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...I can leave her here, right?

Thanks. We'll handle the rest.

...I'm sorry, I know I should at least serve you some tea, but...

Don't mind me, you've gotta take care of Okuu, right?

Give us a holler if anything happens.

...Thank you.

Yuugi leaves.

...Welp, I'm gonna get started on changing her bandages.


...C'mon, don't make that face, Miss Satori. Okuu'll be up and about in no time! I mean, the doctor from the surface said she would be fine!

...Thank you, Orin.

You're right, we just need to wait for her to wake up.



Orin, you...

...Y'know, I'm still not happy with what happened today!

Okuu only talked about conquering the surface, but she was really giving it a lot more thought than that. I should've realized her real feelings!

You know how desperate she was.

...I mean, I knew why she wanted power. We were both frustrated that we couldn't do anything to help Miss Koishi.


...That's why we went looking for her on the surface, we were just trying to do whatever we could. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't come up with anything else.

We didn't didn't know what to do...


...And nothing's changed! I STILL don't know what to do...

I should've talked to you about Okuu.

No, I should've swallowed that god myself. If I'd done that, then-

Stop it!


Stop talking about taking her place, or what might have been. I'm well aware that you did the best you could.

...I-I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me...

Not only that...

I don't know what to do either.


How can I get Koishi back to how she used to be? What could I have done to keep Koishi from closing her third eye?

I keep thinking, if it wasn't for all of this, our minds might still be connected...

Then Miss Satori, you-

Actually, I have no confidence in anything. I'm always wracked with worry. So... if you ask me what to do, then I...

So you've been worrying all this time too...

...I'm sorry, even if I tell you this, it won't change anything.

It's fine. This is the first time I've heard your real feelings.

I'm just so happy that you'd let me hear the-

Oh? What's up, sis?


M-Miss Koishi! You came home?!

Yeah. I ended up taking a bath all by myself though. Everyone was up on the surface, so I thought you'd at least want to get the mud off too.

Up on the surface...? Were you watching that...?!

Just a bit. This crazy light was coming out of Okuu. So what was that anyway? She could never do anything like that before.

...Well you see, Okuu offered her body to a god and received the power of the sun. However, she's resting now and recovering from her injuries.

Eh, won't she get better before you know it? I want her to play with me too next time. I mean, she's so much stronger than she used to me.

P-Play with you? That's not quite what she had in mind when she got that power.

She was... thinking about you and Miss Satori.

Orin, you don't have to-

What about me and Satori?

Well, she wanted to let you two live happily again.




Every day is fun for me. No one hates me, and I can spend my time with everyone. Did something bad happen to you or Satori then?

W-Well, um...

So when's Okuu gonna open her eyes? I wanna see her new power again.


Don't worry, she'll wake up soon enough.

Miss Satori...

This is our house, so everything will turn out all right as long as we can live together like this.


It's not your fault that you don't know what's been happening in the palace, or to Okuu. Ever since you stopped being able to read minds, you've-


Is... is that a bad thing...?

...! I'm sorry Koishi, that's not what I meant!

Do you think I'm no good because I can't read minds? I'm still me, nothing's changed.

...That's not true, you know that.

...No, I don't know that. Because I closed my third eye.

But I still loved you all that time! I still loved everyone!


...! She's gone...

Where are you, Koishi? Are you over there? Just let me hear your voice...

Answer me, Koishi! Please!


...Shortly thereafter, the rain gave way to snow.

Across the ground, blanketed in white, a single set of footprints led away from the Underworld.

And then, after a brief passing of time...

The surface slowly but surely took back its usual colors.