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...What a beautful night sky. I wonder if the ship is one of those twinkling stars. I completely lost track of it.

...Yes, it successfully escaped Earth's gravity. At this rate, it should reach the moon without any problems.

Princess~, your tea is ready!

Good work, Inaba. I was just getting cold too.

Well, yeah, you've been watching that ship since noon, so of course you're getting cold. I guess you're worried about Reisen ending up aboard by accident?

Of course, I never imagined something like that would happen.

It's Udonge though, so I'm sure she'll hide with all her might. But if they do find her, only the Watatsuki sisters can say how she'll be treated.

...But aren't they your disciples? Wouldn't they just let her go? I mean, she may be a deserter but that was a long time ago...

I wonder about that. I could never tell what they were thinking. And if they DO catch her, returning her would be a complicated matter.

...If that happens, there's no use worrying about it. She wasn't here in the beginning anyway.

Oh, how cold of you.


I'm joking. You may be smart Eirin, but you're bad at lying. Weren't you only so kind to her because you realized her determination after fleeing to Earth?

No, I would never make a judgment based on personal feel-

You don't need to deny it. I find those judgments much more reliable than ones from your head. It's the same reason you even approved of the plan to send a letter.

What reason is that?

You would rather think positively about living on Earth than come up with a plan to drive off the emissaries. I appreciate the sentiment.

So let's have faith in that. I'm sure everything will work out fine, and Inaba will come home too.

...There's something strangely persuasive about your laid back attitude, Princess.

Eirin, are you making fun of me?

No, I'm encouraging you. It's true that Udonge is more cowardly than others, but she still has a fierce determination to live on the Earth. I'll also pray that such determination will lead to good results.

Yes, exactly! Not that we can do much else, crawling around on the Earth like this.

Oops, I let myself get distracted in the conversation. Inaba, I'm going to fetch that tea now.

Okay! I'll escort you in!

Kaguya and Tewi exit.

The princess is so quick to accept things with no proof. Some say one must be broad-minded to live on Earth. Is that what they're talking about...?

I don't think that's the case for everyone.

It might simply be the farsighted view of someone who will live for eternity.

...Yukari Yakumo and Yuyuko Saigyoji. So you've come.

Yes, this is our way of congratulating you on the successful launch.

There was a spot of trouble, but what's truly important is that it launched safely.

...Oh, that's right, we received quite a lot of assistance from you two. Both the advice to use the gods and the voyages, and the training necessary to use them were necessary for the plan to come to fruition.

No need to thank me. It was a good opportunity to train Reimu in divine invocations.

But what were you planning on doing if we hadn't gotten word of the matter? If this was all on a whim, then it would be hard to thank you.

Naturally, if this were merely a vampire pleasure cruise, I wouldn't have lifted a finger. It was only after seeing you make it clear that you intend to remain on the Earth that I lent my assistance.


The only reason you would send a letter to the leaders of the emissaries is if you intend to keep your feet on Earthen soil. Coming from you, that's the same as an affirmation of Gensokyo. In which case, I will show my benevolence by accepting you.

...I never imagined the day would come when I'd hear something like that from YOU.

It seems as if ever since we opened the gates, we've had nothing but people putting us in their debt.

That's not it. Doesn't everyone want to root for people who try hard?

...That reminds me, I still haven't heard the reason you gave Reimu that advice, Yuyuko. You tend to have a nose for trouble. If you want to do something, talk it over with me, and-

No, you always pamper me like that, Yukari. So this time, I wanted to follow my own heart.

Your own?

Right. I wanted to support your feelings towards Kaguya and the Earth. I feel the same way about Yukari and Gensokyo. I know the feeling of wanting to put effort into something.


...Good grief. Here I was assuming you had some noble purpose for all of this, and it ended up as just personal feelings. You two are putting all your faith in vague concepts like determination and feelings.

Unpolished and confused, truly a way of thinking befitting an Earthling.

But does that mean it's wrong?

No, it's interesting. Irrational and unreliable, yet somehow reassuring.

I wonder, would this land called Gensokyo accept the existence of Lunarians? Or my own feelings?

Acceptance is no simple matter. But as for your existence, you'll simply become a part of Gensokyo.

...I'll acknowledge it. This place called Earth, and the Earthlings' way of thinking.

Perhaps we should redo our greetings.

Good idea. It's nice to meet you.

Welcome to Gensokyo. We welcome you all.