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...Is it already this late? I was lost in my book.

Since the Palanquin Ship is already high in the sky, I should be heading out too...

...Looks like you're as holed up in here as always.

Hm? I recognize that voice...

How nostalgic. Even if none of the merchandise is the same, the store looks the same as ever.

...Oh, it's just you. I was wondering who'd pop in at this hour.

"Oh, it's just you"? Shouldn't you put a little more honey into your words when you're alone with a woman? It's the first time I've been over in quite a while, so how about showing some enthusiasm?

I fail to see what honey would get me with you. And the store's closed.

But you're right, it certainly has been a while. I'd heard you came to Gensokyo during the last incident though.

Indeed. I'm sure you've heard about the Palanquin Ship's launch, right? Since I'm in the neighborhood, I figured we might as well see it off together.

...I see, so that's why you came all the way out here to my shop. And since you're here at this hour, we must have been thinking the same thing.

Speaking of which, there are all sorts of things I've been meaning to talk to you about. Would you mind stepping outside and heading to a spot with a nice view?

I was about to do that anyway.


Misty Lake

...So are Marisa and her friends one of those stars now?

Perhaps. I couldn't tell which for the life of me, though.

But are you really okay with seeing her off from a place like this?

Yeah, I don't care all that much about the launch, I just wanted to see the sky afterwards. I mean, you can only see the stars at night.

...She always used to say that she was going to shine like a shooting star someday.

Stargazing like this really brings back memories, for me too. The first time she demonstrated her own magic was after a night of shooting stars.

I remember that too, we all met up to make wishes on the shooting stars.

Marisa's been dreaming big ever since. I'm sure she's been a handful for you, Rinnosuke.

You have no idea. She would just keep coming here to see the stars or demand books about stars and the like. But for some reason, that look in her eyes made me want to keep helping her.

...True, I've never forgotten that look either.

Mima, you-

Ever since then, she's found her own goal. She's no longer staring at my back. She's now looking somewhere else, and chasing something else. I don't need to stand in front of her anymore.

...Sheesh, I figured you'd have a reason like that for just disappearing without a word. She was always so worried about it once you were gone, though.

I realize that. When I met her in spring she had a cloud over her eyes. But I knew that was just another baseless fear. She really CAN do this on her own. So now I can take my trip with no regrets.

Mima... This may look like I'm raining on your parade, but could I say something too?

What is it?

You're wrong that Marisa doesn't need you. She hasn't changed. She still admires that first magic she embraced, and she still loves using it.

And that beginning was only made possible by you, and you alone.


For all this time, and from here on out, you'll always be her beloved teacher.

...Hah, the night air must be getting to you if you're using kind words with ME. But resting my wings from time to time like this can be a nice way to calm down.

I'll keep you company tonight. And try to show your face next time you're in the area.