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Hey everyone~! Are you enjoying our special Youkai Mountain concert~?!

Stick around to the end, cause you haven't heard nothing yet~!

Kyaaah! The Prisms! Beautiful!

Whoa! Hey, you're blocking the view!

...Aw. Elly, I told you to bring candy... Now we're gonna have to eat those cucumbers they're selling!

Sheesh, I can't believe the proud Youkai Mountain is hosting something like this.

Don't be so stubborn, this is a magnificent chance to take a break.

Plus, rumor has it that there's going to be a special guest today.

Hmph, I don't take every chance to party like you crows do.

...Allow me to introduce our guest singer. Her songs soar freely like a bird-

Mystia Lorelei!

Listen to my sooong~!

The crowd cheers.

Wha- That youkai?!

Kyaaa! Mysty! Deculture!

:It Is A Macross Reference:

This super Gensokyo-class singing! There's no escaping Westernization!

Ridiculous. Don't be led astray by a song like that.


W-Westernization ho!

Off to the side are the more important characters.

Looks like they're getting fired up. Good, good.

Mystia and the Prismrivers put on quite the concert.

But what's Elly doing in the middle of a mountain event...?

The Prismrivers approach.

Don't be so stiff, we're here to make every happy~!

Plus, Elly's our biggest fan.

Huh, the band?! Shouldn't you be on stage?

We finally snagged a guest singer, so we're gonna see what she's got from the dressing room.

Seems like this is the first time she's done something like this, so it'll be a good experience for her.

I see. I'm sure Mystia can carry the event even by herself.

But it's really been a while since we had the Moriya Shrine sponsor an event.

Neither Lady Kanako nor Lady Suwako have been on the mountain lately. Seems like they've been worried about Utsuho and come and go to the Underworld a lot.

Whait, does that mean Sanae's the one who organized all this?

...Ever since what happened earlier, the mountain's been a little restless. The presence of Underworld youkai hasn't helped. That's why I thought we should have a fun event, as a change of pace.

Then a concert was a good idea.

I want to support those two. And since I can't help in the Underworld...

You want to pay back your debts to them? That's pretty diligent of you~.

But in that case, we really to make sure this thing's a hit~!

Yeah, and make our splash on the mountain while we're at i-

Hm? What's that?

Two others approach.

Look! Mystia's singing over there.

Hold onto my hand so you don't get lost~.

Chen and Yuyuko? Did you come here for the concert?

Yes. I was on a walk with Chen and it seemed particularly lively over here.

We used a secret path Miss Ran told me about!

Maybe you shouldn't be announcing that so loudly.

So Ran isn't with you then?

Yeah, Miss Ran's busy with work. Miss Yukari too.

It seems she has her hands full will all the matters that have been popping up in the aftermath~. I'm glad to see things seem to be calming down around here, at least.

...Were you worried about us?

Oh, there's just nothing to do in the Netherworld. And it seemed interesting.

I hope Gensokyo can cheer up.

Leave that to us!

How about we have another concert some other day? Even Yukari and Kanako need a break once in a while, right?

Woah, really? Maybe Miss Ran and Cirno's group can come too.

Going to a concert with everyone? Never thought I'd do that.

That's probably because you never got out much.

Mystia'll be used to it by then, so we'll show you a great show~!

So next time we'll be a four member band too-

Heeeeeey, are you listening over there~?!

...Looks like she's already used to it.

We wouldn't be a poltergeist band if we didn't respond to her challenge!

Let's get to the stage and shake this place up!