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...And that concludes our lunar trip orientation. Are there any questions?

Yes! How many meals do we get per day?

Three meals a day, on the clock. This is so no one forgets about meal duty.

Is it first come, first serve for rooms?

Room assignments are listed in the trip guides we just passed out.

The kids are staying in one large room together. Most of the rooms are doubles. You're staying in a temple, so be prepared to participate in daily scripture readings.

Ugh, does that mean we have to wake up early too?

And then there's reading the sutras, cleaning the hallways...

...Sheesh, I thought I might as well come see you off, but you're all treating this like a field trip. I thought going to the moon would be more, you know, serious business.

It's plenty serious to me. I can't believe Chen's going to be staying over at someone else's house for weeks...

I'm sure it will be a good experience for her. We'll take full responsibility for her, Ran. Please, put yourself at ease.

Well, if you say so...

Honestly, I wanted to help out too, but sorry. I can't come with you.

It's fine. You have your own work to do, Akyu. And we have to consider your well-being too.

Nitori and Patchouli will be helping us, if you're worried about operating the ship.

I understand. I'll be waiting for you to come back safely.

Well, we should head home then. I'm sure they have preparations to make.

Oh right, we still haven't done the ship's final check. Ichirin! Shou! Let's get back to the bridge!


Palanquin Ship - Bridge

...Buddhist reactor output is stable. Please confirm bypass for the outer units.

Looks good. Next, let's hear from the engine room.

Koakuma, connect to Nitori's communicator.

Murasa, Shou, and Ichirin walk in.

...Oh, looks like most of us are already here.

Sorry, we must be a bit late.

No you're not, Reimu and Marisa aren't even here yet.

Can you hear me, Nitori? Have you finished installing the auxillary cylinder unit?

Yup. No problems with the rocket booster or the exterior Buddhist power tank either.

Reisen and the others are currently installing the Lunar Veil on the deck.

Roger that. Once they're done there, all that's left is to have Reimu invoke the gods.

We'll free ourselves from the curse of gravity with the three-staged tube, and then use the power of the Lunar Veil to keep us on track to the moon. It's magnificent, Patchy. By combining Earth and Moon technology, this has become the ultimate rocket.

It's more of a spaceship than a rocket though.

When we first started, I never thought we'd complete it like this. And with everything we've gathered, the trip will be very comfortable.

And with the Prismrivers aboard, you won't get bored either, Mistress.

Hey Remi, what happened with that furniture we asked for?

Well, it looks like they couldn't get the bloodstained curtains... But at least Sakuya and Meiling made the arrangements for our room.

Really?! Take me to our room, Remi!

The sisters scamper off.

...Good grief, acting like they own the place. This IS basically someone else's house, you know.

Well, as long as they don't get it messy or break things, we'll let it slide.

Anyway, we've got a long journey ahead of us, so I think it's better to feel at home here.

More people show up.

Though I didn't even know it would take that long until a little while ago.

But I've told you plenty of times. Weren't you listening?

Reimu, are you ready yet?

Yeah, all that's left is to wait for the right timing to summon Sokotsutsu-no-o-no-Mikoto. I put out a portable shrine and a donation box, so I'm counting on you for that too.

...You're so thorough about this that I can't tell if this is a real temple or a shrine.

Welcoming the gods requires all sorts of preparations.

But still, you've been really cooperative, Reimu. I hear you even trained with Yukari just for this.

Yeah, she's been weirdly enthusiastic about this. She even snuck her own shiki's shiki into the group.

The Myouren Temple's been pretty generous too, loaning out the Palanquin Ship. Didn't you have to go search for the pagoda and the pieces of the flying silo in order to help Byakuren?

Don't worry about it, I'm sure she'd be delighted to hear that we facilitated humans and youkai working together.

Plus, even if we were impatient about it, it's not like we'd necessarily make progress. I mean, we know who has the fragments, but it's not like she's gonna show herself.

Yeah. Yeesh, where IS she? And what's she doing?


Oh, uh, Nue. She's a friend of mine and Ichirin, from back when we were in the Underworld. We reunited on the surface a little while back, but she grabbed the pieces we need and ran.

Sanae was actually there for that, Murasa.

If you know who has them, why don't you just go ask to borrow them?

It's not that easy. See, we got into a little fight. It looks like leaving her behind when we came to the surface left her in a bad mood.

Clarste posted:

That's totally not what happened.

Look Murasa and Ichirin aren't the brightest bulbs.

Yeah, and we've been searching for her high and low with no luck.

In that case, leaving the surface like this must be a little awkward. And we pulled you into this without even knowing your circumstances...

It's okay. We're trying to nurture the bonds that the Palanquin Ship shares now.

In that case, shouldn't you be focusing more on the ship? In we have an an accident en route, then you'll never have that reconciliation of yours. Or anything else.

She's right, first we have to make sure we come home safely.

Something beeps.

...Ah, hold on, we're receiving a transmission.

Um, hello? Is this the bridge? We've finally finished installing the Lunar Veil.


Palanquin Ship Hangar

Music: What's the Strategy?

...Right, so with that we're finished with preparations.

I'll do one last check just in case, then head back with Lunasa's group.

Got it. Keep the others posted.

Ichirin hangs up.

Phew, sounds like they're all ready on that end.

Good work. Just in case, check to see if you've forgotten anything. Especially you. You've got an important task to do.


Eirin carefully entrusted you with that letter addressed to the emissaries, right?

Yeah, she even put a special seal on it so they'd know it's really her.

...So Rabbit, you really decided to return to the moon then. I thought maybe you'd just keep living with the people at the House of Eternity.

...I thought about that too, but I think I really should go home. Just like Lady Yagokoro said, I still have lingering feelings for the moon.

So that's how it is.

I've come to love the Earth, but part of me still wants to go back to the moon. As long as I still have halfhearted feelings like that, someday I'll regret coming to Earth. And I don't want that.

...You've made up your mind. Then I won't try to stop you.

But is it really okay not to leave a farewell letter or anything? I mean, this has nothing to do with me, but isn't there anyone you were close to?

That's right, Lily is definitely gonna miss you.

You mean Fairy? You don't have to tell her anything.

Whaaaat? I feel so sorry for her.

Lily really took a shine to you. Here on Earth, plenty of people don't take fairies seriously. But you just treated her normally.

That's why I don't wanna do it. If I left her a letter, I'm sure it'd just make her sad. I only came to Earth on a whim, so making her feel bad when I leave is kind of...

Yeah, your reasons for fleeing were kinda... nonexistent.

Right?! So I just want her to forget all about me. I'll keep the sorrow of parting all to myself and let her stay happy.

If that's how you feel then I have nothing else to say, but-

Wait, we don't have time to dawdle here! We've gotta be ready soon!

You're right, we need to hurry back to the ship!

Okay, Reisen! See you later!

Sure, I'll be there to see you off.


Oh hey, looks like you stopped the game. Good work out there.

Yeesh, where did Okuu go? We were supposed to do this together...

*Yawn*. Sorry, I slept in.

There you are! Wait, did you even look in a mirror before you came here?! Your collar's bent, and you've got some crazy bedhair!

Unyu? Really?

Ugh, no choice then. I'll handle it, just sit there an- Wait, I forgot about the speech. You guys have a nice break too, okay?