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...I've confirmed that Reimu and Marisa have landed on the deck.

Thanks. Then that's everyone.

Looks like they aren't chasing us anymore either. They really are letting us go.

Whew~. Then we can finally get some rest.

When the moon's troops caught up to us, I really thought we were done for.

Thank goodness we found the letter in the middle of all that.

You got that right. Just how careless can she be?! How could she lose a crucial letter like that?!

But you did really well in that situation, Reisen. When we talked before we sortied, it sounded like you didn't want to cooperate at all.

...And I still don't, that was just the only way I could get back to Earth. Honestly, I REALLY never wanted to see Lady Yorihime's face again...

I think even Yorihime was shocked.

Yeah, her long lost pet suddenly came back~.

But in the end, didn't it go incredibly well? Yorihime too: she let you go home without taking you into custody.

You're right, I'm sure your feelings got through to her, Reisen.

...Well, I don't know about that, but at least she acknowledged that I live on the Earth now.

Unlike me, Lady Yorihime is completely unfazeable.

I suppose a strong heart is one without doubt.

In any case, all that's left is to return to Earth. Let's recover our fatigue on the way back.

Yeah, especially Reimu. She was almost trying TOO hard.

...! O-Oh, right! We need to at least make some tea for her...!

Yeah, she was our MVP! If we do a bad job she might get mad at us...


What's gotten into them?

I can understand how the fairies and younger youkai must feel. That technique Reimu used back there was just too powerful. They were so taken aback that they're feeling awkward around her.

What? Why would they feel that...?

Reimu strolls in.

Phew. Sheesh, I'm exhausted.

There's nothing left but the trip back, so take your time and relax.

Ah, Reimu!

G-Good work... out there.

Oh, what's this? A meeting with everyone?

...Y-Yes. Everyone was waiting for you two to come back...

Oh, that's right! It's time to go eat snacks in the dining hall!

...! How could we forget! We'd better hurry or they'll be all out!

...? If you want snacks, there are some on the shelf right over there.

Nothing wrong with those, but we just REALLY want to go the dining hall right now...

Wait, I'll come too!

M-Me too!

Hey! What're you up to-

Team 9 and the fairies run away.


Yeesh, what's with them? They just bolted the moment they saw Reimu.

...Sorry if that offended you, Reimu. They didn't mean anything by it. It's just, they seem to be a bit shocked after seeing that technique you used.

I don't blame them. Even I couldn't keep control of myself back there. Lost in myself, I lost sight of my surroundings...

I don't mean to be rude, but what exactly happened? As far as I could tell, it looked like you kept fighting while every attack went right through you...

To be frank, it was so one-sided that it felt hard to approach you.


...Hard to approach, huh? So that's why the kids left then?

The weak are very sensitive to differences in strength. Putting distance between themselves and someone they could never beat is a natural reaction.

...That's true. Even I didn't plan on fighting like that...

...Um, Reimu? I'm sure you're tired, so why don't you get some rest?

...You're right. Let me have some time to think, alone.

Reimu leaves.

...There she goes.

Yes, she seemed unusually down...

...It's a complicated issue. Too much strength gives rise to distance. I hope this doesn't have an effect on her job, but...

You have a point. The duty of a shrine maiden is to form equal relationships through danmaku battles, and use that to preserve harmony between humans and youkai. If the shrine maiden strays from the rules of danmaku like she did today, all those relationships would crumble.

She never made it public until now, but that must have been Reimu's original power.

Maybe Yukari made her that new equipment out of fear of something like this happening. The path of a shrine maiden requires her to not overflow with excessive power...

In the end though, looks like Reimu couldn't control it.

...Either way, she won't be able to put her relationships back the way they were before, will she? If we get back to Earth with this oppressive atmosphere, then...


Hey, mind if I give my two yen?


Sure, Reimu's technique was pretty much cheating, but that's no reason to give up. After all, there's a special Gensokyo way for all of us, or some fairies, or even a cricket, to enjoy ourselves as equals.


Palanquin Ship - Hall

Music: The Dream is Here


I was only trying to do whatever I could to get back home. But it's something I did myself, so I can't blame them for thinking of me like that...

Marisa enters the scene.

Yo, so this is where you were.

Marisa? I thought I said I wanted to be alone.

You looked on edge, so I swiped some tea and snacks from the bridge for you. And hey, if I just left you alone like that, it'd get kind of awkward.

You think? I wouldn't have minded.

C'mon, don't say that. I'll just leave the tea here for now.


Reimu, that technique you just did was amazing. You became completely transparent, and were practically invincible. I knew you were apathetic, but I never thought that you'd even ignore danmaku.

So I really do seem like that to others.

Yeah, but that technique is just no good as it is now. If you're literally invincible, then no one would ever win against you.

...I get it already, even I don't want to use that again. It's a bit late for that though. To Cirno and the others anyway.

Yeah, I guess they wouldn't be able to danmaku fight with you like they used to. And then you'll end up all alone somewhere.

...So what should I do about it?

I thought about it for a bit, and I think you should give it a name. Turn it into a spellcard. That way, you can keep having matches with people like before.

"Fantasy Nature." Written as "born by heaven, revealing its dream to you."

Hokuto posted:

I disagree with the name "Fantasy Nature". I think more accurately it would be "Gifted Dreamer" or "Gifted Seer". Fantasy Nature basically means nothing here like what it's supposed to mean - The word fantasy is nowhere to be found in 夢想天生. The word "Nature" is also used in the context of "natural disposition" (rather than the broader sense of environmental nature), which I wrote as "gifted". Gifted fits the double entendre that Marisa is using, too. If this is another one of those made-up fan things that's gotten standardized over time, I'd suggest changing it to one of my proposals.

This is kind of funny because this attack is sort of infamous for being totally mistranslated. It first showed up as Reimu's Last Word in Imperishable Night as Fantasy Heaven, and was later changed to Fantasy Nature once it was understood that it was referring to Reimu's inner nature. But it turns out that (and by extension Fantasy Seal) was wrong too!

Oh well, way too late to change it now.

Anyways, for those unfamiliar with Touhou, Fantasy Nature is Reimu abusing her natural power to float to float away from the current dimension to become invincible. Marisa's solution here is a reference to ZUN's spellcard comments, where he notes that if Reimu didn't put a timer on Fantasy Nature she'd be impossible to beat.

And for those of you still wondering about the attack animation (which is similar to yet distinct from the fighting game interpretation), Touhou 10.5 Scarlet Weather Rhapsody has this gimmick where each character is associated with a certain weather. It's honestly kind of random who gets what, but it's all supposed to be symbolic of that character's true nature.

Komachi's Weather Fortunes posted:

Good weather is just harmless sunlight and the earth's vitality passing by.
Hot in the daytime, cool during the night.
Straight shooting and inflexible,
neither merciless nor kind.

Reimu's weather is a clear, sunny day.

It's something that can't be done without the power you were born with, Reimu. Your ultimate technique.

...Why are you the one coming up with the name for MY ultimate technique?

Isn't it cool though? You should use that name for it next time. If you do that, we'll be equals, and you won't be left out.


What, don't tell me you don't like it?

...No, I was just thinking about how you really never hold anything back.

I like it. "Fantasy Nature".

...Well, I got what I wanted then. I'll be going now.

See ya.

Exit Marisa.

...Sheesh, when it comes to messing around, her nose sure is sharp.

But I can just hang out with everyone like before, huh...?

...Thanks, Marisa.