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...Good, looks like we got away, somehow.

If only this meant we could rest easy.

Are everyone's injuries from Yorihime all right?

Yeah, looks like no one's seriously injured.

But what should we do? We left Rabbit back there on the moon. If we don't do something, she's going to be charged with treason...

We didn't have a choice, there was too much of a difference in the strength of our forces.

So even if we go back for revenge, there's no guarantee we'll win, huh?

Now that we're not on the moon, we should look for Eirin's missing letter. If we can't find it, then we'll just have to go back to Earth for now.

But with how things were going back there, they might even be chasing us already.

Cue a siren.

...! The alarm?!

Music: Descent - A Crisis Draws Near

It's terrible! We're picking up a huge number of readings coming from the moon! And they're heading right for us at an incredible speed!

Gah, so they're not letting us get away?!

They're so persistent! Didn't we already leave the moon?!

Anyway, we'll try to shake them off. Hang on tight!

Tell the others that there's a chance we'll get into a fight.

R-right! I'm on my way!


Palanquin Ship - Dining Room

...Judging by that alarm, Lady Yorihime must be coming after us. It's all over. We'll never escape the moon's military.

...Oh, right. If I use the Lunar Veil we have attached to the ship, I could escape by myself...

Youmu and Shou run over.

So this is where you were, Reisen!

...! You girls...

Sorry, but please come to the bridge. The ship is being pursued by Yorihime and her army.

At this rate, we might all be captured with the ship, or even shot down.

I knew it! In that case-

Hey, where are you going?!

Does it even matter?! I've got nothing to do with you people.

What do you mean? Aren't you one of us too, Reisen? And there's a chance Yorihime might listen to yo-

Don't be stupid! There's no way I'm doing that! What could I possibly say to her now, after all this time I spent running away?!


Attention ship! All available hands should prepare for close combat!

They're right about to catch up to us! There are some incoming warning sho-

The ship suddenly rocks.


The intercom cuts off.

! That sounded like it came from the bridge!

It's even worse than I thought. We'll have to sortie.

...Seriously? You're going out there? Fighting back is just going to make things worse for you.

Maybe so, but we can't just sit back and let ourselves get captured either. If anything's going to save us, it's going to have to be ourselves.

Youmu and Shou leave Reisen behind.

Are they all idiots?! Why are they going out there when they know they'll lose?

Oh well, I'll just use this chance to escape... Escape and... then what?

After all this, there's no way I could just return to the way I've been living... And what's going to happen to the Master and the others? Where would I run TO?

Reisen steps on something.

...? What's this crumpled envelope?

Is this the Master's letter?!


So you've stopped playing? Good work.

Guess we can rest our wings a bit, too.

You should be more grateful that we even waste our time on a wallflower like you. Though it's kind of sad seeing your turn come to an end. Incidentally, this place is like a separate space.

 Now that you mention it, this world has plenty of people even more violent than you are. You should be happy about that.

(Ooh, now I'm interested. I could try one for myself!)

Yeah I don't really get this conversation either.