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...Whew, at least we made it through.

Given who our opponent was, I'm worried that we brought back some germs...

If anyone's feeling out of sorts, say so. I've mixed some basic medicine.

Oh, how reliable. You really are a doctor!

That's very reassuring, but everyone, please wash your hands and rinse your mouths. Just in case.

My body is frail, so it would be a problem if I caught anything.

You seem tougher than you claim, though.

Still, I can't believe we got tag teamed by a pair of youkai. The Underworld doesn't mess around! Are we gonna have to keep fighting without rest from here on out?

We're uninvited guests. You should be prepared for at least that much.

...But the Underworlders seemed nicer than we'd heard. Yamame even told us all sorts of things in the end...

I heard they were nothing but bad news, but now that we've fought, I'm wondering if there's more to them than that.


Nitori, you look like you're thinking about something.

Yeah, actually I've lost a bit of confidence.

How do you mean?

It's true that the earth spiders have been a real pain to the kappa. But, after hearing Wriggle and Yamame's conversation, I'm not so sure about leaving things like this. Is this really all right?

You mean, maybe it's better to forget the past and try to get along for the future?

Yeah, exactly. I'd never even considered being friends with an earth spider before.

On the other hand, that was because I was trying to follow the laws of the mountain to the letter...

...Yamame mentioned something about that too. About how even if a few people's attitudes changed, they still wouldn't be able to do anything. I'm sure it's precisely because she knows how deep the gulf between us is that she has no hopes for relations with the surface.

But did she really have to hate us for that? It's exactly these sorts of grassroots movements that plow the fields for the futu-

I understand your feelings, but please try to concentrate on resolving the incident.

The problems between the surface and the Underworld won't be solved by any kind of simple decision.

Off to the side are the rest.

My, my, my, sounds like they're talking about complicated stuff over there. Again.

Yukari always gets like that whenever people bring up the Underworld. It's like she's tense... Like there's no room for fun and games here.

That just goes to show how seriously she takes this, I'm sure.

What if she's soured on all relations with the Underworld? I mean, they've been giving her a pretty hard time.

No, I'm sure that's not it.

Lady Yuyuko...?

What exactly do you mean by that? She's making it pretty apparent that this Underworld matter is troubling her deeply.

Perhaps so, but if she truly didn't want them around, she would have shunted them off to the outside world. But she hasn't. I think that's because she considers the Underworld still a part of Gensokyo.

So she's being overly cautious with all of this because she's concerned on their behalf?

Then why doesn't she just say so? It's simple enough to understand.

Then again, it IS a habit of hers to try to take on tough problems all by herself...

Yes, and that's why our best options here are being supportive or taking action from the sidelines.

But it's Yukari we're talking about. What could we even do for her? I've never even thought about it.

We're talking about re-thinking our relationship with the Underworld. I can't just leave that up to someone else. As a part of this investigation, we have a stake in that relationship.

Now that we're giving this some thought, isn't this an opportunity to see the relationship from both ends with our own eyes? If it is, sign me up. This humble reporter has her notepad ready to go.

That's fine, but don't forget why we came down here in the first place. We're heading to the Palace of Earth Spirits next, right? To ask about the vengeful spirits?

Oh, right. I wish we had a map...

If that's the problem, then I can lead the way. The Palace was thataway... I think.