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On the count of two, okay?



Everybody opens fire on some debris to knock it over.

Phew, we managed to move it.

The melted rocks got stuck together when they hardened.

Once we're all finished up here, let's head to the next area. When we're done with that that, we'll finally be finished clearing a walking path to the mountain.

We might actually get this done in a week.

My apologies for having you all work without rest since morning. You didn't have to do this, I'm the one who Lady Yukari ordered to handle cleaning up.

We're just doing what we want to do.

I don't think any of us could rest easy leaving this place in such a bad state.

...I see. Then allow me to join you, as someone else who feels the same way.

It looks like the animals are coming back too, little by little. The bugs are getting pretty cozy in the dirt here, anyway.

Well duh, that's what us fairies are coming here for.


We're fairies, so we can help give a little boost to the growth of nature.

Fairies living somewhere is the original state of nature. So us being here can stretch out the life force that's already here.

...So you're the very avatars of nature then.

Still, should you really be leaving your house, Lily? It's not spring yet, so you should just leave this to us.

But I want to make sure this place can greet spring like usual too.

True enough, this place won't exactly be blooming in a couple of months without a lot of effort.

I'm sure Rabbit will be disappointed if this spring isn't the best it can be.

Oh that's right, you promised her a lovely spring she'd even be able to see from the moon.

Yes, exactly!

If that's the case, then maybe I should be supporting you too.

Does that mean you're going to help out spring by standing down and cancelling winter early?! If that causes a chain reaction leading to an early autumn, then I couldn't ask for anything more!

Unfortunately, I meant the opposite. I was thinking about sticking around after winter to help out.

Are you gonna be okay, Letty? Don't you get sleepy when spring comes?

We still haven't settled things in regards to the incident. I plan to see that through to the end.

Just help me cool down in the hot weather, all right Cirno?

...Yeah! Got it!

Okay, why don't we get back to work then? Once we're done with the rocks, we'll need to sort out all the rubble.

How about you leave that to us?

Huh? That sounds like...

You girls are further along with this that I expected. It hasn't even been that long.

We came to lend the surface dwellers a hand.

Yamame?! Kisume?! Are you allowed to come up here?

This civil engineering sorta stuff is my speciality, so let me help out.

Pretty sure we ran this past the sage too?

Yes, we agreed to accept their cooperation.

I'm surprised to see you two help out!

Leaving things like this just didn't sit right with me. Not planning to stick around any longer than we need to, thou-

Nitori makes her appearance with quite a large piece of equipment.

Heeey everybody! I brought a HUGE drill!

This baby'll tear through all that rubble lik- Wait, the Underworlders?!

Well look who just showed up.

If you're here, does that mean you're helping out with the clean-up too?

...You got a problem with that? Don't worry, you don't have to get along with me.

Th-That's not what I meant.

Actually, I've got something I need to say to you two.


...Until now, I've been treating you like the bad guys without knowing anything about you, just because you're youkai from the Underworld. But after fighting at your side, I realized that maybe we could've been friends.

You don't need to apologize for that. We were lumping all you surface folks together too. That's just how the surface and the Underworld have always been.

...But we can get along better in the future, right?

The future, huh?

Right, even during this incident we put our hands together at the very end.

Even if we can't forget everything that's happen up until now, we can still...

...Yeah. I think we can get along too.

Hmph. Look at all these pretty little ideals, coming from every last one of you.

...But for some reason, I wanna believe in them too now.


Obviously, I don't think this is gonna change anything right away. But maybe we'll keep on hanging out with you girls anyways.

Yes, that should be how it all starts.

...So, now that we've got all these people helping out, how about we wrap this up?

Sorry to put you to work right away, but do you think you could help move that boulder Yama- um, Miss Yamame?

Just Yamame's fine. No need to be so formal, we're both bug youkai, aren't we?

Eh!? Are you sure...?

After all that love and peace junk, the thought of you acting so reserved around me makes me sick. Show some dignity, girl. You're the bug I'm gonna be working with.

O-Okay, Yamame...

..."The ground hardens after the rain", was it?

But whether this bears fruit or not is up to us. We need to do everything we can to make that happen.