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C'mon, chug it!

Very well, if you insist...

My, that's delicious!

Woah, now YOU know how to drink. Now I want a shot!

As long as we're doing this, I'd like to try another drinking vessel. Inaba, you brought out the special sake cups, I trust?

Yeah, yeah. I woulda had Reisen do it if she wasn't totally smashed...

Look at you, Yuugi. Having a grand old time just because you can hold your liquor. I know it's fun on the surface, but all I feel like is a fish out of water.

You look like you're blushing. Shall I bring you something to help sober you up?

You invited us here, and now you're even being hospitable? You must be real pro party hosts.

I gotta say, I wasn't expecting to run into you girls up on the surface!

When I make plans to visit someone for a drink, I don't waste time.

It's also most edifying for us, getting to have a taste of genuine oni-brewed sake. Truly, this is the flavor of the surface, given many years...

The surface? Don't you mean the Underworld?

It's all the same, from the moon's perspective. A noisy world, filled with impurity.

And this sake blends all of those impurities into its own intricate flavor. It has a deliciousness all its own, the exact opposite of the taste of refined lunar sake.

It's even better than it used to be. You oni have been upping your sake brewing game.

Who does this rabbit think she is?

Still, you ladies have done a lot for us. It's because of you that Utsuho is finally awake, right?

Her lifeforce is what helped her recover so quickly. I was hardly expecting it, myself.

She's been up and about for days, now.

Pretty impressive energy from someone who went through all that. But I haven't seen Satori around since then. Is she lying low because of the Okuu thing?

For someone who reads minds, she has an awfully thin skin sometimes. What a complicated girl.

I've hardly seen her, either. She may have her reasons, though.

Either way, Okuu's safe and getting better.

But if anything else comes up, we might have to get help from you ladies again.

We would welcome it. I'd love to learn more about the Underworld.

Hey, if you wanna improve relations, how about taking some souvenirs back with you? The rabbits are doing some mochi pounding out back right now, so we should have plenty to go around.

Neat, I love the mochi here. Can I grab some too?

Not a bad idea. I'll share some with the other oni.

Ooooh, look who has friends to share stuff with. I guess I'll take some anyway, though.

Parsee, Suika, and Yuugi leave.

I wasn't expecting them to really come up to the surface for a party.

Oni never break promises. They've got a code.

Now we get to learn about not only the surface, but also the people of the Underworld. It was well worth opening our doors.

I can truly feel time's effects in the six months since we broke the spell of eternity.

I should hope so. In the thousand years before that, the only excitement we had was meeting Tewi and Udonge. Now that we've been engulfed in impurity once, there's no stopping change.

I can feel for myself, that this is truly what it is to live on the surface.

I think you've been changing a bit too, Eirin. Ever since you opened that pharmacy of yours.

Have I? I've hardly noticed.

To be engulfed in impurity means to become part of a slow, gradual change. So gradual, you might never notice them yourself.

Now that you mention it, I've noticed that Master seems a lot more down-to-earth these days.

I have to be. If I am to live on the surface, I must interact with society in my work.

And the fact that you see it that way shows change. We should treasure that, as people who live crawling on the ground.

I trust that your letter has ensured our safety from emissaries?

It has. We're residents of the surface now. But that very thing is why I wish you would consider your lifestyle a bit more, Princess.


The party we held today was not free by any means. And when you request that people arrange your papers, you never remember where they are.

Oh, if there's entertaining work to be done, I'll do it. But didn't you forbid me from going into the Human Village?

A job that involves a commute from the manor is hardly a fitting job for a princess.

Hoo boy, here we go again with the bickering...

Then again, I guess I should appreciate that they're having these conversations at all.