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Wow, the ground is already so far away!

We'd never be able to get this high up under our own power, huh?

Hey, let me have a look too! I wanna see outside!

Lady Flan, if you look out the window you'll get hit with sunlight.

There are monitors too, so please have a look at thos-

You just don't get it Sakuya. The real thing is totally different.

Yeah, you should want to see something as historic as this for yourself.

Yeesh, that mistress of yours really fits in with the fairies.

Please block the sunlight with your handkerchief then.

Nitori, how much spirit energy do we have left in the boosters?

It's almost out. I guess it's about time to detach the first stage.

Reimu, let the gods know too.

Yeah yeah, I'll have him change shifts with Nakatsutsu-no-O-no-Mikoto.

It seems we managed to get on the correct trajectory. This is wrapping up nicely.

Well, other than that Nue girl hounding us up to the last possible minute.

That's for sure. I never thought she'd attack the ship.

...But I hated parting with her like that. In the end we're just leaving her behind, again.

We didn't exactly have a choice back there. It was hardly the time to chat.

Not only wasn't there enough time, she was also using force.

Well, yeah, but...

But why is Nue so obsessed with you anyway, Murasa? It didn't seem like she's just pouting from having her friend taken from her.

...Well, I think Nue really treasures her bond with Murasa. Since Murasa's the one who cheered her up when she was feeling down.

When did THIS happen?

Back when she was sealed in the Underworld, Nue was caught by humans and had her true form revealed. I think she lost all confidence as a youkai due to that trauma.

...I see, to a youkai based on the unknown, a public shaming is more than just a humiliation. It would be no exaggeration to say that her very reason for living was stolen away.

But how would you cheer up someone like that?

It's nothing special, I just stayed by her side. I could relate to her, as someone else who was worried about how to live as a youkai.

I'm sure she got her spirits back with all that nice, low-key hanging out going on. Seeing our always optimistic captain here must've cheered her up.

I see, so that's how Nue thinks of Murasa...

That's nice and all, but she's still a pain. She's got some real issues with humanity. Do we really look like we're taking advantage of you and Ichirin?

...Or perhaps we made it look like Murasa had betrayed youkai-kind. It can be difficult to accept Hijiri's ideal of equality between humans and youkai.


Well, don't feel too bad about it Murasa. You'll make up with her next time, I know it. She's just being a bit moody.

...You're right. Besides, even if I worry about it, Nue's still gonna be Nue.


I mean, I spent all that time looking for her, and she was just hiding and watching me?! I've been busting my back helping make it so that she can live on the surface, and she's jus-

Easy there! This isn't the first time we've encountered her weird mean streak.

Anyway, can't you just have a good talk with once we get back?

Yeah, next time I'll catch her and tie my anchor to her feet.

...Good grief. I'm glad you got your spirit back, but keep a hand on the rudder.

Before we can do any of that, we still need to get to the moon and back safely.

That reminds me, where did Reisen go off to?

You're right. She was in the bridge until a little while ago...


Palanquin Ship - Dining Room

Reiseeen! Please come out of there!

Even if you shut yourself up in the fridge, that won't change the fact that you're going to the moon~.

Ugh, just leave me alone! I want to be alone now!

How could this happen... There's gotta still be some way to get back to Earth, right?!

Well, I suppose you could jump out the window?

If she tried, I think the wind pressure would make that a pretty unpleasant trip~.

But Reisen, you were so cool back when you protected the veil. I was touched by your camaraderie!


Yeah, you stuck your neck out for us!

Don't be silly, that was all spur of the moment!

If this was going to happen, I should've just sat back and watched. Ahhhhh, I'm SO STUPID!

...Well, she's not taking this well.

Maybe we should just give her some space for now...