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Ow ow ow ow....

Hey lady, carry me more gently.

No can do. It's a one-in-a-million chance, but we can't afford to let you slip away.

Make any funny movements and I'll wrap you up in my web.

Don't worry, I won't run or hide.

Cutting right to the chase, why did you send the spirits to the surface?

If it was just a prank, you wouldn't have done something so dangerous.

The reason's important too, but first let's just fix the problem. Stop the spirits immediately.

Sorry, but I can't do that.

What do you mean?

They're coming from even deeper down, from the Remains of Blazing Hell. If you don't head there and exterminate them directly, you can't stop them from going to the surface.

Even deeper, huh? This is becoming more and more of a pain.

Actually, isn't it kinda suspicious that you confessed so easily?

...True, your attitude seemed forced the whole time. You're hiding something important, aren't you?

O-Of course not. Just get going and exterminate those spirits alread-

Satori finally makes it back.



...Those fairies who took me away seemed to be following YOUR orders, Orin. What exactly is going on here? It looks like you fought the humans for me thoug-

M-Miss Satori. We can discuss this later, so-

Yo, Satori. I was wondering where you were.

Hoshiguma? And Mizuhashi, and the others? Why are you with the surface youkai?

We heard about the business with the spirits. We came to look into it.

Perfect timing. Could you read Orin's mind for us?

Orin was the one sending spirits to the surface.

Really, Orin?!

That's what she told us. However, her reasons remain unclear.

Miss Satori, I...



Orin, is that true?!

Uh, wait, what are they talking about?

If you've figured something out, then tell us!


I'll tell them, Miss Satori. I'm the one who did this, after all.

...I said it was a prank, but that's not the real reason I sent spirits to the surface.

So what's the real reason then?

I wanted to lure you to the Remains of Blazing Hell, to make you fight Okuu.


You mean your friend, the hell crow?

Yeah. My best friend, Utsuho Reiuji. She may be an airhead, but she's a good person. Thing is, recently she got her hands on some horrifying power I've never seen before...

A "power", you say?

It was ridiculously strong. I'd be no match for it.

Ever since then, she's been acting funny. Saying she would conquer the surface and stuff.

That's crazy talk!

Well, yeah... But she was serious about it.


(...Kanako, you don't suppose this "ridiculous power" of Okuu's could be-)

(Yeah. This can't be a coincidence. But why? Nothing like this was supposed to happen...)

(I'd like to keeping thinking about this, but we should probably move first. If we stay here, Satori could read our minds. And then things will get complicated.)

(...You mean we shouldn't talk to Orin and Satori until after we've seen how Utsuho's doing?)

Kanako and Suwako quickly make their exit.

Oh, where might those two be headed?

Maybe they just went to get some water while we were talking?

So, how might Utsuho obtaining power lead to vengeful spirits coming to the surface? I believe you said you wanted us to fight her?

She's seriously planning on attacking the surface. But I can't stop her by myself. So I thought I'd have you guys punish her for me.

So the spirits were to get us to come down here then.

I was sure that you'd come investigate if there were spirits coming from Blazing Hell. So you'd go beat up Okuu, she'd stop being a bad guy, and everything would be settled.

...So you were worried about her then? Talk about a convoluted plan, though.

...But what she says is the truth.

Well, it's not like I can't understand your feelings, but wasn't that a bit drastic of you? I don't care what the situation was, you went and provoked the surface dwellers.

Shouldn't you have at least discussed this with Satori first?


Orin, you-

I'm sorry, it's not that I didn't trust you, Miss Satori! But if I talked to you about it, then it would become the whole Underworld's problem! And then you might have to dispose of Okuu... So I thought I had to do this on my own, no matter what.

I'm not mad at you, Orin. I can't condone your methods, but you were the first to notice something wrong with Okuu, and you tried to do something about it.


In fact, perhaps I'm the one at fault for not noticing.

I suppose that's something even being able to read minds wouldn't help with.

It might even be BECAUSE you had that power that you let your guard down.


Just listen to you. You do nothing but mope around. Are you really the lord of this manor? As the head of a household, you can't let your mistakes worry your followers.

Those words have a different ring when spoken by you, milady.

Is this what they call burying a problem?

...Still, I can appreciate the sentiment that I should be more optimistic. Thank you for your encouragement.

Uh, that was supposed to be encouragement?

Either way, we've finally shed some light on this incident. All that's left is Okuu, although I'm not sure how we'll deal with her.

We certainly can't leave her alone. Let's head for Blazing Hell immediately.

What?! You'll fight Okuu for me?!

If she says she's going to conquer the surface, we can't just leave her be. Plus, she's someone we've met before...

Just make sure you stop those spirits as payback.

Sure! I'll close up the path to the surface right away.

That's that then. What about you, Yuugi?

What else? We're coming too. Haven't had the chance to take a tour of Hell in a while anyway.

I wasn't really prepared to go that far, but whatever.

Uh, based on what they said, shouldn't we be hurrying?

Okay, so we'll take you four on the Palanquin Ship and get moving.

Huh, really?

We'll need someone to guide us. I look forward to working with you.

...I'll head over as soon as I finish patching Miss Satori up.

Actually, I didn't really like relying on the surface dwellers in the first place, but...

We'd be stopping this Okuu person even if you didn't ask us to. Defeating youkai who are up to no good is just my job.

Don't worry, we won't be too cruel to your friend.

We promise to stop fighting as soon as she starts listening.

...Please do. For me, as well.

Okay, hang on a sec while I get the ship outside.

So, which way goes to the Remains of Blazing Hell?

There's an entrance in the courtyard. Please head there.

...Yeesh, I never thought we'd be burying the hatchet with the Underworld like THIS. I guess you two have a lot to think about too, huh?

I'm well aware that the cause of all this lies with us. I don't plan to contest that.

Even so, I'm glad we could talk like this.

Since we have the opportunity, could we discuss one last matter?

...You mean Koishi.

As I said earlier, she isn't home right now. I can't promise when she'll be back either.

But aren't you worried about her too? We've heard that, due to her power over unconsciousness, your sister isn't aware of what she's doing.


It's gradually becoming common knowledge that she ventures to and from the surface. I wonder what YOU think about that?

As you can imagine, even I don't know where she goes or what she's up to. However, even if she can't control her body, Koishi always comes home.

She does?

Yes. This is proof that something deep in her heart is still connected to the Palace of Earth Spirits.

Well, makes sense. I mean, if there's anywhere she'd return too, it'd be her home.

...I understand. If that is how you see it, then we shall continue our monitoring.

...This wasn't gonna be something we could solve right away anyway.

First, we need to deal with Utsuho. It looks like the ship is ready, so let's move out.