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...Never thought we'd be getting a ride on the ship like this.

So this is surface technology? Why do you always have to show off?

...I'll show you around, but try not to touch anything. They may look like ordinary rooms, but they're filled with switches that control all sorts of things.

Got it. I'm not in the mood for sightseeing anyway.

But I can't believe you're really going to be working with us, Yamame. If you'd like, I could introduce you to everyon-

Didn't I already say I'm not here to get all buddy-buddy with you?

M-Maybe so, but-

Of course, that doesn't mean we're going to get in your way either. It'll be a problem for the Underworld too, if we don't stop Okuu.

...So I guess we have the same goal then?

Momiji steps in.

So this is where you all were.

Did something happen, Momiji?

Apparently, Lady Kanako and Lady Suwako have something to say about Utsuho's new power. They told us to gather the whole crew on the bridge.

What could they have to say to ALL of us...?

Let's go find out.


Palanquin Ship - Bridge

Music: Determination in the Chest

...I also made the announcement to gather over the ship's broadcasting, just in case. I believe everyone should be here shortly.

I see, thank you for your efforts.

So what's so important that you suddenly need to talk to everyone about? Don't tell me you know something about Utsuho?

It's long story, so we'll start once we're all here.

If you insist. We won't rush you, but-

But sheesh, it's HOT! Not that I really expected anything else from Hell.

I don't think I could take being on guard duty out there.

It's even completely pushing back the winter's cold wave.

It's not supposed to be THIS hot. It wasn't like this even back in the old days of Blazing Hell.

In the Old Capital, they're even talking about how the ground water's been heating up.

When you take both that and the geyser on the surface into account, there's no doubt where this heat originates. It's difficult to believe that an ordinary hell crow could produce this much heat though.

Maybe this Okuu person's already grilled chicken by now.

We're still a little ways from the bottom, so just imagine how terrible it must be at the source...

The rest of the party steps in.

I've brought them all, Lady Kanako.

Whoa, there are a LOT of surface dwellers here...

Good work, Momiji. So is this everyone then?

It's a bit cramped, but I won't complain.

Why don't you start telling us what this is all about then? It must be important if you're going through all this trouble to tell EVERYONE.

Indeed, that's exactly why I want you all to first calm yourselves and just listen quietly.

We're planning to tell you everything we know.

What would you two know...?

Clarste posted:

You were there, Sanae. Didn't you even recommend Okuu for their nuclear power experiement?

She probably just forgot.

...We've all heard from Orin that Okuu has obtained a terrible power. In truth though, Suwako and I were the ones who bestowed that power upon her.


YOU did it?!

Wait, so you're saying you're the ones behind the incident?

What do you mean? I'm not following.

Hold your comments, I'll explain from the beginning.

First of all, the fact that Utsuho ended up like this was something we never foresaw.

...Maybe you should start with the details.

In the beginning, we were simply wondering whether it would be possible to introduce a new source of energy to Gensokyo. If we had an innovative energy source, both human and youkai manufacturing processes would be invigorated, leading to tangible lifestyle improvements.

You mentioned this earlier, but weren't you still in the idea phase...?

Then we decided the borrow the power of a god named Yatagarasu. We would enshrine that divine power within someone, and make that person into an ally. That way, we'd be able to use the energy like we were talking about.

So you wanted to start an Industrial Revolution, Gensokyo style?

Isn't that about the same idea as when we used divine power to get to the moon?

By the way, yes, this means Rabbit is indirectly responsible for Subterranean Animism too.

As we were afraid of the power being abused, we made sure to select the vessel carefully. With her high spiritual capacity and a clean slate of a mind, Utsuho was an optimal candidate.

In other words, Utsuho has obtained divine power.

So what did you mean when you said this was unforeseen then?

Yeah, that's the real problem here. No matter how I think of it, it's far too early for her to be using Yatagarasu's power.

What does THAT mean?

...If I had to guess, it's because enshrining a god in one's body is far from a simple procedure. Even the experts, shrine maidens, have to train long and hard to even briefly borrow their power.

I see, so that's why you weren't keeping a close eye on her.

Yeah, pretty much. We were planning on keeping an eye on her over a long timeframe. We'd give it a year or two, and while that was going on we'd gradually talk things out with the Underworld youkai.

Okay then. I can see the logic I guess...

But, in the end, isn't this Okuu girl talking about conquering the surface? It's pretty obvious you chose the wrong person, isn't it?

It pains me to hear that, but... We never imagined that Utsuho would take dangerous actions like this.

...It seems your assumptions were baseless then.

When we first met Utsuho, she seemed to have a pure heart. She worked tirelessly for others with no thought for her own personal gain. That's why we thought it was safe to entrust her with it.

True, I did get the same impression when we met her earlier.

She stuck her neck out for Orin. She was a straightforward person who cared for her friend. At the very least, she didn't seem to be fighting out of hostility or malice.

Never thought I'd hear a surface dweller talk about one of us like that.

This has nothing to do with where people live. We just thought that Okuu was the only person we could entrust this power too.

...And even now, I don't believe we were mistaken.

You both keep trying to paint this like you DIDN'T ruin everything.

...Well, however it turned out, I can tell you had good intentions.

Why don't we talk about this again once the problem has been resolved?

Although I would have preferred if you had discussed such an important matter that could affect all of Gensokyo with me ahead of time.

She's right, we could have all thought it through together.

For that, I apologize. Sorry.

Now that we know what happened, all that's left is to check in on the person herself. Of course, based on what Orin said it's likely we'll end up fighting.

Oh yeah, what kind of power does that god living in Utsuho have?

Yatagarasu is a sun god. Actually, maybe you could even call him the avatar of the sun. He's something like a mass of energy that controls the ultimate power, nuclear fusion.

U-Ultimate power? I don't think I like this plan anymore.

I don't blame you. But either way, we've gotta exterminate her.

...Get ready then, because the bottom level is coming into view.

The temperature outside is climbing even higher. I've also confirmed a huge heat source.

We've arrived at the Remains of Blazing Hell!


...My, it seems you've finished playing. Good work.

Flan is waiting for me too, so I'll just be heading off to bed now-

Hey, Remi, could you give me a goodnight kiss again?

...! *choke* *cough*

F-Flan. I'm in an intermission message right now, so don't say awkward things like tha-

But Remiiii, don't you owe me 496 years worth? And even in the game, you kept me waiting for almost 30 chapters!

Now that you say it, I really did, huh... Well, whatever. We're going to relax now, so you should too.

That's that then. Bye-bye!