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It's raining.

...Is anyone injured?

Nope. We got really lucky...

So it starts raining as soon as the fight's over? I guess the heat even reached the sky...

It's just perfect though, since it'll slow down the wildfires.

Mistress, if you'd like to take shelter from the rain somewhere, then-

There's still the matter with Utsuho. I have an umbrella, so just a little won't hurt.

Eirin's examination is taking longer than I expected...


I know she's gonna be okay, Miss Satori. They say that doctor from the surface does examinations on youkai too, so...

...Is she gonna be okay, Meiling?

So you're worried about Utsuho too, Lady Flan.

She was in pain the whole time we were fighting. I could tell she didn't really want to break us.

...At least we can take comfort in the fact that no other humans or youkai got caught up in this.

Now, if only we could confirm Utsuho's safety...

Eirin makes her entrance.

...Thank you for the assistance, you can set her down in the shade over there.

Sure, got it.

Everyone, we've completed our treatment.


Satori runs over to check on Utsuho.


Okuu, you're covered with wounds...

Will she be all right? I can't hear her inner voice!

J-Just calm down! She's only unconscious for now.

I examined her extremely carefully. Her condition isn't life threatening.

R-Really?! Then she'll be better in no time!

We're lucky we barely managed to stop her in time. Just a little longer, and she would have exceeded her body's limits.

That's such a relief. For a while there, I wasn't sure what would happen.

Her life may not be in danger, but you should still give her a chance to rest for a while. The strain of bearing the power of a god, and her own drained spiritual power, have left her pretty debilitated.

In order for her to wake up, you'll need to wait for her to recover energy on her own.

...I see. But-

Isn't there anything else we can do?! I don't want to just sit and wait...

...I'm sure staying by her side should have some stimulating effect. And, if you like, I'm willing to head down the Underworld for a follow-up examination.

Got it. I'll trust you.


...Satori Komeiji, if there anything we can do to help, don't be afraid to let us know.

Kanako Yasaka...

I'm sure knowing how to properly handle a god would be helpful.

...The surface has also been damaged. We'll both need time to think about this.

Furthermore, Okuu is still...

...I understand. You can take her back to the Palace now, if you like.

You'll need someone to carry her, right? Leave it to me.

You stick around and listen to what they have to say, Parsee.

...Okay, watch yourself.

Yuugi leaves with Satori and Orin.

...There they go.

Okuu's definitely gonna wake up, right?

...If the master says so, then you can bet on it. Or don't tell me you only said that to console her?

It's just as I told Satori. Although how long it will take depends on Utsuho herself.

If you're going to examine her, then do it properly. Everyone here was waiting for the good news with bated breath.

...I'll keep that in mind.

But we've got more to worry about than people right now. The whole region's been badly scorched, and the Palanquin Ship's taken its fair share of damage as well.

I wonder how the ship's doing.

The port side's been wrecked, and half the crew quarters are unusable. The Buddhist reactor isn't starting up either... I don't think it'll be flying for a while.

...I see.

...Why don't we think of it as having minimized the damage? Surely it would have been even worse if you hadn't moved.

Right. You made the right call, Captain. And, you know, the whole bridge crew.

...Thanks, Nazrin.


But why did this all have to happen?


Utsuho was behaving herself after the fight underground. Wasn't the incident already resolved by then?

But then Yatagarasu's power went out of control and scarred the surface because-!

Because Shiro attacked Utsuho.


Is this what Shiro— I mean, the person in the dream— wanted to happen?

I'm not gonna be satisfied until she gets what's coming to her. What's with this whole purging thing anyway?!

Marisa charges off.

Marisa, where are you going?!

I'm looking for Shiro. I'm gonna grab it and get some answers!

Calm down, Marisa. There's no trace of the kedama anywhere nearby.

Plus, I'm sure that person sees us as enemies now. It's dangerous to act rashly when you're so exhausted.


...I dunno who they are, but it sure was rude of them to get the Underworld mixed up in all this.

So, how do you surface youkai plan to deal with this?

What do you mean?

I get that that white youkai is no friend of yours, but don't tell me you're going to leave things like this?

...Naturally, I'll be looking into it. I have no plans to leave the matter unsettled.

So, uh, in the end Okuu kinda blew up the surface, but-

Utsuho, and even Yatagarasu, were merely victims here. If anything, I must express my gratitude to the youkai of the Underworld for helping to protect the surface.

No need to thank us, it's not like we weren't involved.

Call us up whenever that youkai attacks again. We've got a grudge that needs settling.

I think we've said what we needed to. Let's head back to the Underworld.


Kisume, Yamame, and Parsee leave.

...They said that they'd help us out again.

We could have chatted longer if we weren't forced to the surface like that...

We might've even gotten a little closer to them.


...When we first set out for the Underworld, I never imagined we'd create this kind of bond with them. Perhaps this chance will let relationship between the surface and the Underworld begin to change.

If it does, it will involve the whole of Gensokyo, and a long period of time. Still, we need to treasure what we observed and felt during this investigation.

Or else these chance encounters will go to waste, right?

...So, what do we do now? We have to clean up after this incident, there's the whole thing with Shiro... There's tons to do.

...First of all, let's get some rest. Both our minds and bodies need to relax.

So where is the crew of the Palanquin going to stay? If necessary, I can arrange some accommodations.

I appreciate the thought, but we're just gonna stay with the ship.

We've gotta tidy things up here until it's livable, at least.


...Let's go too, Lady Kanako. I'll catch a cold if we stay out in the rain.

You're right. I was just lost in thought.

After we fought her underground, I had hoped Utsuho would figure out how to use Yatagarasu's power properly. But now...

If only we could've prevented Shiro from interfering...

...I get where you're coming from, but you two have gotta focus on what you can actually do. You can always go help Utsuho when she wakes up.

...Yes, you're right.

Reimu, Marisa, why don't we head back too? The rain's getting stronger.

...It bugs me leaving this half-done, but I guess there's nothing else we can do.

Right... With this, the investigation is officially over.