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...Phew, was that everything on your shopping list?

Visiting everywhere that's on sale really adds up. This stuff is heavy.

Sorry about making you come shopping with me, you two.

No problem. Anyway, I'm sure this food's ending up in my stomach too.

I would've just been killing time, so I'm just glad to have someone to talk to.

But above all else, it's good to see that nothing's changed for the village. I was worried that there'd be a panic here, after what happened.

Looks fine to me. We even stopped the vengeful spirits before they got here.

You can never be too careful. Lately, there's more people coming and going to the village. Look, there's one right over there.


Reisen and Youmu are walking nearby.

*sigh* Not many people buying medicine today...

Look on the bright side, that means everyone's healthy.

Maybe that's bright to YOU, but our livelihoods depend on this. Now we won't get any new customers for our medicine deliveries.

Then why not rely on the humans themselves? Give out a bit of free medicine to customers who introduce you to their friends.

...I'm sure you're not aware of this, but that's a despicable idea.

Oh, fancy meeting you two here.

Ah, good afternoon.

This is a strange sight, you're taking Youmu with you to sell your medicine?

I met up with her on my way home. She's got some sort of errand here.

I'd heard you were doing business in the village, but it looks pretty legit.

You're much better at it now than when you first started. Back when I first saw you, you were being so cautious that it was almost like you were avoiding customers.

I'm still not too comfortable with it. Guess I'll never get used to this.

But everyone's talking about how a remarkable pharmacist suddenly showed up in the bamboo forest. I doubt you have anything to worry about in regards to living as people of Earth anymore.

...Right. Because Mokou guides them whenever someone comes to visit from the village.

I still can't believe that you guys, who used to avoid humans, are now working for them.

I'm living as just another Gensokyan human now too, along with Keine and the rest. If to live is to change, then I have nothing to fear.

The life of a human who's escaped the cycle of reincarnation, huh? I'm looking forward to seeing this.

...That sounds great, but why are YOU here, Komachi?


Good point, don't you have a job to do?

I haven't met her myself, but I hear your boss, the Yama, is quite strict.

Oh, no worries there. I casually mentioned that I might hang out here. Plus, it seems like she's a bit interested in stories about the surface.

...How irresponsible can you get? I don't even want to know anymore.

But it's true that she's been interested whenever I make a report about you guys. She hasn't had the chance lately, but she might even come down to see how things are for herself.

I'll have to be sure to give my respects if she does.

Keine seems to know about her, but what sort of person is this Yama anyway?

Let's see, according to Lady Yuyuko, she likes preaching even more than Keine, and Lady Yukari is bad at dealing with her, and-

More than KEINE?!

Well, she DOES spend her free time coming to Earth and lecturing people. It's like her hobby.

I'm sure we'd see Gensokyo's morals tightened up if she dropped by.

...Sure, but I really don't want to meet her.