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Thanks Sakuya, it tasted great.

Drinking Sakuya's tea really brings you back to life, huh?

Don't exaggerate, I'm sure it's just because you took a little break.

Should we finish up this moving business in one fell swoop, then?

Be ready to tidy up your things as soon as Meiling finishes cleaning the basement, okay Flan?


I was sure we'd never use that basement again, but here we are, cleaning it up.

It's Flan's hope. She's not being locked up in there anymore.

I can play outside now, so seeing that room doesn't make me feel bad anymore.

I would've been fine rooming with Remi though...

Now, now, every proper young lady needs at least her own room.

Even if you say they're separate, aren't they're right next to each other? She'll probably sneak in at bedtime.

...Maybe I should take this chance to find a larger bed.

Well, I'm sure a bed will be easier to find than that billiard table.


N-Never mind that, it happened a long time ago!

Anyway, I'll leave all that to you. Would you mind holding a parasol for me, Sakuya?

Huh, you're going out to play somewhere?

I wouldn't call it playing, exactly. I'm just going to see if I can catch wind of a certain pesky familiar. No one's seen it since then, so I'm hoping having a look myself will pay off.

Fancying yourself a detective? I'd had you pegged as the armchair sort, myself.

I don't mind being your assistant, but do you have any leads?

Nope, not one. I was thinking of leaving that to you, Sakuya.

And suddenly my role enlarges.

...Sounds fun. I wish I could go with you, Remi. But I already said I'd help clean up...

You made a promise, so you have to keep it. If you can learn to take care of yourself, you should be able to help next time.

Is that true, Sakuya?

I see Flandre knows who's really in charge of the place.

Of course. It would also be a big help for when I'm not at home.

While we're at it, why don't I teach you how to organize your wardrobe or make your bed? I'm sure Remi will praise you she comes back to sparkling clean room.

Got it! Okay, I'll clean my room while I wait for you, Remi!

...At this rate, she might become a proper lady before you do, Remi.

Somehow I doubt that.

Okay, Sakuya, we're leaving.

Yes, my mistress.