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...To my beloved Yorihime and Toyohime.

I'm sure you're surprised to have received this letter. This is the first time I've contacted you since I betrayed the moon.

Please forgive me for a thousand years of no communication. It was in order to escape the moon's pursuers. In truth, I had hoped you could forget about me, but I heard you two had become the leaders of the emissaries from a rabbit who fled to Earth. While you must have been ashamed of having a criminal as your master, I'm sure you worked hard to get where you are.

...I wrote this letter both to give you two my blessings and to convey the decision I made recently. Neither Kaguya nor I will be returning to the moon. We have decided to remain on the Earth.

I promise you that, from here on, I will neither meddle with the moon nor cause any trouble for you two.

Clarste posted:

Until LoLK, of course.

Really this entire scenario is hilarious in light of what happens in Touhou 15.

If you can accept that, then perhaps you will keep our pursuers at bay?

...And while I apologize for making all these decisions on my own, the medicine-pounding rabbit who delivered this letter has changed her mind and wishes to returned to the moon. I believe she only came to Earth in a moment of confusion. Please use her as you please.

As for the Earthlings accompanying her, they are my companions who helped deliver this letter. Please return them to Earth.

While we may be separated by a great distance, I was very pleased to hear about you two once again. I have faith that you'll do great work in my stead.

From the impure Earth, I pray for you. Eirin Yagokoro.


...The letter seems to be genuine. It's really from Lady Yagokoro.

Yes, although when I first heard the Earthlings bring up her name, I dismissed them as rash words...

Of course. Words alone are no different from careless remarks. Good work dealing with the intruders, by the way.

No, allow me to thank YOU for the support.

...Well, what's most important is to hear that Lady Yagokoro is doing well. I never expected that Raysen would be with the Earthlings though...

...Right, it seems she settled down on Earth after fleeing the moon. She was calling Lady Yagokoro "Master", so they must be living together.

Raysen is doing WHAT...?

She's as cowardly as ever, but she seemed to have a strong desire to return to the Earth.

...Hah~. What irony, that someone who abandoned the moon is with Lady Yagokoro, while those who stayed behind are kept apart from her.

Toyohime, that's a bit of a-

But isn't it? We came this far hoping to meet her again. It would come as no surprise if we lost sight of what we're going to be doing from now on.


A rabbit knocks on the door and enters.

Please excuse me, Lady Watatsuki.

...What is it? This isn't the time for our meeting.

This is a special message from the higher ups. It's about the incident with the intruders. They say that this must be the a sign of an impending lunar invasion, and that the Earth needs to be intimidated.


That's right. Apparently, one of the rabbits we deployed heard the name of the fugitive Yagokoro. They say you should dispatch the emissaries and do a thorough investigation of the Earth.

But that's all just hearsay. We can't act based on-

No, Toyohime, please allow me to handle this.

We're refusing that request. We have no intention of investigating the Earth.


I personally guarantee that when the Earthlings brought up the name Yagokoro, it was nothing but them shooting off at the mouth, as they say. Moreover, they had simply gotten lost and meant no harm.

Tell them that we have no intention of changing our minds about this.

...Understood. If you're that confident about it...

The rabbit leaves.


...So we really plan to stick to our policy of not laying a hand on the Earth then. No matter how much we cover for her though, Lady Yagokoro may never come back.

That's fine. It doesn't change my feelings of wanting to protect her. Even if we'll never set foot on the same soil again, I...


You're a strong girl. In that case, let's both be strong. I've no doubt that Lady Yagokoro would be proud of us too.

Toyohime, I...!

...You must be tired. Why don't you go to bed for now? Tomorrow, call for that rabbit who came back to the moon. I'd like to ask her about the Earth.

I feel like now would be a good time to defuse this drama with the canonical resolution to the Watatsuki's heartbreak over Eirin: they just go visit her.