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...I wonder if those surface dwellers are still fighting.

I can't believe they could keep up with Yuugi like that. They're way stronger than I expected.

The player group comes over.


Phew, nothing like the feeling of fighting your heart out.

It looked like that Hashihime from before was headed this wa- Oh, there she is.

What, did you come to here to see how beat up I was so you could bask in your own superiority?

W-We wouldn't dream of doing that! Actually, we worried that we might have overdone it.

If you need bandages or a salve, we might be able to spare a few.

Just stop it, you don't really mean that. I'm sure you just think of me as some annoying woman.

No, that's not what-

The initial part of this scene also changes depending on if Parsee was defeated or not. If she wasn't, then she doesn't need to be filled in on how the battle went after she left.

Ah ha ha! You don't have to worry about that. I mean, she DOES have her annoying side.

What's with that tone, Yuugi? Didn't YOU drag me into that fight? But despite that, as soon as the battle started, you went into some battle trance and just ignored me!

Sorry, my bad. That's just how skilled these humans from the surface were.

But I'm glad you got a chance to feel good about a fight. Seemed like it's been a while for you.

Yup, I can't even remember the last time my blood boiled like that. I never thought you surface dwellers could ever put up a good fight like that.

Hearing that from you makes me feel very accomplished.

This was quite the festival. Why don't we do it again sometime?

If you ever coem to the surface, we'll save a seat for you at the party.

Thanks for the invitation, but I really am an Underworld oni at heart. I can't just leave like that.

But I do kinda want to know more about the surface now. I guess you were right, little lady.

And that's what's important. I used to be the same way until recently, locking myself up in my mansion.

Oh, really?

Indeed. I would watch the surface from inside and feel like I understood it. But in truth, there is a certain charm in going to see things in person.

So you're saying holing up underground is just like locking yourself indoors... Never thought of it like that.

I like it! We'll drink at your place next time.

And we'll welcome you. Based on your attitude, I'm sure you can hold your liquor.

Whoa, Princess! You really can't let yourself underestimate how much these guys drink!

...Watch yourself, Yuugi. My gut tells me she's bad news.

The more important people stroll over.

Sorry to interrupt, but may we have a word with you, Yuugi Hoshiguma?

I don't suppose you could tell us all about the incident as promised?

Yukari Yakumo, was it? Of course, I'll tell you everything I know.

Actually, sorry. I probably should have listened to you in the first place.

It doesn't bother me: I'm well aware of the propensities of the oni.

So you were saying something about spirits coming from the Underworld, right?

Yeah, they're shooting out of a geyser along with a hot spring. So we thought we'd drop by the Palace of Earth Spirits, where they manage all that stuff.

Makes sense. I mean, it's their job.

Cutting straight to the chase, you wouldn't happen to have any idea what could have caused this, would you? Like, has anything strange happened at the Palace of Earth Spirits?

Nothing comes to mind. They're pretty quiet over there. Their master, Satori, never even steps foot outside.

I've got nothing either. Pretty much all I've heard from Yuugi's visits was something about some dispute with the younger one.

Wait, the younger one?

Could you be referring to Satori's younger sister, Koishi Komeiji?

Oh yeah, that. But that's none of you girls' business.

I'd like to hear it regardless. The Komeiji sisters are of personal interest to me.

...Why not tell them? It's not like Satori was hiding it. She said it outright, didn't she?

I guess so, yeah. And this might end up having something to do with the surface too.

...Koishi used to have the same mind reading power as Satori. But it sounds like she sealed her own power some time when we weren't looking.

Wait, really? She sealed her own power?

Yeah. And in exchange she got the power of the unconscious. When she uses that, other people lose track of her and she go wherever she wants with no one noticing.

But in return, she doesn't know what she's doing either.

So that's what Koishi's been going through...

Now that you mention it, she was popping in and out all over the place back when we met.

So she must not have been in control of her body when she came to the surface either.

...! She went to the surface?! No way...

I've been aware of this for quite some time. For now, I don't intend to treat it as a problem.

...But this may be why the residents of the Palace have been behaving so oddly. Until a little while ago, they used to get along so well I was jealous. But I haven't seen the sisters together recently.

You have my appreciation. It was well worth talking to you.

No problem. Let us know if something happens.

Okay then, let's get a move on. More spirits might be coming out as we speak.

You're right. It's be nice if there were a shortcut or something, though...

If you're in a hurry, you can take the back streets straight past the bridge. They're a bit cramped, but it should take you right to the Palace without running into any youkai.

Understood. Thanks for your cooperation.

Get ready to board the ship, everyone.

Most of the player characters leave.

...Guess I'll be headed out too. See you on the surface, Yuugi.

Hold up a sec, Suika.

Hm? What's up?

Man, all those surface people are pretty decent! You never got in touch, so I'm relieved to know that you were enjoying yourself.

Woah, where'd this come from? I never knew you were the worrying type.

Well, you've always had a thing for humans. I was afraid you'd get betrayed again or something.

Don't take your bonds with those people for granted.

...Yeah, I won't. It'd be great if we could just stay like this. But you're coming to the surface next time, right? We'll all welcome you, you know. Not just Kaguya.

You betcha. I already promised, didn't I?

Hey, Suika! Stop dawdling and get moving!

I know, I know! I'll be right there~!

Suika runs back to her eternal resting place on the bench.

...And there she goes. Seeing an old friend really is a great feeling.

Well good for you.

Still, this whole mess with the spirits... It's my mistake for letting something like that happen down here right under my nose. I hope they can handle it themselves, but-

Wait, don't tell me you're worried about some incident on the surface?

Well, sure, the surface dwellers have a duty to honor the agreement. But it's a different story when it looks like we can't clean up our own mess.

...Sheesh, you make it sound so dignified. I'm jealous. But I agree: I don't want to owe these surface dwellers anything.

You think so too? Then we should get headed towards the Palace of-

Could you let us in on this conversation too?


You two...