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I wasn't satisfied with this last update so I am going to Reimu solo this stage

I just loaded up a save I had on this level and dumped all my money into Reimu, literally one enemy will have a chance to hit her on the stage.

Reimu's skills, importantly I got her sp up 1 and support attack 1 for reasons. Other skills are Shotgunning, Unfocused movement and Blocking level 1.

Reimu gets the -20% Sp item for reasons. The yin yang orb ensures that Reimu will never get hit ever by anything.

There were some words before and after this but I don't care about such things.

Here is what the map looks like at the start and a team I would use maybe if I was playing this regularly

But we are just going to go into the menu and unselect all these units

Interesting fact about the game you have a limit on your amount of undeployed squads, but you can get around it by deselecting people from this menu.

I'm only at 26 undeployed squads here and the game won't give me any more. On this stage you have 47 units + the forced deployed Wriggle, Nitori, and the boat.

When you have 45 squads undeployed you get two Reimus because I don't know. These Reimus are inserted directly into your deployed squads meaning they don't count against you cost. You can use this as an incredibly convoluted way to get infinite cost to deploy any unit on stages where you have 45 or more units who can be undeployed. Undeploying the Reimus spawns more Reimus.

Just use 30 Reimus

So the reason for the sp up and the sp cost down item is zeal costs 70SP normally, 56 with the item and my Reimu had 110SP before the sp up rank, so with all that I get 2 zeals from reimu, or 5 turns per squad. This is the first.

Second. I somehow took most of these pictures while Reimu was blinking.



And fifth, hitting both of the bosses on turn 1.

The reason why I grabbed Support Attack is because it is really easy to set up with all these zeals and also because the third Reimu hides because I don't know.

Another fun glitch can be seen here where Reimu has 189xp to the next level.

And then after battle uhh that isn't right.

Alright. So I assume why this happens because the game only has one value for Reimu's XP instead of being per unit, so they all share and gain xp at the same time.

I took this picture just to show that Reimu is fine with being seen support attacking when not doing it for a double Reimu squad.

So when one of the squads shoots down Yamame(still turn 1) they get 200xp.

And get two levels which is pretty weird because a level is 500xp.

Kisume down. I’m skipping the nitty gritty details of my turn because there isn’t much to say about the difference between moving reimu/reimu squad 10 and reimu/reimu squad 13 forwards to attack.

Yamame soon follows.

Level complete.

Level complete in 1 turn.

One of the Reimus died because Yamame's field makes her hittable and I didn't care I have 30 of them.

See you next stage on the continuing adventures of 14 Reimus and Lunasa I guess?