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...Phew, that about covers it for the floors. Next are the windows, then sorting documents, then...


Wait, did they tell me to trim the gardens too...?

Are you listening, Raysen?

...! Lady Yorihime!

I'm glad you can concentrate, but always answer me immediately. Or is the name we gave you somehow insufficient?

I-I'm sorry. I'm just not used to it yet...

You're already been employed at the palace for a while now. Yet you still need more time?

N-No, that's not it. It's just... Raysen's the name of rabbit who came before me, so...

...Listen, the Raysen we kept before you no longer exists. You need only think about how to live as yourself.


Moving on, we had business today but I haven't been able to find my sister. She was supposed to accompany me during my training, but I haven't seen hide nor hair of her.

Oh, really? It's nice day, so maybe she went for a walk or something?

Good morning, Yorihime. Sorry I'm a bit late.

So that's where you were.

Perfect timing, Lady Yorihime was just looking for you. Did you step outside again...?

Whoa, you brought a bunch of peaches! Again.

...You eat too many of those, sister. You need to watch your sugar intake, or else-

It'll be fine~. You're a girl too, Yorihime. A few extra curves wouldn't hurt you any!

More importantly, what could you have been up to? I'm sure you couldn't have forgotten our promise, right?

...I'm sorry, I was reading Lady Yagokoro's letter again. And then I started idly wondering if we could reply somehow.

What? A letter to the Earth?

You were able to leave your words with the people of Earth, Yorihime, but I never got a chance to say a thing.

...So I lost track of time while thinking about how much I want to talk to her. Just one word.

I can understand your feelings, Toyohime, but...

But that's a tough order. If the higher ups find out, they'll have all sorts of question for you.

True enough. Even I realize it's impossible.

We can discuss this later. For now, why don't we consider how best to fulfill our orders to defend the moon?

Yes, of course. That's what we decided on...

So I've been thinking. What if we added Raysen to the training too, starting today?

What!? Me?!

As long as you're living with us, you hold the duty the defend the moon too. As the current Raysen, I'd like to see you try to surpass the previous one.

Sh-She was special! I don't have her talent...

The army's official stance is that deserters are to be punished, you know.

That's low... Fine, I'll do what I can.

Good answer. Maybe you have some guts after all.

My friends back on Earth worked so hard to help me out. That's why I want to work hard on the moon too, so I can hold out my chest with pride.

...Even if you can never show them that pride?

It's fine. I'LL know!

A determination befitting our pet, I suppose. Then allow us to respond in kind.

It will be worth seeing how long you'll be able to keep up with our boot camp.

I-I'm kinda worried about this, but I'll try my best...


(Lady Yagokoro, you must be idling away the days on Earth, right?)

(It may have separated us, but we chose to walk our paths on the moon. We focus strictly on what lies ahead, so that we don't remain fixated on what's past forever...)

(...But even so, I still dream of seeing you again, someday.)