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VS Yamame
I've heard the rumors about you, you know. You're that human shrine maiden. They say that no matter what kind of incident happens up there, you'll be right there resolving it.

It doesn't matter if up there or down here: if a youkai's up to no good then I'll exterminate them.

And that includes anyone who gets in the way of the investigation too! I hope you're ready!

This might be nothing, but doesn't the term "Earth Spider" basically mean "dirt spider"? Isn't it demeaning? Humans use terms like that, but usually only in a deprecating way.

Well, aren't you sharp? Just what I'd expect from a human. In return, why don't I show you the power of the youkai you're supposed to despise!

Even against someone who wields disease, as long as you give me an opening I can use, then-!

Oh? I bet you're thinking you'd never lose in a fistfight. I can't have you looking down on the superhuman strength of an earth spider!

So you were called Yamame, I believe?

A phantom from the surface? No, a ghost?

There's one thing I'd like to ask you. How do the youkai of the Underworld feel about the sage of the surface?

Huh? Depends on who you ask, but... The sage is basically the ringleader who decided to cut us off. I doubt you'll find anyone down here ready to forgive her.

As I thought...

An earth spider, huh? How should we approach her...?

You and Murasa really don't have many acquaintances in the Underworld, do you?

Well, we were sealed here. We couldn't exactly go out for a stroll.

But I can still sympathize with her in the sense of being an oppressed youkai.

...We were originally surface youkai. I wonder how they feel about us.

So winter has come here as well... I see that even in this underground world, there are still the four seasons.

When the heat escapes it gets cold, and when it builds up it gets hot. That's all it is. Don't try to lump the surface and the Underworld together like that.

Such distinctions are meaningless before nature. And the fact that the passing of the seasons represents the cycle of life most likely remains unchanged as well.

Well, doesn't SOMEONE like to run their mouth like they know everything...!

An investigation into the Underworld, huh? I finally got a chance to relax in the hot springs, and now it looks like my shoulders are getting stiff again.

I just wanna take a day off, drink some tea, and chat with my friends.

Same here, buddy. I was right about to head back to my web for some R&R.

Oh, someone gets it. You wouldn't happen to know of any hot springs around here...?

I'd love to keep chatting, but now isn't really the time.

So this is an earth spider, a youkai that spreads diseases.

What's with you? I can smell something, but... Wait, I know that smell! Then-

Indeed, I'm a Lunarian doctor. I can cure any disease.

A natural enemy then. But can the wisdom of the surface really handle my diseases?

If you think my wisdom is confined to surface matters, then you are gravely mistaken.

Ew, I'm up against some disgusting youkai...

A surface rabbit? You look young, but you're quite the veteran.

I've gotten this far by paying close attention to my health. And now I run into a disease youkai? Of all the luck...

VS Kisume
So is this an Underworld youkai?

Y-Yeah! You're never getting past me!


Huh, no reaction?!

(What's she thinking? I can't tell...)

That bucket looks like it'd be nice to chew on.

Huh?! What is she THINKING?!

You're another Underworld youkai, just like Yamame. You were talking earlier, so do you two know each other?

Y-Yeah. Yamame is my friend. Whenever I'm in trouble, Yamame ALWAYS comes and saves me.

So she knows what it's like to have friends. She can't be a bad person.

It's faint, but I can feel a bit of spring sleeping here too.

The spring in the Underworld is pretty different from the spring on the surface, right?

I don't know what it's like on the surface, so how would I know...?

But I'm a bit jealous of you girls watching the cherry blossoms under the sun.