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Boss Convos

VS Yuugi
It's been quite some time since the oni abandoned the surface.

Do you know what it was like back then?

I've heard stories... and promptly let them go in one ear and out the other. I'm sure there's more to it than I know.

It seems Cirno isn't the only one to get so fired up at the drop of a hat.

Don't be so cold, I'm already hyped up for this. And no matter what you say, you're still getting in on this the brawl!

Good grief... I'll accept your challenge.

It's been quite some time, Yuugi Hoshiguma.

The youkai sage, huh? Never thought I'd see your face again.

It's real easy to live down here. Thanks for splitting us up like that.

Hearing that makes it all worth it. But Suika seems to have a different opinion.

Suika's Suika, and I'm me. You don't seem like the type to tell people how to live their lives. We've given up on the surface already. We have no plans to return.

...And I never expected you to, either.

One of the Four Devas of the Mountain? I couldn't ask for a better opponent.

You look like a human at first glance, but it feels like you've got some strange power. Is that why you're treating this like it's a fair and square fight?

My body's just a bit tougher than normal.

Hit me with all you've got. I'm looking forward to seeing what an oni can do.

You've got guts. Why don't we find out!

According to Yukari, the agreement was created in recognition of the oni abandoning the surface. Most likely, it was only possible due to the new order that the oni had established.

Bingo. Back then the Underworld was a lawless place, filled with all sorts of bad tempered folks. Everyone probably came together once they recognized this as our new home.

It certainly must have been a point of stability.

VS Parsee
You came all the way down here just to be food in our stomachs? Very generous, for a human.

Humans are never happy. The grass is always greener on the other side for them. Then they become green with envy...

I dunno about that. That's what drives humans to stick together. Just wanting stuff won't get you anywhere. You've gotta go grab it for yourself!

You're carrying a doll. Perfect.

Perfect for what?

There's a ritual involving them. You fill the doll with your jealousy, and nail it into a tre-


D-Don't worry Shanghai. Ultimately, you're an experiment of mine, so I won't use you like that.

A Hashihime, huh? I've heard the rumors about you.

So how about it? I could sell you a hand-crafted Tewi-brand straw doll from the bamboo forest.

A straw doll from the surface...? But does it work?

That depends on the user. I've tested it on my coworker though.

...I don't know who that is, but I feel sorry for them.

Oh, the jealous person. What do I do if she does something scary...?

Don't worry Dai, I'll protect you!

But what's a jello-sea?

It's that feeling when you really want what someone else has.

Hmm. You really know everything, Dai!

No, I don't! You're the one who's always reliable, Cirno...

...After all that, there's only one thing I can say.

I'm so jealous! Cut it out already!

The jealousy youkai. Remi told me to be careful around you.

Hehehe, being careful is no match for the rush of emotions. You have them too, right? Aren't you jealous of your family...?

Maybe I was, back when only Remi got to go outside. But now she'll even take me with her all the way to the moon!

The moon...? You're exaggerating, right?!

I can't believe she has the power of jealousy. I'll need to take this seriously.

You may be putting up your guard, but I can tell you have a lot of seeds.

"Why only me? Why me at all?"

"Why are they happier than me?"

Shut up! I HAD to run, to survive!

I can't believe a human would come to the Underworld. Looks like your day's gonna be ruined by jealousy.

Unfortunately for you, a chief maid like me holds no such feelings.

But it's precisely because you're a servant that I thought you'd have some pent up feelings.

I try to consider such things and avoid hiding my assertions.

So you three fairies are fighting as one?

That's right, the three of us are the Three Fairies of Light!

Whether it's being hit or being eaten, we share the same fate.

Then why does it feel like you always have less injuries, Star...?

I'm all alone over here... I'll never forgive them for playing buddies right in front of me. I'll tear those bonds to pieces and split you back into three units!