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...*sigh* What am I doing out here in this cold? Why do we even need a guard, anyways? Nobody even comes here.

I bet everyone else is lying down in front of a fireplace with a warm drink right about now.

Then again, if I were there too I'd just be jealous of everyone else hogging all the fun.

Somebody approaches.

Yo, Parsee!

...! Yuugi.

It's as quiet as always here. You're bored, right?

I'm fine. I'm used to being alone.

So why are you here? Actually don't even bother answering, I already know you just have nothing better to do.

Ha ha ha, you got that right. I was drinking in the neighborhood, so I stopped by to see your face. I got my hands on some of the good stuff. Want me to pour you some?

Ooh, look at me, I get to come and go whenever I feel like it. Lah-dee-dah.

Anyway, I heard something strange in the bar just now. Something about how the groundwater around here is warming up. You know anything about that?

What? Not really, why?

I overheard something about hot water coming out from the well. It's just a guess, but maybe they messed up regulating the temperature down in the Remains of Blazing Hell?

...Hmm, it's certainly happened before. But lately they haven't been making many mistakes, so maybe it IS strange.

I'm not sure, but as long as we can mix hot shochu out of it, we oni are gonna be pretty happy.

...Come on, can't you even go two sentences without bringing up alcohol?

Well, whatever. You're here to drink right? I'll join you, but only for one glass.

Just what I like to hear. I brought some snacks to go with it too.

The screen suddenly shakes.


What was THAT? It felt like the entire atmosphere shook.

I'm feeling an aura I've never sensed before.

Seems interesting! Let's go check it out.