paths from here on.

Yeah, that's right... But you know, I'm really happy you came to say goodbye like this.

What's with this mushy stuff all of a sudden?

I can't help it. Last time, didn't you just disappear without saying anything? But now you're actually telling me where you're going.

...I wasn't especially worried about you, it was just a whim.

Anyway, when it comes to ability you're still only halfway there. Don't neglect your studies from here on out.

I know, I know. You be careful too, Lady Mim- Wait.

What now?

Oh man, the launch is about to start! I overslept! Even if I leave now, I'll barely make it!

How could you oversleep on the day of your departure...?

I got held up in a dream. Anyway, I gotta go NOW! Sorry, Mima! Bye!

Marisa rushes out the door.

...Good grief, noisy to the very end. She never could calm herself down.

But, that's fine. It's just fine to keep your eyes on where you want to go, and never look back. Stay well, Marisa. We'll meet again, someday.